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ZamBar , flavours of the south image
ZamBar , flavours of the south
South Indian restaurant
😠 If you are planning to visit this kiosk, please be prepared to be humiliated and ignored. You are doing a sin by disturbing the server girls and the chef. It is always a time for them to rest. How dare you disturb them between 7 am to 11 pm? You should be ashamed to order food at this place.
1.70 (60 reviews)
Bikanervala image
Family restaurant
Popular Indian sweets and global snack dishes are sold at this casual chain restaurant.
$$ $$
1.90 (128 reviews)
New Saravana Bhavan Restaurant image
New Saravana Bhavan Restaurant
South Indian restaurant
😠 Worst ever thali had in our life ; uncooked rice tasteless curries ; and there is no difference btn south / north thalis .. Big disappointment.. It’s a fake Saravana Bhavan avoid this restaurant .. Better to be hungry than having food here ..
2.20 (154 reviews)
Naashto Level 3 image
Naashto Level 3
South Indian restaurant
🫀 We travelled and tried to get tea from this place and would recommend not to visit this restaurant. + Hopefully large variety of Indian food on offer. - Unrealistically high price for the quality and quantity offered. - Impolite and self involved staff without caring for what the customer is looki...
2.30 (179 reviews)
Benjoe Rail Restaurant image
Benjoe Rail Restaurant
Indian restaurant
😐 Are U near Madgaon Station?.... Want a quick bite?...BENJOE is at your service. Just beside the Platform No 1 of Madgaon Railway Station, you will find BENJOE Restaurant, a good option to have a quick bite. Though their food quality is average and though it is a self service counter, they are cheap,...
2.40 (285 reviews)
Adrose cottages & Family Restaurant image
Adrose cottages & Family Restaurant
😐 Room is not upto the mark. Bed was not comfortable, sitting on sofa feels damp, bathroom was not good. Only the room service was quite fast and the whole credit goes to location. It was just right at Colva beach. Vehicle Rentals was just there, taxis, auto-rickshaws, everything is available.
2.50 (66 reviews)
Junior Kuppanna - Chrompet image
Junior Kuppanna - Chrompet
Family restaurant
😠 Had a very bad experience. The captain / waiters were inexperienced. Had to wait 10 mins for a glass of water. Utter chaos. The food was terrible. Tiny portions with price in 3 digits. Burnt dosa :( Irresponsible team
2.50 (59 reviews)
Hotel Mayura image
Hotel Mayura
South Indian restaurant
😠 Bekuf menej ment ,service and food very very bad .our family eat this hotel masala dosa and porata , comeback our house all members join hospital , this type food available. High way bord supper look in side not good cleaning not proper food . don't go friend's this hotel.
2.60 (1.1K reviews)
Shree Sagar image
Shree Sagar
South Indian restaurant
😠 Don't eat , it's very unhygienic. Please don't freak out if you see rats and cockroaches in the kitchen. Eat at own risk # Dare to visit the kitchen & eat..
2.60 (199 reviews)
The Midnight Heroes image
The Midnight Heroes
South Indian restaurant
😠 β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”midnight heroes πŸ€­πŸ€­πŸ€­πŸ€­β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”- Late night studies make me feel very hungry many times. This time i came across with midnight heroes. So I ordered β€”β€”β€”β€”- rajma chawal πŸ›πŸ›πŸ› dal makhni chawal🍲🍲🍲 I thought I would going to have some tasty πŸ˜‹ food but i lost my hopes after taking one ☝️ biteπŸ˜•...
2.60 (67 reviews)
South Indian restaurant
😠 This is navratri and i ordered sabudana khichdi from this restaurant.. Really very sad ro say that what was delivered to me is attached here and the photo is self explanatory.. I have never seen such disrespect given to food and the customers by any restaurant so far..pls dont order navratri food fr...
2.60 (58 reviews)
Hotel Anand Kushi image
Hotel Anand Kushi
Vegetarian restaurant
🫀 Had a forced stopover for dinner as I was traveling by a Airavat KSRTC bus...the food was just about alright. Surprisingly the menu was missing and even on asking for it the waiter insisted on saying it verbatim the old school way. Obviously the intent was to overcharge the bus passengers. The washr...
2.70 (1.4K reviews) image
South Indian restaurant
πŸ‘ This food joint is located in food court area with open seating space. Food is good both quality and quantity wise, extra helping of chutney and Sambhar is also available. Prices are normal and quick service. Staff is friendly. Now about food we ordered; Vada Pav (hot and spicy with dry and wet chu...
2.70 (135 reviews)
Mr. Idli image
Mr. Idli
South Indian restaurant
Cafe-style restaurant specialising in vegetarian dishes cooked in the typical south Indian style.
$$ $$
2.70 (103 reviews)
Bikanervala image
Family restaurant
Popular Indian sweets and global snack dishes are sold at this casual chain restaurant.
$$ $$
2.70 (64 reviews)
Hotel Saravana Bhavan image
Hotel Saravana Bhavan
South Indian restaurant
Long-running international chain serving up South Indian vegetarian dishes, including dosas.
2.80 (1.8K reviews)
Comesum image
South Indian restaurant
Bright & colourful counter-serve restaurant preparing a standard menu of Indian favourites.
2.80 (475 reviews)
Saravana Bhavan Veg Hotel image
Saravana Bhavan Veg Hotel
South Indian restaurant
Long-running international chain serving up South Indian vegetarian dishes, including dosas.
$$ $$
2.80 (358 reviews)
Southy image
South Indian restaurant
😠 Ordered masala dhosa, dhosa was okay in taste but chutney and sambhar were bad, inedible literally. Seemed like waste of money.
2.80 (77 reviews)
Annapurna Veg Restaurant image
Annapurna Veg Restaurant
South Indian restaurant
😠 Worst veg restaurant on earth. Stinking washroom,worst than the public toilets. Mannerless Waiters with highest attitude,The restaurant thinks they are the only veg restaurant around . Not worth a single penny. For sure !! You are taken here by the taxi driver becouse they get hefty commission to g...
$$ $$
2.90 (3.2K reviews)
Hotel Narmada image
Hotel Narmada
Down-to-earth rooms in a straightforward property offering free parking & a casual restaurant.
2.90 (595 reviews)
Vaango image
South Indian restaurant
😐 It's ok for vegeterarines to get south Indian food. Generally Indians prefer light food during breakfast like Idli, Upma etc. During peak hours there are few seats at food court to relish so Vango staff is also not bothered for small things. Most of the items are not prepared there except Dosa. So...
$$ $$
2.90 (197 reviews)
Bikanervala image
Family restaurant
Popular Indian sweets and global snack dishes are sold at this casual chain restaurant.
$$ $$
2.90 (184 reviews)
SS Restaurant Rameshwaram image
SS Restaurant Rameshwaram
Vegetarian restaurant
😠 We went to this hotel to have south indian food which was available on the time we booked over a call but after reaching there was no South Indian food available and waiter told us that there is no SI food left not even white rice for kid Then we were like ok We ordered 10 plate fried rice and dal f...
2.90 (149 reviews)
Fast food restaurant
πŸ‘ Near to Bhat Circle, Good place for fast food, It is one of best outlets of Jay bhavani Vadapav chain. It is Self service restaurant. The cost of vadapav and dabeli are more, but their quality and hygiene is remarkable.
$$ $$
2.90 (75 reviews)
😠 Partnering with private bus companies and looting passengers. Very expensive food, very little quantity and reckless service. The shop outside this restaurant sells expired stock and at 10rs more than MRP. Avoid this at any cost.
2.90 (70 reviews)

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