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Island Musculoskeletal Care image
Island Musculoskeletal Care
Orthopedic clinic
😠 This place is a disgrace. Had an appointment for my 91 year old mother that I had to leave work to pick up and take to the appointment. The appointment was for 10:30am, got there are 10:20am. It is now 11:40am and they still have not called her in. They just said that she needs to get an xray do...
1.50 (76 reviews)
Clínica Madesa image
Clínica Madesa
Mental health clinic
😠 I'm 30 weeks and the gynecologist Edson asked me to go from 15/15 days to the appointment that took 3 hours to be seen in a scheduled appointment and at the reception they say it fits because it's a gestational follow-up, and at the time of the appointment it was rude asking who he asked me to go 1...
1.80 (422 reviews)
Island Musculoskeletal Care image
Island Musculoskeletal Care
Orthopedic clinic
😠 For any organization or facility, personnel in the front are the real faces in whole. By that logic this doctor’s office is the worst of all. Anyone and everyone behind those counters are the worst in their behavior and attitude. They think, they are smarter than anyone and everyone, even than the d...
2.00 (144 reviews)
Specialized clinic
😠 Son unas INCOMPETENTES!!! llamé para coger cita, me dieron cita para un lunes 6 de marzo y al acudir a la recepción me dijeron que no tenía ninguna cita registrada! Aparte de NO ejercer bien su trabajo, con tono chulesco y elevado,me hacen dudar de mí misma teniendo que enseñarles la llamada registr...
2.10 (216 reviews)
Panathleticon Srl Medicina Dello Sport image
Panathleticon Srl Medicina Dello Sport
Sports medicine clinic
😠 Esperienza negativa, si inventano di tutto pur di far perdere tempo alle persone. Fatto visita a mio figlio e mi dicono di chiamare dopo 2 giorni per organizzare quando ripassare per ritiro della mia copia del certificato.... che ho visionato e quindi già pronta. Inoltre, a parte le ragazze alla rec...
2.10 (121 reviews)
Centre Médical Mieux-Être (succursale Westminster) image
Centre Médical Mieux-Être (succursale Westminster)
Medical Center
😠 Horrible service, nurse is very impatient and rude with customers. Try not to ask questions unless you really want to see nurses mad face looking at you like you owe her a million dollars. Horrible waiting times, with no ability to talk to anyone except for that nurse, because when you show up at o...
2.20 (189 reviews)
Grup Mèdic Garraf image
Grup Mèdic Garraf
Medical Center
😠 They sent me an analysis (extraction of blood, urine and feces) I appeared on the day and time indicated and at the same time they told me that they could not perform it because the nurse was on leave. I did not receive any previous calls canceling the appointment. Two people before and to another...
2.20 (136 reviews)
Praxis Dr. C. Ittner-Hofmann image
Praxis Dr. C. Ittner-Hofmann
Sports medicine clinic
😠 Diese Frau kann einem eigentlich nur Leid tun und sollte dringend in psychiatrische Behandlung! Nach dem ich ihr eine ganz normale Frage gestellt habe hat Sie mich nur noch angeschrien und grob an der Schulter angepackt. Ich wusste in der Situation nicht wie ich mich verhalten soll, da ich völlig ge...
2.20 (71 reviews)
C.F.T. Vignola City image
C.F.T. Vignola City
Medical clinic
😠 Pessima esperienza! Due visite fatte senza ottenere nulla,ultima visita fatta oggi in ortopedia,il medico non mi ha neanche toccata ne visitata e non ha dato molta attenzione ai precedenti referti da me portati con la conclusione di non aver ottenuto praticamente nulla oltre che una diagnosi incompl...
2.20 (65 reviews)
Sports medicine clinic
😠 My experience is terrible, it's a shame they don't receive my opinion if I get all the stars, I am a health center doctor and even the most humble of my patients receive respectful care and a search for a solution. I have been there for a year, twenty managers, they have seen me more than twenty tim...
2.20 (57 reviews)
Seikeikai Hospital image
Seikeikai Hospital
General hospital
👍👍 救急での電話対応以外は、先生、看護士、その他スタッフさんみんな親切丁寧に頑張っておられます。私は糖尿病で、緊急入院しましたが、皆さんが星☆1を付ける理由が分かりません! 5月29日追記、確か上の書き込みは入院2日目の夜に書き込みした時の感想です。今書いているのは、今の心境です。入院3日目の朝に夜勤の女性の看護...
2.30 (220 reviews)
Shimoi Hospital image
Shimoi Hospital
Private hospital
2.30 (58 reviews)
Clínica Sant Josep de Manresa image
Clínica Sant Josep de Manresa
😠 Por segunda vez salgo de la clínica sin un diagnóstico. Con sangre en la orina y al médico no le parecía una urgencia. Es la segunda queja que pongo en atención al cliente. Ahora si sigue pasando ya no es un tema de un médico negligente es un servicio pésimo que puede causar daño. No hay personal bá...
2.40 (203 reviews)
Royal Care Medical Clinic Yishun image
Royal Care Medical Clinic Yishun
Medical Center
😠 Doctors are great but the clinic assistants are the worse. Rude. Ill-mannered. Wish I could say more but I'll just bite my tongue. So clinic closes at 2pm but they will turn down patients way before 1pm. Just update your website, please. Think about the people who travels to your clinic just to find...
2.40 (161 reviews)
Centre Médical Mieux-Être (succursale Fabre) image
Centre Médical Mieux-Être (succursale Fabre)
Medical Center
😠 Extremely bad service. They are impossible to join by phone. We missed an important call and they left no message and didn't try to call back. We tried and called more than 100 times in 2 days and each time it's the same thing. Either the line if busy or you are redirected to voicemail that says th...
2.40 (98 reviews)
Mercy Health Center of Jackson image
Mercy Health Center of Jackson
Urgent care center
😠 We were registered fast. People very friendly. Then sat for over 2 hours. Very few people were even called. It wasn’t super busy, but after 2 hours there were still 4 patients in front of us. We left and came to Aultman now. No wait. The computer monitor was gone too, so it was hard to see your plac...
2.40 (66 reviews)
Convenient Urgent Care image
Convenient Urgent Care
Urgent care center
😠 This is the worst urgent care I/we as a family have ever been to. Went here based on how close it was as we just moved from Clio. Will not be making the mistake of going here again. We will drive to Clio still from now on. They do not value your well being, or your CHILDRENS well being. They simply...
2.50 (145 reviews)
VCU Health Orthopedics image
VCU Health Orthopedics
Orthopedic clinic
😐 The orthopedists are talented and dedicated. The front desk staff ( the gate keepers) not so much. If you get past the check in process , with the unlimited desk signs, lines to check-in , and selectively friendly staff, you will receive exceptional service from the doctors . The Rivers Bend locatio...
2.50 (102 reviews)
UChicago Medicine at Ingalls - Flossmoor image
UChicago Medicine at Ingalls - Flossmoor
Medical Center
😠 My mother, Sherrie, was diagnosed with COVID this morning at Midwest Clinic. She reached out to her doctor, Solomon Rahmani, at the Flossmoor location and explained to the how she was in horrific pain. My mother told her how she felt like her head was going to explode, how she couldn't even talk or...
2.50 (53 reviews)
Allina Health Coon Rapids Clinic image
Allina Health Coon Rapids Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 We've gone to this location for 15+ years. I don't know what has happened in the last couple of years, but it's changed enough for us to look for another location. My daughter's pediatrician passed away, so we had to choose another. We went with J. K. based on her excellent reviews on Allina's we...
2.60 (213 reviews)
Centro di Medicina image
Centro di Medicina
Medical Center
😠 What about arrogant staff for more the doctor made me wait 50 min. After a nurse came into the office they were there chatting for 15 min. With all that money the agent spends, she should at least organize the hours and not make the patients wait for 50 minutes.
2.60 (190 reviews)
MultiCare Orthopedics Northwest image
MultiCare Orthopedics Northwest
Orthopedic clinic
😠 Impossible to get an appt. Love Dr Chang & Blair bit, their scheduling and reception are ridiculous. Have left 4 messages in over a week to no avail. They don't return phone calls ever. Blair wanted to see me after a epidural injection. They are very unprofessional I wish I could get away with this...
2.60 (153 reviews)
Sports Clinic image
Sports Clinic
Sports medicine clinic
😠 I asked for permission at work to see Dr. Alonso, I had a turn at 1530, I arrived at 3:00 p.m. It was 1620 and the Dr. came to the corridor and made people come in after me and without a shift, I never respect shifts since the The girl who was at the ticket table had told me that it would be my tur...
2.60 (87 reviews)
Sapporo Maruyama Orthopedic Clinic image
Sapporo Maruyama Orthopedic Clinic
Sports medicine clinic
😠 The hospital's review rating is currently 2.6. It's too sweet and I don't want to give it a ⭐. The waiting time is long, and on top of that, the teacher is extremely rude! Unlike private hospitals and university hospitals, the doctors here probably don't care about the hospital's evaluation. Everyt...
2.60 (83 reviews)
McAllen Family Urgent Care image
McAllen Family Urgent Care
Urgent care center
👍👍 Dr Garcia is always so thorough and seeks to get you feeling better stat! Staff is always so friendly and attentive. Understandably because of covid, they may operate a little different but their treatment and care make it extremely minuscule! Keep up the great job!
2.60 (79 reviews)
Ueyama Clinics image
Ueyama Clinics
General hospital
😠 身内が2回入院しましたが、1度目は3階で、医療スタッフは、優しく対応もきちんとしてくれました。コロナで会えない中、ホッとしました。 しかし、一度退院し、再び入院したのは同じ上山で4階になりました。 そこの年配の看護師など特に対応が冷たく、ひどい扱いで、半月入院しましたが退院時にはやせ衰え、酷い状態で、第...
2.60 (69 reviews)
PCC Walk-In Wellness Center at West Suburban Medical Center image
PCC Walk-In Wellness Center at West Suburban Medical Center
Medical clinic
😠 I wish we could give out ZEROS. I came into this PCC last night 10/26 I walked in at 6pm because my daughter was having trouble breathing due to her asthma. 4 hours later 10pm the doctor doesn’t even acknowledge us for her assistant (who was great) to come in the room and say the doctor is letting u...
2.60 (62 reviews)
Nova Salus image
Nova Salus
Medical Center
😠 Purtroppo brutta esperienza, mi reco in loco per una visita fisiatrica fissata quasi 2 mesi fa, mi viene detto che non ci sono medici e che il mio appuntamento era stato anticipato di 3 gg, peccato che io non sia mai stata avvertita. Appurato che avevano il mio numero corretto, controllo per scrupo...
2.60 (55 reviews)
Spazio Benessere Medical Sport image
Spazio Benessere Medical Sport
Sports medicine clinic
😐 In questo studio medico troverete serietà, visite agonistiche e non agonistiche, molto celeri ad un prezzo di 60€; staff attento e preciso al minimo dettaglio. Unica nota negativa il signore del front Office potrebbe essere più gentile, in alcuni casi si dimostra brutale. Infine si sono muniti di pa...
2.60 (54 reviews)

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