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Pacific Bowl, KB Mall image
Pacific Bowl, KB Mall
Recreation center
😠 Unfriendly service. Caters to local Kelantanese and completely ignore us because we're merely "orang luar" as if we're aliens from planet Marikh. Only allow those who ’kecek' to put their names in the queue list. That's the least of the problem unfortunately. The lanes are not maintained at all--the...
1.40 (78 reviews)
Urban Air Adventure Park - Corporate Office image
Urban Air Adventure Park - Corporate Office
Amusement park
Large-scale indoor trampoline center hosting open jump, fitness classes, dodgeball & parties.
1.80 (166 reviews)
Hər Fəsil image
Hər Fəsil
😠 Do not enter this Restaurant. these guys are CROOKS . they are tied up with tour guides who bring their clients here for tea. we went aswell and bought two cups of tea and two coffees. In the end they stuck us with 30 USD bill. When I asked to see the menu, they showed me but had no price for coffe...
2.60 (62 reviews)
Playland image
Amusement center
2.70 (73 reviews)
Sirnak Ogretmenevi image
Sirnak Ogretmenevi
Recreation center
😐 Konum yanlış. fotoğraflar yanlış yani öğretmen evi ile hiçbir alakası yok.
2.80 (70 reviews)
Multaqa Aldhiyafah image
Multaqa Aldhiyafah
👍👍 مطعم جميل جداً جداً جداً و مميز من ناحية الفكرة و الموقع و المساحة كبيرة جداً يوجد لديهم العديد من الجلسات المتنوعة للعوائل و الشباب بكل خصوصية... أسعارهم شوي غالية بس الأكل لذيذ و طازج جربت الحنيذ جداً لذيذ و فريش و النكهة عميقة و مميزة كذلك العصيدة مع اللحم و المرق منعشة و بدون بهارات كثيرة... باق...
2.90 (271 reviews)
Bihter Etiler Yeni Konsept Eğlence image
Bihter Etiler Yeni Konsept Eğlence
Recreation center
😠 It's a mediocre place. I think pavilions are better than here. They charged 100 lira for the toilet. I gave 20 lira. A man from the toilet is trying to send you to your seat, I say no. He says, "I'm a bodyguard, you can see us too, brother." So are the waiters, everyone is worried about tips. It's a...
2.90 (210 reviews)
I-SCAPE SQY PARIS escape game (Séminaire et Incentive) image
I-SCAPE SQY PARIS escape game (Séminaire et Incentive)
Amusement park
😠 Extrêmement déçu pour la F1. 30’ Personnel sympathique mais l’expérience en voiture est très désagréable. 5 participants à la session entre 15 et 55 ans. Tous sortis bien avant la fin de la session avec l’envie de vomir! Très décevant. Ceux qui avaient l’habitude des jeux vidéos ont trouvé les anima...
2.90 (69 reviews)

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