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Specialized clinic
😠 The probability of being answered on the phone is the same as winning the mega sena. I don't know why the number remains on the page...
1.30 (52 reviews)
Clínica Rusadir image
Clínica Rusadir
Specialized clinic
1.40 (79 reviews)
Centro Médico Asisa Córdoba image
Centro Médico Asisa Córdoba
Specialized clinic
👍👍 Last 06/29 at 4:30 p.m., there was a new young girl at the reception desk, who gives a thousand laps, for good, to the two ladies who are usually there and who serve fatal people (sometimes we need to ask them sorry for making you work). I hope they keep this girl, because that's how it's nice to b...
1.60 (148 reviews)
Loudoun Medical Group image
Loudoun Medical Group
Medical group
😠 Just like all the other reviews say. They will knowingly lie to you about cost and the billing process is insane. I’m still getting random bills in the mail months after the surgery. I went to their online portal and paid off the balance weeks ago and new random charges keep popping up. It’s depre...
1.70 (94 reviews)
metropolitano imagem image
metropolitano imagem
Medical diagnostic imaging center
1.70 (57 reviews)
Pakar Klinik Perdana image
Pakar Klinik Perdana
Specialized clinic
😠 Attn not recommended this madness specialist, he was shouting me loudly, impatience to hear the condition of patient. He do own his way without considered my children painful. Finally unsucessful and i have to pay the Rm 100.
1.70 (50 reviews)
Centro de Especialidades Médicas de Tarancón - Urgencias y Consultas Externas image
Centro de Especialidades Médicas de Tarancón - Urgencias y Consultas Externas
Medical Center
😠 Es una vergüenza que un municipio como Tarancón tenga unos servicios sanitarios tan pésimos, propios de hace décadas y de pueblos mucho más pequeños. Hace unos años teníamos unos servicios de urgencias normalitos, pero ahora son pésimos porque ya ni siquiera hay rayos X o analíticas. Creo que perten...
1.80 (99 reviews)
Cheetham Hill Medical Centre image
Cheetham Hill Medical Centre
😠 at 9 , 30 am Tuesday .30/Aug Green dying hair, fat one female receptionist , extremely aggressive acting , verbal .. such a intimidating . i got appointment 9.40 am . so i gave my appointment note to her . and i sat the waiting chair , but she shouting at me very loudly, repeat '' Don't sea...
1.90 (171 reviews)
Alliance Health Medical Walk-in Clinic image
Alliance Health Medical Walk-in Clinic
Walk-in clinic
😠 My appointment with my doctor was at 9:45. I am writing this review from the waiting room at 10:50, still haven’t been called in. I should have been back at work by now. Update: at 11:25 I asked the front desk what was going on and they had someone come right away and lead me to an exam room. I tol...
1.90 (137 reviews)
São Marcos Diagnósticos por Imagem image
São Marcos Diagnósticos por Imagem
Medical diagnostic imaging center
😠 Os atendentes parecem que tão cumprindo pena. Fui buscar meu resultado, moro em outra cidade e demorei mais de 90 dias, queriam me cobrar 60 reais pra subir a escada pra buscar.
1.90 (93 reviews)
Онкологический диспансер image
Онкологический диспансер
Specialized clinic
😠 I was in the clinic at the place of residence, at the dermatologist, my wounds did not heal for 4 months and he sent me to this center. I saw that people could not get through and found a site, signed up to them through the site. When I arrived at the time, the queue moved very very slowly, I began...
1.90 (81 reviews)
CLINIMAGEM - Diagnostic Imaging Clinic image
CLINIMAGEM - Diagnostic Imaging Clinic
Specialized clinic
1.90 (75 reviews)
Ried Clinic image
Ried Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 Suite à l’hospitalisation de mon grand père pour une rééducation et une remise en forme, cette expérience a été la pire pour lui. Sachez qu’il n’y a aucun kine et doivent se débrouiller seuls ! Un endroit et des odeurs horribles ! Le membre du personnel ainsi que les médecins sont complètement incom...
1.90 (70 reviews)
OM Medical Services image
OM Medical Services
Specialized clinic
1.90 (54 reviews)
Shah Alam Hospital image
Shah Alam Hospital
Government hospital
👍 Satisfying. Be prepared to be patient and understand the long wait times at the registration counter depending on the specific day's appointment. Make sure you have an appointment from the relevant clinic. If not, make sure you have a referral letter from a government health clinic or private clini...
2.00 (540 reviews)
Clinic Medical São João Jardim image
Clinic Medical São João Jardim
Medical clinic
2.00 (169 reviews)
Clinique Provence Azur image
Clinique Provence Azur
Specialized clinic
😠 Horrible !!! You should put stars - because I will give -5 stars!!!! No care for people with reduced mobility (second floors) knowing that supposedly it is a rehabilitation establishment, we leave them in the room (except to give them medication and meals) we can ring endlessly, no one comes, we lea...
2.00 (119 reviews)
Diagnose image
Specialized clinic
😠 I regret the poor service via telephone of this company. I tried to call several times to make an appointment and after many attempts, when answering the attendant says "a moment" and hangs up. Wow! I was trying for more than 1 hour and got nothing. I tried other phones, looked for a number for com...
2.00 (66 reviews)
SuperCare Medical Services Inc. image
SuperCare Medical Services Inc.
Specialized clinic
😠 Very disappointing. The doctors and nurses are unreliable, it feels like they're just there for the money and not for their profession. Imagine, my partner's blood pressure has always been normal! He's been a seafarer since 2010, but never pa syang nagka-problema sa BP niya. And he always gets a reg...
2.10 (226 reviews)
Specialized clinic
😠 Son unas INCOMPETENTES!!! llamé para coger cita, me dieron cita para un lunes 6 de marzo y al acudir a la recepción me dijeron que no tenía ninguna cita registrada! Aparte de NO ejercer bien su trabajo, con tono chulesco y elevado,me hacen dudar de mí misma teniendo que enseñarles la llamada registr...
2.10 (216 reviews)
Clínica Mãe Maria image
Clínica Mãe Maria
Specialized clinic
😠 O atendimento é de péssima qualidade. As secretárias são SUPER SEM EDUCAÇÃO, ainda mais na Recepção 2, atende com má vontade e falta de empatia, não dão informações corretas sobre onde os pacientes devem ir para exames, atendimentos e etc. Não falo por todos os funcionários, claro. Mas aquele que me...
2.10 (75 reviews)
Clínica Camp Center image
Clínica Camp Center
Specialized clinic
😠 Péssima experiência. Agiram com total desrespeito e descaso. Fui extremamente mal atendida pela recepcionista e não consegui passar em consulta por conta da confusão que fizeram. Me ligaram 2h antes do horário marcado (11h30) e pediram para eu chegar às 10h, tive que remarcar uma reunião às pressas...
2.10 (71 reviews)
Clínica Boghos Boyadjian image
Clínica Boghos Boyadjian
Medical diagnostic imaging center
😠 Ao observar as avaliações no Google que constava várias reclamações, não imaginava que realmente fosse tão ruim. Fila de espera enorme, funcionários deixam você no vácuo (ao questionar uma atendente para saber quantos tinham na minha frente, ela simplesmente ignorou e saiu sem me responder.), mais d...
2.20 (536 reviews)
Clínica Oitava Rosado Natal Zona Norte image
Clínica Oitava Rosado Natal Zona Norte
Medical clinic
😠 They should be ashamed of themselves! Because they don't know how to work with the public, they don't know how to specify things clearly and objectively. Too much hassle to respond via WhatsApp. They say it's X amount, but when you arrive at the place you're charged Y amount. And on top of that, the...
2.20 (336 reviews)
East Care Urgent Care - Medical Centre - Howick, Auckland image
East Care Urgent Care - Medical Centre - Howick, Auckland
Medical clinic
😠 Brought my 1 year old in for the second time this week as he was getting sicker (no gp was available at my normal doctors). The check in nurse was nice and caring and said we had to wait in the car to be seen (despite negative rat test) We waited 1 hour in the car before I decided to go back in to a...
2.20 (302 reviews)
AmorSaúde SP Itaim Paulista image
AmorSaúde SP Itaim Paulista
Specialized clinic
😠 You schedule an appointment and are seen on a first-come, first-served basis and the doctors always arrive late and delay all appointments more and more, employees are always frowning, you may be with children or elderly people and no one cares, lack of respect and everything is paid for !
2.20 (194 reviews)
Clinical Quirónsalud Alcázar image
Clinical Quirónsalud Alcázar
Medical clinic
😠 A couple of weeks ago we went to check up on a 3-month-old baby. My surprise was that the pediatrician who treated us, Dr. Toledo Morales, Víctor Hugo, took out a metal meter (construction) to measure my baby's head and I told him that I was going to cut my baby with the meter, he told me that he m...
2.20 (154 reviews)
DP World's Aviv Clinics Dubai - جزء من عائلة موانئ دبي العالمية image
DP World's Aviv Clinics Dubai - جزء من عائلة موانئ دبي العالمية
Specialized clinic
👍👍 I've recently reached the first half of the treatment and have to say that the experience so far has exceeded my expectations. I have noticed significant improvement in my sleep, performance and mood, and most noticeable on my muscle recovery. I'm looking forward to my second half where most importa...
2.20 (145 reviews)
Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust Streatham Sexual Health Clinic image
Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust Streatham Sexual Health Clinic
Specialized clinic
😠 This clinic is the worst ever. They never pick up calls to book an appointment. I have been calling for a week every single day by 8.30 am yet I keep getting a message to say thier lines are closed. What happens to patients with symptoms? Patients who have been abused or exposed to HIV (possibly). T...
2.20 (112 reviews)
DR. Agung Idi Wiharto image
DR. Agung Idi Wiharto
Specialized clinic
😠 Dokter dan manusia yg arogan, lihat itu tetangga kena jatohan air dari torrent lo. Uda berkali kali dibilangin suruh pindah torrent ato pake pompa air yg otomatis mati kalo torrent uda penuh, malah marahin yg kasi tau. Dulu ibu saya sering kasi tau, soalnya air dari torrent dia jatohnya gede2, kecip...
2.20 (92 reviews)

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