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Dra Mabel Vielma y Compañía image
Dra Mabel Vielma y Compañía
Public medical center
1.20 (53 reviews)
Psychology Clinic Unimed image
Psychology Clinic Unimed
🫤 Is this number listed here valid? They never answered my call, neither landline nor cell. When they answer on whatsapp it's a miracle. I suggest that they update the contacts, and I suggest that the information given to the customers, be more accurate. I've had to go to the place and miss the trip...
1.40 (308 reviews)
Summerhill Medical Centre image
Summerhill Medical Centre
Medical clinic
1.80 (200 reviews)
The Flexman Myers Clinic image
The Flexman Myers Clinic
1.80 (68 reviews)
Compass Health Systems image
Compass Health Systems
Mental health service
1.90 (99 reviews)
Edificio Médico Beauchef image
Edificio Médico Beauchef
Cancer treatment center
1.90 (57 reviews)
Rfsm Marsens | Centre De Soins Hospitaliers image
Rfsm Marsens | Centre De Soins Hospitaliers
Psychiatric hospital
😠 En 2019 on m’a mise dehors après 1 jour on a affirmé que j’étais une simulatrice que je n’ai aucun diagnostic et que jamais j’aurais une rente AI. Aujourd’hui je suis rentière AI à 100% j’ai été dépistée autiste Asperger et j’ai un trouble dissociatif de l’identité. Franchement une équipe minable!!!
1.90 (54 reviews)
Clear View Behavioral Health image
Clear View Behavioral Health
Psychiatric hospital
😠 I cannot even rate this place. Maybe a -100 This mental facility is a scam that extends the stay of it patients to rip off patients and insurance providers with no justification. Staff never contacts you or informs you why an extended hold is required. Finance never calls you back. They force yo...
2.00 (97 reviews)
Center of Revitalizing Psychiatry, PC image
Center of Revitalizing Psychiatry, PC
Mental health service
2.00 (65 reviews) Örestadskliniken och BVC image
11 Örestadskliniken och BVC
Medical Center
😠 Jag hade kunnat skriva så mycket om hur dålig denna vårdcentralen är, men håller mig kort. Hoppas att ni berörda sover gott med vetskapen om att jag, livet ut, kommer att behöva leva som stelopererad i nacken, med daglig och intensiv smärta i nacken/ huvudet, balans problem och nedsatt styrka och k...
2.10 (148 reviews)
Compass Health Systems image
Compass Health Systems
Mental health clinic
😠 Unfortunately it won't let me rate it a 0, otherwise I would. I booked 4 appointments, for which I took off from work. Each one of them didn't happen: doctor never called. Each time I called in to tell them the doctor never called, and apart from being rude and unapologetic, they assured me manageme...
2.10 (146 reviews)
Przychodnia SP ZOZ MSWiA w Lublinie image
Przychodnia SP ZOZ MSWiA w Lublinie
Medical clinic
2.10 (72 reviews)
Berala Medical Clinic image
Berala Medical Clinic
Medical Center
🫤 Dr uddin is very rude..He is lacking tolerance to listen his patients.. He behaved like he is trying to opress others. He shouldn't be here on this respectable seat.
2.10 (61 reviews)
Advances & Breakthroughs in Mental Health image
Advances & Breakthroughs in Mental Health
Addiction treatment center
😠 Really a horrible facility. If you have any intention of improving your mental health, I suggest you look elsewhere. Not only are the Doctors dismissive, they’ve questioned the legitimacy of my requests many times. The front office is inept, I have missed a week of medication TWICE because I’ve had...
2.10 (58 reviews)
Our Medical Cranbourne image
Our Medical Cranbourne
General practitioner
😠 Absolutely disgusting service. My family have been visiting this clinic for two years no and we have never waited less than three hours to be seen. Terrible management, they don’t seem to care about their patients in the slightest. Some doctors are really good, but because of the terrible management...
2.20 (435 reviews)
Przychodnia Esculap Sp. z o.o. image
Przychodnia Esculap Sp. z o.o.
Medical clinic
2.20 (113 reviews)
Comprehensive Medpsych Systems image
Comprehensive Medpsych Systems
Mental health clinic
2.20 (88 reviews)
Best Day Psychiatry and Counseling PC Fuquay-Varina image
Best Day Psychiatry and Counseling PC Fuquay-Varina
Mental health service
2.20 (78 reviews)
Euromed NZOZ image
Euromed NZOZ
Medical clinic
2.20 (65 reviews)
Saint Joseph's Medical Center image
Saint Joseph's Medical Center
Medical Center
😠 My daughter arrived at 5am with breathing issues, (has a history of asthma) she was the only one in the ER and was made to wait over an hour after complaining she called me a little after 6 I could hear the weakness in her breathe she hadn't been examined or checked by a nurse. I get there at 6:30 s...
2.30 (210 reviews)
Montefiore Mount Vernon Hospital image
Montefiore Mount Vernon Hospital
General hospital
😠 This place is horrible. In the ER and the attending physician never even took time to see me personally, did not help me in distress, they tried to send me home weak and unable to walk.. and when an administrator was called to intervene.. she said she will get to it when she has a chance and couldn’...
2.30 (108 reviews)
Veritas Collaborative Eating Disorder Treatment Center image
Veritas Collaborative Eating Disorder Treatment Center
Eating disorder treatment center
2.30 (82 reviews)
Epsm De Vendée Hospital Center Georges Mazurelle image
Epsm De Vendée Hospital Center Georges Mazurelle
Psychiatric hospital
😠 They put you in ISO, restraint and sedation without any reason or explanation. No respect. Push people to the limit and take pleasure in jumping on us with 10 "caregivers". No consideration and consideration of families. Lies of rigor. Don't listen to patients. Ignore evolution the patient's state...
2.30 (63 reviews)
Genesys Family Health Center image
Genesys Family Health Center
Medical clinic
2.30 (53 reviews)
Our Medical Gold Coast image
Our Medical Gold Coast
Medical Center
2.40 (422 reviews)
Hospital La Antigua image
Hospital La Antigua
Private hospital
😠 Llevo toda mi vida perteneciendo a esta clínica y nunca la he visto funcionar tan mal. Pésima gestión de esta clínica desde hace años. Pésima visión de futuro tras hacer un parking que ahora se ha visto mermado a menos de la mitad del espacio que tenía para hacer un nuevo edificio que no se cua do...
2.40 (402 reviews)
Wellcare Medical Clinic image
Wellcare Medical Clinic
Wellness center
2.40 (310 reviews)
Peak View Behavioral Health image
Peak View Behavioral Health
Psychiatric hospital
2.40 (239 reviews)
Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital image
Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital
Psychiatric hospital
😠 Behavioral Health technicians that work there are all young employees that are not educated on mental illness. Also, the night shift on duty asked me to put a towel between my legs when I was on my period because she didn't want to go get more pads. I had to ask her if she could get me some because...
2.40 (109 reviews)

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