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Restaurante Fonda España image
Restaurante Fonda España
😠 Horrible bad food. Ordering food here was the biggest mistake of my life. Drinks, cola, diluted with water. Tap water cost 3.50. lasagna was sour and I hope I wouldn't get food poisoning. Staff is rude and not caring. When I asked for bill, they didn't even give me receipt and asked to pay inside. I...
1.30 (568 reviews)
Enrique Tomás image
Enrique Tomás
Cured ham bar
😠 Extremely greedy company. Half empty sandwiches! Congratulations with your great scams!
$$ $$
1.40 (93 reviews)
Restaurant Cuines image
Restaurant Cuines
Spanish restaurant
😠 Just finished having dinner... Usually don't review but in this case I felt it necessary. Walked in without looking at reviews. My first mistake. Ordered the tapas sampler, my second mistake. The presentation was nice. I had high hopes. Unfortunately most of the food was not good. We left half the f...
1.70 (243 reviews)
SantaMaría image
Spanish restaurant
😠 There were, at most, 100 travelers in the entire airport and just four shops in operation, including the duty free, due to the lack of tourists related to COVID-19. I purchased over 100€ worth of items from the other 3 establishments, including a pastry. I sat down at the Santa Maria to eat the past...
$ $$$
1.70 (57 reviews)
Cervecería Gambrinus image
Cervecería Gambrinus
Beer hall
😠 Servicio pésimo. La mesa sin limpiar, se cayó un café y después de pedirle por quinta vez a la camarera si podía limpiarlo, nos fuimos con el café en la mesa. Mi más sincero pésame a los siguientes clientes. Un jilguero adiestrado hace mejor trabajo que los camareros. Se le da trabajo a quien no qui...
$ $$$
1.80 (176 reviews)
SantaMaria image
Spanish restaurant
😠 this octopus was overcooked, then overdried, then overheated in the microwave. In short, he died in vain, because it is impossible to eat ... The price for this horror is 22 euros.
$ $$$
1.80 (145 reviews)
Restaurante La Alkaiceria image
Restaurante La Alkaiceria
Spanish restaurant
😠 Terrible service and disgusting food. This restaurant was our worst experience in Andalusia. Stay away from it!
1.80 (117 reviews)
Mesón el Churrasco image
Mesón el Churrasco
😠 Unfortunately I can't give zero star. I don't recommend this restaurant. If you choose menu del Dia (15€), you get treated badly. In the menu del Dia I got Sopa Castellana, grilled swordfish and Flan. It was really bad in terms of content, presentation and service.
$$ $$
2.00 (736 reviews)
Bar Supremo image
Bar Supremo
Tapas bar
😠 Another disappointing experience in Andaluzia....please, local government with such a good food you have, don´t let restaurants like these open! if possible i would not even give a star!
2.00 (90 reviews)
Seventy image
Tapas bar
Paellas, seafood plates & tapas paired with Spanish wines in a relaxed modern venue with a terrace.
$$ $$
2.20 (613 reviews)
Restaurants Casa Saragossa image
Restaurants Casa Saragossa
Mediterranean restaurant
😠 Worst meal I’ve ever had. The calamari was cold and sour and the paella had burnt onto the bottom of the pan. It took an hour and a half to get our food and the waiters were uninterested in serving us.
$$ $$
2.30 (2.2K reviews)
Restaurant la Gavina image
Restaurant la Gavina
Mediterranean restaurant
😠 If I could give this place zero I would- we ordered fish croquettes which were cold - should have known at this point the food would be bad - sent them back. Then got the pasta I ordered - can honestly say the worst pasta I have ever eaten although I didn’t actually eat it sent it back after one mou...
2.30 (449 reviews)
Restaurante el Zoco image
Restaurante el Zoco
👍👍 Homemade food. He was full, which usually indicates that he eats well. We liked it, family treatment. Too bad the paella runs out soon. The house wine, which was from Toledo, was very tasty.
$ $$$
2.30 (260 reviews)
Solem - The Alice's Experience image
Solem - The Alice's Experience
Spanish restaurant
😠 The restaurant looks good with good service. But the food.. fries full of oil. All food is very salty. Fish is frozen. Paella is salty and full or turmeric. We bought 2 menus of the day. Paella, chicken with chips, lasagna and fish with chips. You can see the pictures below. Worst experience from...
2.30 (74 reviews)
Restaurant Mary Sol image
Restaurant Mary Sol
Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery
2.30 (59 reviews)
Bar Cervecería Casa Eduardo image
Bar Cervecería Casa Eduardo
😠 I’m living in Madrid since 2 months and I had never see a restaurant like that. it’s really expensive for an atroce quality. 4.50€ for an orange juice, run away. I’m not going to speak a lot about the food, it’s just so expensive : 5€ for an « Alcampo » sandwich with nothing inside 👌. The waiter is...
2.40 (845 reviews)
Restaurante Zamora image
Restaurante Zamora
🫤 The food was okay, not amazing but ddfinitely not bad either, but the portion size was very small considering how much we ended up paying. 56€ for 4 people cannot be justified by the food that was served.
$$ $$
2.40 (837 reviews)
Anou Cuina D´intuició image
Anou Cuina D´intuició
😠 The food is horribly dissapointing and very difficult to get down, and I won’t even talk about the stomach aches after. Their best meal is the frozen pizzas they heat up. Do yourself a favor and go to the McDonald’s a short distance away…
$$ $$
2.40 (837 reviews)
Mesón La Cueva de Juan Pedro image
Mesón La Cueva de Juan Pedro
Bar & grill
$$ $$
2.40 (599 reviews)
La Antígua Cestería image
La Antígua Cestería
2.40 (503 reviews)
100 Montaditos image
100 Montaditos
Beer hall
Chain with many Spanish mini-sandwiches plus beer & wine in a tavernlike, counter-serve setting.
$ $$$
2.40 (168 reviews)
El rincón de pez image
El rincón de pez
😠 Please don’t go there, waiters are really rude and unfriendly. They have an attitude and will arg with you. We have been invited to leave the table without no one waiting for it. Go to peux tortilla at the corner MUCH BETTER.
2.50 (1K reviews)
Lizarran image
👍 Place where they prepare some delicious breakfasts. The bar is really very well refurbished, it looks very nice.
$ $$$
2.50 (748 reviews)
Restaurante Los Arcos image
Restaurante Los Arcos
Spanish restaurant
👍 . Copious servings of home-cooked food. When I say copious, i mean ridiculous amounts. This is an ideal place to bring hungry teenage boys. Anyone else will be struggling to finish the food. I will start off by saying that we, by mistake, sat down to eat in the bar area, which was a bit cramped...
$ $$$
2.50 (715 reviews)
Mesón Madrid image
Mesón Madrid
2.50 (518 reviews)
TapaNostra image
🫤 The waiter was friendly, the food was fine, BUT they overcharged terribly for the drinks. I ordered a beer and wasn't asked what size I wanted, when it arrived it was a huge glass maybe 2 pints or so. That's good I like beer but not for 13.55 Euro! My girlfriend ordered white wine and was charged 14...
2.50 (188 reviews)
Plaza Mayor image
Plaza Mayor
😠 THIS PLACE IS A RIP-OFF BEWARE* went in at around 11AM, starving as hell from coming in from Barcelona and bus rides. Bought 2 Cokes, a plate of Iberian ham slices, cheese and a piece of bread HARD AS A ROCK! We didn't know any better but everything looked closed and many places don't open until AFT...
2.60 (428 reviews)
SantaMaría image
Tapas bar
😠 This is not the first time I go there. Extremely expensive prices, nothing special: the sort of place one would hang out to when saying good bye to your loved ones without a blink about the need to eat… The sandwiches on display are so expensive ( a sandwich for more than 10€ is a bit of a joke)… I...
2.60 (243 reviews)
Oasis Bar Restaurant image
Oasis Bar Restaurant
Spanish restaurant
😠 DO NOT EAT HERE! Review:, the food is disgusting. There was old pasta under the pizza, the pizzas tasted like a supermarket frozen fast food pizza. The pizzas were small. The salad is very boring and their eggplant with meat looked and tasted disgusting. We were given different amounts of beer an...
2.60 (150 reviews)
Mesón la Posta image
Mesón la Posta
😠 Don’t come here. There’s literally no food except for bread and drinks. You can only pay with cash and they don’t give you a receipt. Very suspicious!
$$ $$
2.70 (487 reviews)

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