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Columbus Radiology Corporation image
Columbus Radiology Corporation
1.10 (75 reviews)
United Imaging Consultants image
United Imaging Consultants
😠 Like many others, they filed my claim with the wrong insurance company, and several months after services received. When I called to correct it, they confirmed they already had my updated insurance all along, apologized for the error, and would resubmit it. They did, but my provider rightly denied...
1.50 (67 reviews)
Supplemental Health Care Team image
Supplemental Health Care Team
Medical clinic
1.60 (74 reviews)
Axial Diagnostic Medicine image
Axial Diagnostic Medicine
😠 Uma estrela pq não tem jeito de não dar nenhuma. Axial nunca mais. A endocrino pediátrica pediu uma radiografia carpal da minha filha, fiz no dia 27-05 e resultado previsto para 31-05. Até hj não saiu o laudo. Liguei no dia 15 a atendente Nicole disse q tinha q abri uma reclamação e que tinha q agu...
1.70 (112 reviews)
Bay Ridge Medical Imaging P.C image
Bay Ridge Medical Imaging P.C
Medical diagnostic imaging center
1.80 (198 reviews)
Centre Mèdic Rambla Nova S.L. image
Centre Mèdic Rambla Nova S.L.
Medical clinic
😠 No cogen el teléfono ni a tiros. Llevo días insistiendo para coger una cita y no hay manera, por más que insista en llamar. Pésima atención telefónica, luego vas allí y ves cómo ignoran el teléfono mientras suena.
1.80 (181 reviews)
Documenta - Unidade Hospital São Francisco image
Documenta - Unidade Hospital São Francisco
Medical diagnostic imaging center
😠 I had a colonoscopy on Saturday, it was scheduled for 11:00 am, I was called 1 hr later, this is because I was on liquids the day before, and I spent the night awake taking medicine, I was called, I went in, I did the exam, so far bad or less , but I think that they should have more respect with us...
1.80 (124 reviews)
Horizon Radiology - Manukau City image
Horizon Radiology - Manukau City
Medical diagnostic imaging center
1.80 (86 reviews)
Meditsinskiy Tsentr Ekspert image
Meditsinskiy Tsentr Ekspert
Medical Center
1.80 (69 reviews)
Radiology Boissiere image
Radiology Boissiere
Medical diagnostic imaging center
1.80 (59 reviews)
One Brooklyn Health-Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center image
One Brooklyn Health-Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center
Private hospital
👍 I did my medical residency here. I am not surprised to see all the angry comments here. However, all these “shut down the hospital” calls are coming from people who don’t have the slightest understanding of public health. The hospital is so busy, with horrible long waiting time, poor “service” and d...
1.90 (669 reviews)
Our Medical Gregory Hills image
Our Medical Gregory Hills
Medical Center
1.90 (384 reviews)
Marrickville Metro image
Marrickville Metro
Medical diagnostic imaging center
1.90 (211 reviews)
Guacelli Radiology Clinic image
Guacelli Radiology Clinic
Dental radiology
1.90 (69 reviews)
Centre Havrais d’Imagerie Médicale image
Imaging Center and Godoy Martins image
Imaging Center and Godoy Martins
Medical diagnostic imaging center
😠 How can I give more stars to a company that claims to be serious and of high quality if I schedule an Echocardiogram 2 weeks in advance, confirm the eve of the exam, leave my city and go to them (Venda Nova Unit - BH/MG), but when I arrive, the team responsible for the exam doesn't have an agenda f...
2.00 (759 reviews)
Roseland Community Hospital image
Roseland Community Hospital
Community health centre
😠 BEWARE. This facility needs to be investigated and shut down. My love one was misdiagnosed, mistreated and humiliated. Once I was able to get my loved one transferred, I seen the neglect firsthand from the sores on her body, around her mouth, and bottom. Intubation? No real reason but to keep her in...
2.00 (232 reviews)
Centre D'imagerie Medicale image
Centre D'imagerie Medicale
😐 I had an appointment for a scan Very early in the morning, and I stayed there for 1h15 between the initial time of my appointment then, 40min of waiting for no reason, then my pick-up, and again waiting to settle and receive the results. Very nice doctor, the assistant a little cold but hey she als...
2.00 (216 reviews)
Island Musculoskeletal Care image
Island Musculoskeletal Care
Orthopedic clinic
😠 For any organization or facility, personnel in the front are the real faces in whole. By that logic this doctor’s office is the worst of all. Anyone and everyone behind those counters are the worst in their behavior and attitude. They think, they are smarter than anyone and everyone, even than the d...
2.00 (137 reviews)
Advanced Imaging image
Advanced Imaging
Medical diagnostic imaging center
2.00 (93 reviews)
St. Bernard Hospital image
St. Bernard Hospital
😠 Upon walking up to the receptionist desk, in the pain management department, suite 205, the receptionist picked up her personal phone, pointed it towards the computer where patients are checked in and personal payment info is logged, she snapped a picture of what was on the computer screen. This is...
2.10 (233 reviews)
URC Diagnósticos por Imagem image
URC Diagnósticos por Imagem
Medical diagnostic imaging center
2.10 (214 reviews)
Capital Radiology Dandenong image
Capital Radiology Dandenong
Medical diagnostic imaging center
😠 They never pick up the phone!!! Have tried multiple times on different dates to book appointments, but it continues to ring and the response is always "please stay on the line and we'll be with you shortly..." then it continues to ring, until it eventually hangs up on you 10/15min later. It seems...
2.10 (167 reviews)
UChicago Medicine at Ingalls - Calumet City image
UChicago Medicine at Ingalls - Calumet City
Emergency room
😠 Move slowly…had patients sitting there forever. The lady who works at the desk with the glasses, on 7/27/22, needs to find another profession if she doesn’t like her job. She didn’t even ask me my reason for coming in, just told me to go sit in waiting area. Staff have nasty attitudes and and just s...
2.10 (166 reviews)
Var Imagerie Médicale - Centre d'Imagerie Le France image
Var Imagerie Médicale - Centre d'Imagerie Le France
Medical diagnostic imaging center
2.10 (91 reviews)
Rochelle Park Medical Imaging image
Rochelle Park Medical Imaging
Medical diagnostic imaging center
2.10 (75 reviews)
🏥 centre d'imagerie médicale image
🏥 centre d'imagerie médicale
Medical diagnostic imaging center
2.10 (66 reviews)
Star Lab image
Star Lab
Medical laboratory
2.10 (52 reviews)
Dimagem - Nova Iguaçu image
Dimagem - Nova Iguaçu
Medical diagnostic imaging center
2.20 (797 reviews)

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