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The Flexman Myers Clinic image
The Flexman Myers Clinic
1.80 (68 reviews)
Dr. med. Joachim Kamprad image
Dr. med. Joachim Kamprad
1.80 (55 reviews)
York Medical Medicentres Richmond Hill image
York Medical Medicentres Richmond Hill
Walk-in clinic
😠 The worst walk in clinic ever! Waited 1.5 hours until the receptionist showed up just to tell me the doctor isn’t coming in for another hour. It says they open on Sunday at 9 am but apparently they open at 11 am. Why don’t you update it on google and your voicemail ! This is unacceptable. Rude recep...
1.90 (304 reviews)
Valley Behavioral Health System image
Valley Behavioral Health System
Psychiatric hospital
1.90 (111 reviews)
Compass Health Systems image
Compass Health Systems
Mental health service
1.90 (99 reviews)
StoneCrest Center image
StoneCrest Center
Mental health service
😠 My family member was sent to this facility because he was having mental health issues they released him and he was still not doing to well and was sent back. They kept him for like a month released him and he was barely able to walk or talk couldn’t sallow his food or use the bathroom room. They dos...
2.00 (197 reviews)
Clear View Behavioral Health image
Clear View Behavioral Health
Psychiatric hospital
😠 I cannot even rate this place. Maybe a -100 This mental facility is a scam that extends the stay of it patients to rip off patients and insurance providers with no justification. Staff never contacts you or informs you why an extended hold is required. Finance never calls you back. They force yo...
2.00 (97 reviews)
Center of Revitalizing Psychiatry, PC image
Center of Revitalizing Psychiatry, PC
Mental health service
2.00 (65 reviews)
Smokey Point Behavioral Hospital image
Smokey Point Behavioral Hospital
Psychiatric hospital
😠 I was admitted here recently, voluntarily, and had a completely horrific experience. Completely incompetent staff, they have no experience in handling patients. Rather than give any treatment, therapy, or healthy environments, it's filled with over drugging and neglect. Staff would regularly initiat...
2.10 (260 reviews)
Ohio Hospital For Psychiatry image
Ohio Hospital For Psychiatry
Psychiatric hospital
😠 I’ve been to OSU Harding and Riverside so I can compare. There is something really bizarre, wouldn’t be surprised if an investigation went on and there was money laundering or something else, going on there. This is not a normal hospital. There is something seriously off about this place. I’m actual...
2.10 (227 reviews)
Lakeland Behavioral Health System image
Lakeland Behavioral Health System
Psychiatric hospital
2.10 (186 reviews)
West Springs Hospital image
West Springs Hospital
Psychiatric hospital
2.10 (104 reviews)
Doctor Service Amsterdam, Expat Medical Center image
Doctor Service Amsterdam, Expat Medical Center
😠 To all people looking for a doctor to go to, please avoid this center at all costs. I recently had a medical issue that required I go to the hospital at 2AM in the morning, following which I went to get an ultrasound to see what was going wrong. The ultrasound did not find anything so I was informed...
2.20 (169 reviews)
Comprehensive Medpsych Systems image
Comprehensive Medpsych Systems
Mental health clinic
2.20 (88 reviews)
Millcreek Behavioral Health image
Millcreek Behavioral Health
Psychiatric hospital
2.20 (53 reviews)
Lake Behavioral Hospital image
Lake Behavioral Hospital
Psychiatric hospital
😠 During my month and a half stay at the military unit of this behavioral hospital, I found that only a limited number of technicians made an effort to enhance the patients' experience. My personal opinion is that some of the employees should not work in a military unit setting. Specifically, I observ...
2.30 (183 reviews)
Belmont Behavioral Health System image
Belmont Behavioral Health System
Psychiatric hospital
😠 Okay lemme start off I was admitted on March 17 2022 I came there it didn’t seem bad it’s a nice beautiful building fast forward I get to the unit my first week there was hella bad the girls on the unit are bullies and won’t leave you alone and effect your mental health the staff don’t do anything a...
2.30 (180 reviews)
Institute Medical De Champel image
Institute Medical De Champel
Medical Center
😠 They write FAKE POSITIVE REVIEWS, just check the profiles of people who had a good experience here. I didn't pay much attention to the negative reviews because there were also many positive (fake ones). I went there because I urgently needed to see a doctor and they received me the day after. No won...
2.30 (178 reviews)
明石こころのホスピタル image
😠 令和4年5月 改記 今は別の心療内科に通っている、というかこの病院から追い出されて、そうなった。 経緯は、とある診察の時に、病状とクスリの増量の希望等を書いたメモ用紙を担当医に差し出した。 しかし、担当医は一瞬たりとも目を通さず、口頭のみのやりとりを一言だけ交わし、「では、次の予約は何月何日で…」と、...
2.30 (91 reviews)
Veritas Collaborative Eating Disorder Treatment Center image
Veritas Collaborative Eating Disorder Treatment Center
Eating disorder treatment center
2.30 (82 reviews)
Les Toises - Centre de psychiatrie et psychothérapie image
Les Toises - Centre de psychiatrie et psychothérapie
Medical clinic
🫤 The toises are not what they used to be... I started a follow-up there a very long time ago (it was at their beginning, in the old building at Avenue des Toises 12) j I had a great shrink and the framework was not as psychorigid and hyper-controlled as today. Now they have computerized everything,...
2.40 (105 reviews)
Health Care Multimed a.i. image
Health Care Multimed a.i.
2.40 (69 reviews)
Dominique Hanke image
Dominique Hanke
2.40 (53 reviews)
neuro image
Mental health service
2.50 (127 reviews)
Psychiatric University Hospital Zurich (PUK) image
Psychiatric University Hospital Zurich (PUK)
😠 I have been under treatment there with hyperactivity for 2 years there are tablets tablets tablets and a lot of talk but no real appearances towards employers. Little is done to protect patients from employers. My impression is that you are afraid, don't write sick even in critical situations. Typi...
2.50 (125 reviews)
Integrated Behavioral Health, LLC image
Integrated Behavioral Health, LLC
Mental health clinic
2.50 (59 reviews)
Neurology on the Schadowstrasse image
Neurology on the Schadowstrasse
🫤 Website had it written that spoken languages are english and german. However when i arrived, i was told that the doctor i had appointment with does not speak english.Website is pretty unhelpful as with each doctor the languages spoken are not written which is misleading. Also the telephone system is...
2.60 (136 reviews)
Vitos Klinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie Marburg image
Vitos Klinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie Marburg
Psychiatric hospital
😠 Not worth a star. The "psychologists/nurses" at the day clinic have no real interest in getting better during the course of treatment. On the contrary, they only make it worse. How can you be so rude... Patients are actually being denied doctor visits. And that's supposed to help? With the best wil...
2.60 (97 reviews)
Comprehensive Healthcare image
Comprehensive Healthcare
Mental health service
2.60 (64 reviews)
Dr. Martina Dvorak image
Dr. Martina Dvorak
General practitioner
2.60 (56 reviews)

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