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Gold's Gym ladies image
Gold's Gym ladies
Sports club
😠 Same thing as other comments, my wife paid a full year in the old branch that was closed and they did not give any info about why and if they will refund the money, now they opened this new branch but how they treated us is something that says a lot about their (non) respect to their customers. Of c...
2.60 (51 reviews)
Massage spa
😠 Good place good service good price but the place and specially the bathroom is not clean at all and the place has a lot of insects.
2.70 (449 reviews)
New York Sports Club image
New York Sports Club
😠 Do not come to this gym!!! They do not care for your safety!! They will cancel your membership for protecting yourself from weird men that will follow you around ! Stay safe and go to a gym that will help you out and help you enjoy your gym experience instead of canceling your membership!
2.80 (398 reviews)
New York Sports Club image
New York Sports Club
😠 I referred a brand new member who I train to join a few months after me. She received the $47 rate (had never been a member), I explained we'd both leave if I don't get the same rate, they assured me this change would happen, for 2 months I reminded the front desk and emailed management because "the...
2.80 (323 reviews)
Body Motions Al Faisaliyah بودي موشنز الفيصلية image
Body Motions Al Faisaliyah بودي موشنز الفيصلية
Sports club
👍👍 كُنت متردده اشترك بالنادي بسبب بعض التقييمات السلبيه لاكن قلت حجرب واشترك 3 شهور والحمدلله تجربتي كانت سعيدة مع نادي ممتع وجميل جداً ومدربات وموظفات لطيفات ومتعاونات 💙
2.80 (283 reviews)
New York Sports Club image
New York Sports Club
😠 I was a member of this gym for 10 years but for the last 3 years I was unable to go but continued to pay my monthly membership which I was fine with because it was my own fault for not remembering to cancel. However, when the time came for me to cancel, I had to go in and speak with an employee. I...
2.80 (209 reviews)
Can Dragó lake (exterior) image
Can Dragó lake (exterior)
Sports club
😠 9€ por la entrada en una piscina, es pasable siendo en Barcelona ciudad… Pero llegar que el agua esté un poco turbia y llenísima de pelos… Gente fumando en el asfalto y césped de la piscina… Aforo a reventar, que no entraba un alfiler... Pero lo peor si cabe aún, vamos al bar de la piscina que los p...
2.80 (96 reviews)
جولدز جيم image
جولدز جيم
Sports club
😠 اولاً تعاملهم سئ جداً ولا فيه مدربين مهتمين بالمشتركين واذا جيت تدور احد ماتلقى ثانياً فتحو بعد ازمة كورونا ولا ابلغونا بذلك حتى لو برساله كما في بقية النوادي بدون ذكر اسماء..وتجربه في النادي مع وجود الأفضل..
2.90 (230 reviews)
Gym Paris 17 - Cercles De La Forme Maillot image
Gym Paris 17 - Cercles De La Forme Maillot
Fitness center
😠 Please be aware of the Pilates professor ASTRID , who is rude, disrespectful, and DISCRIMINATIVE. I don’t have problems with rules, but I do with arrogant and badly educated people. She took me through a public humiliation, I opened a reclamation with the administration, but guess what? No follow-up...
2.90 (221 reviews)
OneFit HQ image
OneFit HQ
Sports club
😠 This company breaks the law to get you out of your old membership. I paused my membership with a new reactivation date. The app was updated and the option to set a reactivation date was removed. When I emailed customer service they lied to me that I stopped the membership and not paused it. By stopp...
2.90 (221 reviews)
Al Noor Mansoori Farm House image
Al Noor Mansoori Farm House
Sports club
2.90 (68 reviews)
Sport Life Рівне image
Sport Life Рівне
Sports complex
🫤 Зал не виправдав очікувань. Іноді виникає відчуття, що скоро доведеться платити за спожите повітря. Їхня політика цін та акцій на абонементи - це атракціон обману ( уважно читайте умови акцій). В залі половина тренажерів є безкорисними та травматичними. Бігові доріжки та орбітреки, зазвичай, в поган...
2.90 (53 reviews)
SportsLink Sports and Social image
SportsLink Sports and Social
Sports club
😠 Play in this league on Mondays and we notice that the umpires do not know what they doing and they have favorite teams. Games are at 7:30 pm and they want us to start game at 7:15 and then they end games 20 minutes early just so they can go home. Today they called a game ball game at the 4inning wit...
2.90 (50 reviews)

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