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Terrabike Vitacura image
Terrabike Vitacura
Shopping mall
😠 Terrible service, arrogant sellers
1.10 (53 reviews)
Mondial Relay Bordeaux image
Mondial Relay Bordeaux
Delivery service
😠 I am in the process of initiating legal proceedings against Mondial Relay which has been bugging me for days when I understood that I would never receive my package (23125363)! flight ? loss ? in any case it is not the first time and this time I will not let it pass! I invite you to contact me if y...
1.30 (437 reviews)
محلات السباعي image
محلات السباعي
Shopping mall
1.30 (59 reviews)
Fairlane Plaza image
Fairlane Plaza
Shopping mall
1.40 (51 reviews)
J&T Express México / Eloy Cavazos image
J&T Express México / Eloy Cavazos
Shopping mall
😠 Pésimo servicio aguas a las personas que les van a llevar cosas de SHEIN el repartidor ni siquiera verifico calle, lo entrego en el número pero de 1 calle abajo, ni si quiera entrego a alguien, solo lo avento al porche y eso porque busque en maps la casa y la ubique, pase por ahí hace rato y efectiv...
1.50 (73 reviews)
Kluang Station Toppen Shopping Centre image
Kluang Station Toppen Shopping Centre
Shopping mall
😠 I was in during only 2 table with done the food serve. So I’m table number 3 which only me but need waiting over half hours still reply had doing your food. Super slow and all bad organized. Service 2/10👎 Food Taste 1/10 👎 Environment 2/10 👎 no customer still reserve all table!! Drink was excelle...
1.60 (113 reviews)
City Mall image
City Mall
Shopping mall
😠 An item received short in our order No.-39499797 dt.22.09.2023. Complaint was lodged on the day of delivery but the cheating people from City Mall are sleeping because they have received payment in advance. It is a gentle reminder but may be treated as final one. In case of no response in next 3 day...
1.80 (276 reviews)
m-HU Internet Kft. image
m-HU Internet Kft.
Shopping mall
😠 Nem ajánlom senkinek ezt a webáruházat, én SOHA többé nem rendelek ettől az inkorrekt cégtől semmit sem. Megtévesztik a vásárlót, nem tartják be a szerződési feltételeket! Június 27-én rendeltem tőlük egy kerti hintaágyat, melyet bankkártyával előre kifizettem. Rendeléskor a webáruházban kiszállítás...
1.80 (107 reviews)
Delhivery PVT LTD image
Delhivery PVT LTD
Courier service
😠 Very poor service. My packet has been in Faridabad for 3rd day now, with 'Out for delivery' since yesterday morning. It is 2.30pm and still not delivered AND importantly no contact no of agent or Customer support.
1.80 (96 reviews)
Szafa Szok image
Szafa Szok
Women's clothing store
😠 I do not recommend. The two women who run this store are ordinary racists who threaten to sue the police because the person is of a darker complexion and make physical threats. Regards
1.80 (60 reviews)
Jetzat image
Shopping mall
😠 Gehe mal davon aus MTK GT 719 ist einer von euren Rasern, wie die anderen 100 die in Mannheim Friedrichsfeld den Ort zuparken und unser Leben gefährden? Einfach absolut unmögliches Verhalten, drängelt, hupt wenn man 55 in einer 50er fährt, versucht auf Abbiegespur zu überholen und wird aggressiv wen...
1.80 (54 reviews)
Morley Cars image
Morley Cars
Taxi service
😠 I booked at Taxi for 5:45am 16 hours in advance. The driver was 20 mins late. Turns out no driver had even been dispatched and the office had to call to get him out of bed to come and get me. I was told because i live “out of the way” its not an appealing job for the drivers so no one showed up?! At...
1.90 (65 reviews)
Yön AVM image
Shopping mall
😠 Eskişehir hamamyolu şubesinin müdürü ve mobilya kısmında çalışan yaşlı personeli yalancının önde gidenleri aldığım yatak baza 1 ay oldu hala teslim edilmedi sakın bunlardan alışveriş yapmayın siparişide iptal edemiyorum onaylandığı için iptal edemiyorlarmış. Bana ürünü satmak için yapmadıkları yalak...
1.90 (53 reviews)
Manor Lakes Medical Centre image
Manor Lakes Medical Centre
Medical Center
😠 Doctors are great! Receptionists.....not so. One of them, going by the name of Maxine, I have had the misfortune to get the last 3 times I have rung. She is a Covid warrior through and through and one of the rudest women I have yet to encounter. God save us from quasi medical people who feel the...
2.00 (198 reviews)
Apicola Costache image
Apicola Costache
Shopping mall
😠 Polyflora honey at LIDL stores, a mixture of syrups from several countries including CHINA. An advertising spot made by COSTACHE induces the false idea that the honey comes from carefully selected Romanian beekeepers!!!!! . Which Romanian beekeeper does beekeeping in China??? And last but not least...
2.00 (105 reviews)
Shopping mall
😠 Resmen ödediğimiz taksitleri ödenmemiş gözüküyor. Ve telefonlar asla açılmıyor. Ustune ustluk odedigim halde hergun mesaj atıp faiz koyarak taciz ediyorlar. Arkadasim bir ay sonrasini bile odedigim taksidin bana avukata intikal edecektir diye mesaji geliyor. Bilmiyorsaniz yapmayin bu işi umarım bir...
2.00 (81 reviews)
New York nails image
New York nails
Shopping mall
😠 Fuyez vraiment!! J’ai fais une pédicure j’ai eu 3 panaris au pieds. J’attends encore depuis 6 mois que mes ongles repoussent convenablement avant d’aller AILLEURS. Communication 0 Tarifs extrême pour le travail fais Ils se permettent de vous critiquer en leur langue pendant le soin. Prenez le temps...
2.00 (73 reviews)
Evshop Gaziosmanpaşa image
Evshop Gaziosmanpaşa
Shopping mall
2.00 (69 reviews)
Tempat Bermain AMAZONE image
Tempat Bermain AMAZONE
Shopping mall
😠 Brando vibes
2.00 (60 reviews)
K Village Outlet Centre image
K Village Outlet Centre
Shopping mall
Outlet village for fashion, household and gift stores, with a café and a shoe trade heritage centre.
2.10 (503 reviews)
EZ快速剪髮(鼎山店) image
Shopping mall
👍👍 At about 19:30 on 8/16, I went to the store to cut the hair of a fat middle-aged man wearing glasses~ I think his cut is super nice! ! ! Not only did he cut it neatly and carefully, but he also felt that he was very patient. After the key point was cut, I felt that my face was half smaller! ! ! I s...
2.10 (55 reviews)
Lava&Cuce image
Laundry service
😠 Devo dare giudizio molto negativo per la mia esperienza, portato vestito da donna nuovo appena comprato per un battesimo quindi da lavare,al ritiro é stato consegnato con macchie nere, riportato mi é stato confermato dall impiegata che erano dovute da carrello trasportatore, rilasciato da loro per...
2.10 (50 reviews)
Hansapost OÜ image
Hansapost OÜ
Internet shop
😠 Received wrong item, which did not match the product description + it was delivered to Omniva locker (instead of home delivery for what i paid extra). Surprise was totally ruined in every way.
2.20 (279 reviews)
The Crossways image
The Crossways
Apartment building
😠 The ladies who work in the office are extremely rude and condescending. They all need training in customer service immediately. Snarky and rushed every time you need something. And if you are foreign or have an accent they treat you with very little respect. They need a secret shopper and a performa...
2.20 (164 reviews)
Karma Fashion Studio - Jalandhar image
Karma Fashion Studio - Jalandhar
Clothing store
😠 Dont buy from this place, service is terrible. Clothes are low-grade quality. I recently ordered after seeing their videos on Instagram. They delivered the wrong size and after delivery stopped replying to messages. The owner talks so much about quality on the videos. He should look at his own quali...
2.20 (148 reviews)
Portland Walk Shopping Centre image
Portland Walk Shopping Centre
Shopping mall
😠 Horrible, absolute dump. The place is so depressing, boarded up shops all the way along the street, with graffiti. Delivery vans just drive up the pedestrian area now, can't even be bothered to go to the delivery entrances. No one seems to care. Terminal decline, can't see how the situation will imp...
2.20 (137 reviews)
Spa manos y pies image
Spa manos y pies
Shopping mall
2.20 (131 reviews)
Jeeves Consumer Services image
Jeeves Consumer Services
Shopping mall
😠 I had ordered a 43 inch TV from flipkart & its scheduled installation was on 10 October 2022 & supposed to be done by jeeves but even after 9 days it is not installed. They not even pick calls & do status update that unable to contact so installation not performed. They don't even deserve 0 stars. M...
2.20 (121 reviews)
House of Traditional Javanese Massage image
House of Traditional Javanese Massage
Massage spa
😐 Just went for a massage here, it’s not as bad as what many would say other than these 2 points: 1. They mixed up the duration of my appointment with my partner. It’s natural to make mistakes but this one is hard to screw up. Minus 1 star. 2. The masseuse destroyed my calves, it was so painful. I sig...
2.20 (105 reviews)
Šlapací kolo image
Šlapací kolo
Bicycle store
😠 Rozhodne neodporúčam! Zďaleka sa prosím vyhnite objednávke z tohto obchodu. Považujem za svoju veľkú chybu, že som si neprečítal vopred recenzie na e-shop Šlapací kolo napríklad na Heureke. Pán verejne dehonestuje a obviňuje svojich zákazníkov z nepozornosti, sám si pritom nerobí svoju prácu poctivo...
2.20 (56 reviews)

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