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Dream Apartments Manchester image
Dream Apartments Manchester
Serviced accommodation
1.70 (184 reviews)
The Woodlands image
The Woodlands
Apartment complex
1.90 (144 reviews)
Lyx Miami Suites image
Lyx Miami Suites
Short term apartment rental agency
😠 This place needs to be sued! We stayed there from 3/18/2017 to 3/20/2017. It has been over a month and we have not received our deposit of $250 back. We emailed first and they ignored emails. First time, I called customer service lied that deposit was sent. Two weeks later, no deposit. Called second...
2.10 (64 reviews)
SW16 Rooms image
SW16 Rooms
😠 Absolutely terrible experience! We couldn't even stay there for 30 minutes before leaving to go and stay at a friend's house. When we got there, the door was wide open when we got there, there was no one downstairs and we had to WhatsApp someone to ask for our key. When we did get into our room, w...
2.10 (64 reviews)
Dream Apartments Belfast image
Dream Apartments Belfast
Riverfront collection of informal apartments featuring kitchenettes & Wi-Fi, plus parking.
2.60 (231 reviews)
TownSquare Place Extended Stay image
TownSquare Place Extended Stay
Extended stay hotel
😠 At one time this was an AWESOME hotel. I have to say the staff was nice and helpful. I basically paid 150.00 a night to stay at a homeless shelter. Facility was dirty and the building smelled of marijuana. The breakfast area has been turned in to a food shelf/ donation area. Just want to let people...
2.80 (440 reviews)
Hotel Cavendish image
Hotel Cavendish
Modest hotel in a Georgian townhouse, offering free Wi-Fi & full English breakfast, plus a garden.
2.90 (305 reviews)
Budget Hostel image
Budget Hostel
😠 Do NOT stay at this hostel. My 4 hour stay was more than enough. Almost every aspect of this hostel is terrible but the worse aspect are the staff. While lounging in the cramped, smelly room, I was interrupted by three men who accessed my locked shared room in the early evening (I was the only gue...
2.90 (129 reviews)
Englewood Villas and Residences image
Englewood Villas and Residences
Apartment building
2.90 (58 reviews)

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