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Green Park Senior Living Community image
Green Park Senior Living Community
Rehabilitation center
😠 I walked in on a weekend to visit my Dad. The place smelled like strong urine and BM. Multiple bags of dirty linens laying in hallway. There was not enough staff. The food is limited, when he actually gets food. Major maintenance issue's and my grandson found a PILL on the floor. This is unacceptabl...
1.80 (71 reviews)
Landmark of Richton Park image
Landmark of Richton Park
Nursing home
😠 I've lived here for 3 years. It's terrible. I wouldn't wish this place on my worst enemy. The head social worker DeShawn is a joke that doesn't know how to social work or do anything decent,in order,or in a timely fashion! This women is real good with a pen and paper so watch your family member beca...
1.80 (61 reviews)
Livingston Regional Hospital image
Livingston Regional Hospital
😠 I only give 1 star because we were processed to the back very very quickly. But there was absolutely no concern for care or even a thought or suggestion of possible care by Dr. Oldham. She was rude and condescending and seemed to be inconvenienced by our presence. She had very sarcastic remarks and...
1.90 (280 reviews)
Ried Clinic image
Ried Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 Suite à l’hospitalisation de mon grand père pour une rééducation et une remise en forme, cette expérience a été la pire pour lui. Sachez qu’il n’y a aucun kine et doivent se débrouiller seuls ! Un endroit et des odeurs horribles ! Le membre du personnel ainsi que les médecins sont complètement incom...
1.90 (70 reviews)
Priory Hospital Cheadle Royal image
Priory Hospital Cheadle Royal
Mental health service
😠 I spent 4 months on orchard ward and can thoroughly say that It has made me 10 times worse. Despite being traumatised in holds and having clothes ripped off to go in a safety suit the staff were constantly rude unsupportive and didn't do there job in keeping me safe. During my stay I was put on a 1-...
1.90 (65 reviews)
Garden Gate Health Care Facility image
Garden Gate Health Care Facility
Nursing home
1.90 (52 reviews)
Dorothy Pattison Hospital image
Dorothy Pattison Hospital
Mental health clinic
😠 After attempting suicide in November, I was given a telephone appointment for January. No support was offered to help through until this time. The nurse I seen whilst in hospital, just made me feel guilty for what I had done and also told me, I should be supported by my cardiologist at the QE, not b...
1.90 (51 reviews)
Antai Medical Care Cooperation Chaozhou Antai Hospital image
Antai Medical Care Cooperation Chaozhou Antai Hospital
😠 去掛急診 覺得全身不舒服又發熱,急診室護士小姐跟急診醫師陳醫生態度極差!好像病人欠你們的一樣,就是不舒服才會來看醫生啊,一點專業都沒有!。 問問題時還不讓病人說話一直插嘴,有夠沒禮貌的,護士抽血還插錯血管,請問考護士證照是考假的嗎?!麻煩提升你們專業及態度,當醫生護士是你們甘願選擇做這個行業,沒有人逼...
2.00 (165 reviews)
Szpital Mazowiecki w Garwolinie image
Szpital Mazowiecki w Garwolinie
Psychiatric hospital
😠 Beznadzieja wiele się nie zmieniło z tego co widzę od 2017 do 2020 byłam na D3 nerwice. Ocenianie za wszystko. Pacjenci płaczący do telefonów. Terapeutka żartująca sobie z autoagresji. 2 rozmowy po 10 minut na dzień a jak robisz zdrapki to jedna. Najbardziej traumatyczne było dla mnie cotygodniowe w...
2.00 (93 reviews)
Advances & Breakthroughs in Mental Health image
Advances & Breakthroughs in Mental Health
Addiction treatment center
😠 Really a horrible facility. If you have any intention of improving your mental health, I suggest you look elsewhere. Not only are the Doctors dismissive, they’ve questioned the legitimacy of my requests many times. The front office is inept, I have missed a week of medication TWICE because I’ve had...
2.00 (61 reviews)
Royal Springs Healthcare and Rehab image
Royal Springs Healthcare and Rehab
Rehabilitation center
😠 If I could give them ZERO stars I would. What a joke of a facility to care for ANYONE. My first visit to this place was a disaster. My grandmother who stayed here for only a few days while pending a transfer to a group home had a broken wrist. While visiting her, a nurse came in and grabbed her brok...
2.00 (61 reviews)
Florissant Valley Health and Rehabilitation image
Forestville Healthcare Center image
Forestville Healthcare Center
Nursing home
2.00 (51 reviews)
Smokey Point Behavioral Hospital image
Smokey Point Behavioral Hospital
Psychiatric hospital
😠 In desperation to see my daughter in an environment she would be safe, I brought her to Smokey Point Behavioral Health (SPBH). Intake made it seem like this might work. I was told that I would be able to visit my child during the intake process and before I left her in their care. My daughter suffe...
2.10 (278 reviews)
Healthpac Medical Centre image
Healthpac Medical Centre
Medical Center
😠 If I could give it no stars I would. Worst medical centre I've ever had the displeasure of visiting. Practice manager verbally abused the pathology worker in front of all the patients, got angry because they couldn't speak Chinese so they took a bit longer than usual and allowed a patient to itimida...
2.10 (144 reviews)
MediCentral image
Medical clinic
😠 Only if I could've given Zero star! Complaints going to their rude receptionist and inefficient booking system. I have booked my appointment at 1:10pm on 09/06/2022, arrived on time however waited for so long as their receptionist saw me but kept chatting and giggling for another good 5mins, then I'...
2.20 (348 reviews)
Gdansk NZOZ Health Center image
Gdansk NZOZ Health Center
Medical clinic
😠 najgorsza placówka w jakiej byłam, w poprzednich badania medycyny pracy zajęły mi ok pół godziny, max godzina, a tutaj 3-4, panie obsługujące telefon kontaktowy nie skupiają się na rozmowie, rozmawiają w trakcie z kimś innym, nie słuchają, nie po to umówiłam się na konkretna godzinę żeby przyjść i n...
2.20 (213 reviews)
Santa Rosa Behavioral Healthcare Hospital image
Santa Rosa Behavioral Healthcare Hospital
Mental health service
😠 not a place to go for mental help, my daughter went to find help with counseling and had the worse experience of her life, like many of the reviews mention they are understaffed and do not have the programs they list. the facility is dirty, and the website is like false adverting when it comes to pr...
2.20 (167 reviews)
Setagaya Hokubu Hospital image
Setagaya Hokubu Hospital
😠 祖母が緊急搬送された際の当直医の態度が最低でした。 危篤状態(まだ意識はある)で、もう助かるわけではないことは解っていたが、対応した若い男性の当直医は本人にまだ意識があるにもかかわらず、「意識はあるがもう難しいことは解らない」と言って死亡届の話などを本人の隣で大きい声で話したり、段々心拍数が低くなっ...
2.20 (114 reviews)
😠 先日、名古屋で一人暮らしをしている20代の息子が40度熱を出しました。名古屋市の救急センターと救急センターから紹介された病院とで、2回PCR検査をして陰性だったので、名古屋まで息子を迎えに行きました。 実家へ向かう道中、車の中で何回も吐き、素人目に見ても脱水していることは明らかでしたので、木沢記念病院の救急...
2.20 (114 reviews)
Przychodnia Esculap Sp. z o.o. image
Przychodnia Esculap Sp. z o.o.
Medical clinic
2.20 (113 reviews)
Mutualitat Catalana de Futbolistes image
Mutualitat Catalana de Futbolistes
Health insurance agency
😠 The worst attention I have experienced as a person in a private center. The girl at the reception questioning if you've hurt yourself playing football, as if not believing you, please, the last thing an injured person who is enduring the whole process wants is for you to ask inept questions, tinkli...
2.20 (70 reviews)
Fujimoto Clinics image
Fujimoto Clinics
Private hospital
😠 綺麗な施設で対応も全体的に良いですが、年齢70歳くらい、体格大柄、白髪、メガネの当直医の対応がかなり悪かったので☆1としました。 病院から配布された用紙の「10分置きに腹、腰等に痛みがあれば来院してください」に当てはまったので、23時頃病院に行きました。 しかし、同当直医が、初産の不安を微塵も考慮せず「これく...
2.20 (70 reviews)
Clinical Sainte Thérèse image
Clinical Sainte Thérèse
General hospital
😠 Ma grand-mère y a été hospitalisé suite à une fracture du col du fémur pour "rééducation"... Je ne sais pas ce qui est le plus alarmant : ma grand mère avec un escarre au pied où aucun soin n'a été fait (la réponse du médecin : "oui mais elle est rentrée de la clinique C** d'** avec ça !") , Le fait...
2.20 (67 reviews)
Chiyoda Hospital image
Chiyoda Hospital
General hospital
😠 受付の年配の方ですごく対応悪い人がいます。 自分の感情で患者に当たらないでください。 受付は最初に会って、最後に会うのに、終始嫌な気持ちでした。 以前、検査結果を聞きにだけに この日に来てくださいと指定されて行きました。 受付を朝一でして、受付時間に行き 1時間半待たされ、『検査結果がまだ出てませんでした...
2.20 (62 reviews)
Delmar Gardens of O'Fallon image
Delmar Gardens of O'Fallon
Nursing home
😠 This facility is way understaffed and many of the employees are not qualified to take care of an animal, much less your loved one. For over $10,000 a month you would think the care you receive would be at least average. I wouldn't leave my pet in this place, much less a loved one. The amount of time...
2.20 (51 reviews)
Clear Creek Nursing and Rehabilitation Center image
Clear Creek Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
Nursing home
😠 I moved here from NJ and went to work there I lasted exactly 3 days!!! That place is a disgrace they must know someone who works for the state because I don't know how they pass inspection! No housekeeping at all. 1 staff member for the 7p-7a shift everybody else is agency!!! The nurse slept all nig...
2.20 (50 reviews)
Anderson Hospital image
Anderson Hospital
General hospital
🫤 I've been to numerous hospitals with my kids and family. This is by far the rudest staff I have ever dealt with. My dad is in hospice care on a floor that is pretty empty and secluded. A majority of the staff is cold and not caring. I get that there needs to be a limited number of visitors (2) bu...
2.30 (337 reviews)
Serveis Mèdics Penedès image
Serveis Mèdics Penedès
Medical Center
😠 Cada vegada que hi vaig quedo decepcionadissima amb el tracte de les secretaries. Son molt mal educades a l'hora de dirigir-se al client, no tenen constancia de que estan en un centre mèdic.
2.30 (278 reviews)
Komatsu Hospital image
Komatsu Hospital
Private hospital
😠 This is the level at which I am thinking of proceeding. My grandmother, who has been sentenced to life expectancy, is hospitalized, but she doesn't write the medical certificate she's requesting, and even if she wants to talk and asks for a call back, she won't even call back. I'm frustrated with t...
2.30 (130 reviews)

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