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P&O Apartments image
P&O Apartments
Real estate rental agency
😠 Very bad experience with them. I reserved apartments via Booking about month earlier. In the reservation I chose to pay during check-in. One day before the check-in they told me to pay via some other link (not Booking) or they will not give me keys and I will need to go to their office. Office works...
1.60 (100 reviews)
Glacier Properties image
Glacier Properties
Real estate agency
1.60 (60 reviews)
Newsec Property Asset Management Denmark A/S image
Newsec Property Asset Management Denmark A/S
Property management company
2.00 (75 reviews)
Best Option Real Estate image
Best Option Real Estate
Real estate agency
😠 This should be your very last option, they dont hounor their contracts, their electricity is Very expensive, they couldn't provide internet for their buildings, and they are Never honest, they never call back, dont believe any thing they tell you, they wrote on my contract .50 fils per kw which is a...
2.00 (52 reviews)
Student Housing Australia image
Student Housing Australia
Real estate agency
😠 Do not choose SHA. I lived in their apartment for over 2 years and have been absolutely ripped off. - After 5 months of living there they tried to increase by rent by $20/week. - When I moved in the apartment it came with a second hand dirty mattress, which I obviously disposed off. When I moved out...
2.20 (89 reviews)
The CityHub - Real Estate image
The CityHub - Real Estate
😠 We ordered a nice appartment months ago. When we got there they told us that the appartment was not available. It was pretty obvious that they where lying. Instead we got a small simple room for the hole family in a messy building. And they did not want to pay us anything back
2.30 (73 reviews)
BBBank image
😠 I agree with many of the opinions here. However, what happened yesterday prompts me to write this review. I canceled my account with BB Bank on 01/31/22. But yesterday, on January 28th, 2022, my account and card were already blocked. Such behavior towards a customer who has shown loyalty for over 3...
2.40 (250 reviews)
GG House Management Customer Center image
GG House Management Customer Center
Real estate agency
😠 It's literally terrible. My advice would be to stay away. The shoe cabinet always stinks, there is always hair and hair in the shower drain, the kitchen is always dirty and leftovers are in the top of the drain, the residents are disrespectful and don't hesitate to shout and talk on the phone in the...
2.60 (392 reviews)
clesev immobilier oullins image
clesev immobilier oullins
Real estate agency
2.60 (85 reviews)
Thamlet Estates - Bethnal Green Site image
Thamlet Estates - Bethnal Green Site
Real estate agency
2.70 (182 reviews)
Properties By Landmark Inc image
Properties By Landmark Inc
Property management company
😠 Absolute trash company. Do not rent. I rented from them (reluctantly) for four years. In that time I never once missed paying rent. I kept the house and yard immaculate. Whenever anything malfunctioned I reported immediately. They would not fix ANYTHING. Handyman (owner’s husband) would never show u...
2.70 (64 reviews)
1st Lake Properties image
1st Lake Properties
Apartment rental agency
😠 I have a serious complaint that I plan to take to my attorney if this situation can not be resolved. The rain from two days ago completely soiled my roof so maintenance came and did this while I was at work so this is what I came home to. I have an 8 year old daughter on top of the fact that there i...
2.80 (333 reviews)
Shadylane MHC image
Shadylane MHC
Mobile home park
👍👍 Great Management, VERY helpful!! The manager is very helpful an understanding. Made the move in process very easy. They ALWAYS were very helpful on the things that they were responsible for. I read other reviews on here of people complaining. As long as you are paying your rent an taking care of the...
2.80 (194 reviews)
Appling Lakes image
Appling Lakes
Apartment building
2.80 (122 reviews)
Alkisol Inmobiliaria image
Alkisol Inmobiliaria
Real estate agency
😠 Los apartamentos muy sucios todos, e repetido dando un voto de confianza y nefasto, ni desinfección por el Covid-19 ni cuartos de baños aseados, cocina con mijitas de haber comido alguien... Poca atención al teléfono, Aires acondicionados desactivados, nos faltaban 3 camas.... Limpieza por el Covid-...
2.90 (118 reviews)
Real estate agency
2.90 (81 reviews)
Grupo Mayfo image
Grupo Mayfo
Real estate developer
2.90 (62 reviews)

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