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Grand Alp Termal Villa Otel image
Grand Alp Termal Villa Otel
Resort hotel
😠 Odalar rezalet resimdeki oda ile alakası yok konum güzel. Ama bakımsız rezalet her şey .Tek çeşit yemek var meze lerle doyuluyor ancak personel yetersiz internet klima yok.
1.50 (57 reviews)
토비스콘도 image
Resort hotel
2.10 (51 reviews)
Aroma Beach Resort & Spa image
Aroma Beach Resort & Spa
Resort hotel
😠 DON'T TRUST THE GOOD REVIEWS/ NICE COMMENTS. Im sure the hotel paid the fee for them for benefits. Or they came from Marketing agency and trying to push the raking from Google. - It is not 4 or 5 stars hotel. - It is even not 1 star hotel. - Very bad services. - Not clean. - The staff is not nice. -...
2.20 (1.9K reviews)
Wellness hotel
😠 STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE! This hotel is a real nightmare. Take your time to read the reviews, it will prevent you from a destroyed holiday. All the bad reviews here are true. This is my experience: - total price for them does not mean total but you will be charged 4 EUR per person per night for all...
2.20 (582 reviews)
Appart'City Classic Antibes - Appart Hôtel image
Appart'City Classic Antibes - Appart Hôtel
Extended stay hotel
Low-key studios & apartments, some with balconies, in a relaxed hotel featuring an outdoor pool.
2.20 (466 reviews)
Karma Resorts and Hospitality image
Karma Resorts and Hospitality
Resort hotel
😠 Worst experience. They are very nice until we take the membership. After taking the membership, they don't keep their promises. All their complimentary offers and same day discounts/sign up are a great way of fooling people. Their customer care is good for nothing. They are always busy and never at...
2.20 (55 reviews)
Polynesian Ocean Front Hotel image
Polynesian Ocean Front Hotel
Budget inn offering in-room fridges & microwaves, free WiFi & cable TV, plus pools.
2.30 (3.3K reviews)
Clearwater Hotel image
Clearwater Hotel
Warm rooms in a low-slung lodging offering an outdoor pool, plus free parking & Wi-Fi.
2.30 (1K reviews)
OYO Hotel DeRidder Hwy 171 North image
OYO Hotel DeRidder Hwy 171 North
2.30 (154 reviews)
The Beach Villa image
The Beach Villa
Resort hotel
2.30 (123 reviews)
Russell Court Hotel image
Russell Court Hotel
Simple rooms in a relaxed hotel offering a restaurant and a lounge bar.
2.40 (835 reviews)
Super 8 by Wyndham Dallas Love Field Airport image
Super 8 by Wyndham Dallas Love Field Airport
😠 Do not stay here. The room I got smelled like mold and bed bugs. I told them to change rooms and was told by management that all the rooms were the same. They were very nasty to me. I recorded the entire conversation. I will be sending to the company. I watched as the cleaning staff fused out a cust...
2.40 (260 reviews)
Blue Sun Resort image
Blue Sun Resort
Resort hotel
😠 worst! Even if it's cheap, you shouldn't come here. Mold is no joke. There's a musty smell in the hallway.
2.40 (54 reviews)
La Platina Premium Suites Resort, Near Sea Beach, Puri image
La Platina Premium Suites Resort, Near Sea Beach, Puri
Resort hotel
😠 My recent experience at La Platina Hotel was nothing short of a disaster. From the moment I stepped foot into the establishment, I was met with a barrage of disappointments that made my stay utterly unpleasant. The service at this hotel was horrendous, to say the least. A simple cup of tea and a bo...
2.50 (677 reviews)
Beachcomber Surfers Paradise image
Beachcomber Surfers Paradise
Informal apartment hotel featuring ocean views & a tennis court, plus indoor & outdoor pools.
2.50 (499 reviews)
El Lago Waters Resort image
El Lago Waters Resort
Resort hotel
Unpretentious rooms with balconies or patios, plus an outdoor pool, a sauna and a tennis court.
2.50 (424 reviews)
토비스콘도 도고 image
토비스콘도 도고
Resort hotel
😐 신관에서 1박을 하였습니다. 콘도는 넓고. 위치도 좋았지만... 딱. 잠만 자기에 적당하였네요. 식기는 따로 놀고... 수저도 짝이 맞지 않았어요. 수건도 쓰고 두고 간 수건을 비치해 뒀었고.. 실내 슬리퍼도..정체불명이었고.. 가격에 비등비등한 객실이었지만..싸고 저렴했기에... 중간점 줍니다.
2.50 (268 reviews)
Hotel Atlas image
Hotel Atlas
Resort hotel
😠 Zdravím, jednoduše, velice nedoporučuji tento hotel. Prakticky nefunguje nic, od sprch přes wifi, občas elektrika a to nemluvím o postelích (vemte si karimatku). Personál, to by bylo na samostatnou recenzi, ale zjednodušeně ne, prostě ne. Topení vlastně nemám ponětí jestli funguje, naštěstí že ty po...
2.50 (259 reviews)
Cocohut Resort @ Long Beach image
Cocohut Resort @ Long Beach
Resort hotel
🫤 The resort situated very far from the beach and jetty. Have to hike about 300m to 400m to reach the receptionist counter and to the room. Standard room situated just below the lobby. Not recommended for elderly and pregnant ladies or anyone with health conditions. The room is comfortable and spaciou...
2.50 (155 reviews)
La Concepcion Beach Resort image
La Concepcion Beach Resort
Resort hotel
😠 1. Poor customer service. Staffs are rude and unprofessional. 2. Lots of flies. 3. Drainage are right outside every room. 4. For double deck beds, it is very difficult to access the top bed because the ladder is extremely painful to step on to. 5. Access to beach are very hard. 6. Stagnant water on...
2.50 (102 reviews)
Da-Arden Guest House image
Da-Arden Guest House
Guest house
😠 I was very disappointed. Cancelled upon arrival. The pictures on site and what we got , do not look like same place. We canceled the booking because when we got there the place was dirty. The receptionist struggled to open the room doors. Shared bathroom, kitchen etc. Can't deal The receptionist w...
2.50 (72 reviews)
וילה אחוזת תמר image
וילה אחוזת תמר
Resort hotel
🫤 באנו חבורה של חיילים לוילה, בעל הבית היה נחמד בהתחלה ואמר שאם תהיה בעיה עם קורונה הוא יבטל את המקדמה. באנו לוילה התרשמנו מהמקום אבל אז גילינו שבעל הבית מחפש על מה לקנוס אותנו. זה התחיל מלהאשים אותנו על מיטות שבורות שבכלל לא ישבנו עליהם, הוא שלח את הבן שלו (או לא יודע מי זה היה) לקחת לנו את הכדורים,...
2.50 (51 reviews)
The Resort image
The Resort
Resort hotel
😠 The worst hotel where I have stayed in Thailand. It is one thing for it to be a cheap hotel and another for it to be a dumpster. I booked two rooms and they gave me two rooms that had nothing to do with what was posted on Agoda. The receptionist did not speak English and instead of giving us the res...
2.50 (50 reviews)
Royal Termal image
Royal Termal
Modest quarters in a relaxed spa hotel offering indoor & outdoor pools, plus dining & a playground.
2.60 (1K reviews)
Appart'City Classic Lyon Part-Dieu - Appart Hôtel image
Appart'City Classic Lyon Part-Dieu - Appart Hôtel
Casual units in an informal apartment hotel offering a spa, a restaurant & a cocktail bar.
2.60 (724 reviews)
Creative Badawia Resort image
Creative Badawia Resort
Resort hotel
😠 amsh nudif I would never advise anyone to go to this place because it is less than described as a tourist place through spending three nights. I will say this in order from the first entry into the reception 1. The reception is not air conditioned and not clean at all. 2. The doors are easy to open...
2.60 (672 reviews)
Polished hotel offering a lobby bar, a restaurant & a gym, plus a spa with an indoor pool & a sauna.
2.60 (432 reviews)
Economy Inn by OYO Holland image
Economy Inn by OYO Holland
😐 I stayed three times, in different rooms. First time, room was clean, no problems. Second time I got six bedbug bites. Fridge was old, no microwave, and sink didn't drain. Third time, sheets were all dirty, the phone had no cord, and an outlet didn't work. Apart from that, staff are super friendly a...
2.60 (232 reviews)
Hotel Novex Paris image
Hotel Novex Paris
Simple rooms, some with Juliet balconies, in an unfussy property offering complimentary Wi-Fi.
2.60 (161 reviews)
Trakaitis image
Condominium complex
😠 Terrible experience. Can't believe that such things could happen in the middle of Europe. The hosts liers, very rude and scammers. After they took your money (before showing the room) its start lottery. They will ask you to cancel order (in our case) and will offer a small discount....
2.60 (131 reviews)

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