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Gurru Saai mens Hostel image
Gurru Saai mens Hostel
Student dormitory
😐 Hostel is not bad. Food ok, bathroom ok beds ok but no wifi
1.90 (67 reviews)
Aakash Boys' Hostel image
Aakash Boys' Hostel
Student dormitory
2.10 (54 reviews)
Sri Laxmisantosh Hostel Pg image
Sri Laxmisantosh Hostel Pg
Student dormitory
😠 The food is worst and the maintanence is soo... Bad
2.10 (53 reviews)
Sweet Boys Hostel image
Sweet Boys Hostel
Student dormitory
2.20 (92 reviews)
Student dormitory
😠 The owner aunty is very rude....can't tolerate her judging attitude....she kicks out inmates without giving any prior notice...she may like you if you are not hanging out with boys🤢🤢 students pls don't go there.... really disappointed
2.20 (58 reviews)
Residence La Croix Saint Sylvère image
Residence La Croix Saint Sylvère
Student dormitory
😠 0, Détruisez ces bâtiments et construisez une résidence universitaire de qualité. Même si le loyers de ces chambres sont vraiment très maigres malheureusement les conditions sanitaires sont celles d'une prison voir même pire. - Des cafards - Moisissures - Cuisines insalubres - Sanitaires n'en parlon...
2.30 (128 reviews)
Ave Maria Ladies hostel image
Ave Maria Ladies hostel
Student dormitory
2.30 (78 reviews)
Lakhani boys hostel image
Lakhani boys hostel
Student dormitory
2.30 (68 reviews)
Hill Top Srinivas Boys Hostel image
Hill Top Srinivas Boys Hostel
Student dormitory
😠 Worst hostel food. Don't ever join this college and it's hostel. It's horrible life here. Humble request being a hostelite. You can see swimming rats in mess food...😣 and look into the below photo of hostel food. If you dont believe me. The chapathi how is it. By its looks only you can decide our g...
2.30 (65 reviews)
Working Mens Hostel image
Working Mens Hostel
Student dormitory
😐 Before coming to this hostel do ask the seniors about it , do not take any quick decisions. The fee here is high , we do not get the proper food for this fee. The quality of food decreases as the day passes. Other facilities are good.
2.40 (227 reviews)
Résidences de l'Ouest de l'UQAM image
Résidences de l'Ouest de l'UQAM
Student dormitory
😠 It's well known around people in Montreal that the residence is a total scam. Please see my pictures. Holes in the mattress, in the chair, electrical wires not covered. Water leaks almost every day...Dirty, smelly, ugly... Furniture left on the street to be thrown away are almost always in better co...
2.40 (116 reviews)
Suguna PG Hostel image
Suguna PG Hostel
Student dormitory
😠 Room rents are very high even though they do not even provide purified water or WiFi .. washrooms are comparable to the public toilets in Bangalore(or worse :/). Not at all hygienic . Reality is totally different from what they have shown in those pictures. Totally not recommended. Ps: money minded...
2.40 (95 reviews)
Swansea Bay Hotel image
Swansea Bay Hotel
Low-key hotel offering basic rooms with TVs, plus free breakfast, a bar and a pool table.
2.40 (89 reviews)
Sri Venkateshwara Hostel image
Sri Venkateshwara Hostel
Girls hostel
2.40 (58 reviews)
😠 This hostel even don't deserve 1 star. No cleaning, very bad quality of food. Laundry is bad. Hostel owner is cheater. And the pics posted over here is fake.
2.50 (132 reviews)
Nest Boys Hostel image
Nest Boys Hostel
Student dormitory
🫤 Don't go on look of hostel very strange for living. There are Hostel care takers are available. The care taker ( Amma) is always shouting what ever you doing. She will eat your brain from early morning to night. Always giving you order how to behave. Very bad care taker (Amma). Some hygiene pr...
2.50 (99 reviews)
Césal - Logements sociaux étudiants image
Césal - Logements sociaux étudiants
Student dormitory
😠 Bonjour, Mon fils a fait sa demande pour une prise du logement le 29 août. La veille nous avons du nous déplacer sur le site car son dossier en ligne n'était toujours pas validé. Aucune réponses aux mails et impossible de les contacter par téléphone. Impossible de prendre le logement le jour program...
2.50 (88 reviews)
Pension Bukarest image
Pension Bukarest
Boarding house
😠 And if you are alone, he asks you to pay 50 euros and does not tell you that you will not be alone in the room, you will be with 3 other strangers. For 56 euros, I better recommend the Nürnberg b&b hotel.
2.50 (50 reviews)
Ammaa Residency image
Ammaa Residency
Student dormitory
2.60 (310 reviews)
OM Madhava Womens PG center (Ladies Hostel) image
OM Madhava Womens PG center (Ladies Hostel)
Student dormitory
Simple rooms with flat-screen TVs, some offering air-conditioning, in a casual female-only hostel.
2.60 (122 reviews)
Rudraksh Boys Hostel image
Rudraksh Boys Hostel
Student dormitory
😠 No facilities are there... No water filter, nor water geyser... Owner take extra money for electrical induction... 4000 rupee for one bed not for one room.. have 3 bed means they take 12000 rupee for one bed ... Neither they give food facility ... They also take 7000 caution money extra.. owner say...
2.60 (83 reviews)
Aashray Boys Hostel image
Aashray Boys Hostel
Student dormitory
2.60 (67 reviews)
Western Sydney University Village Parramatta image
Western Sydney University Village Parramatta
Student housing center
😠 The accommodation is not recommendable at all (especially not for international students): - I had to live in a room that smelled like mould (because there had been mould before) without adequate help offered. - The washing and drying costs $5 per load and the clothes are afterwards often still dirt...
2.60 (65 reviews)
Feel Home Boys hostel image
Feel Home Boys hostel
Student dormitory
2.60 (61 reviews)
Jiviba Girls Hostel image
Jiviba Girls Hostel
Girls hostel
2.60 (61 reviews)
Albergue Palmas image
Albergue Palmas
No-nonsense hotel offering down-to-earth rooms & dorms, plus bike rentals & free breakfast.
2.70 (412 reviews)
Amenities Quality Hostels For Boys & Girls image
Amenities Quality Hostels For Boys & Girls
Student dormitory
😠 Worst management here , low food quality , hostel is very dirty ,not clean , bathroom will always smeling ,manager will not solve any problem of your ,if u are facing any kind of problem manager will directly told you , if u have any problem with this hostel leave the hostel ,staff and manager will...
2.70 (112 reviews)
Rosebank Backpackers Johannesburg and Hostel South Africa image
Rosebank Backpackers Johannesburg and Hostel South Africa
👍👍 For business person and backpacker alike, they have a dorm or a private room available for you, with the most helpfull and friendly staff ready to help. Really felt like home..was living here almost a month.
2.70 (97 reviews)
Green Enclave Men's Hostel image
Green Enclave Men's Hostel
Student dormitory
😠 One of the worst hostel in Muvattupuzha... I think in Kerala.. Costly rent and there is no return for us that we what spend there.. Uncleaned toilets,very cheap food, mostly very bad behaviour from the mngmnt... only care about the monthly rent.. Here, Most of the reviews and ratings are done by th...
2.70 (71 reviews)
Gulmohar Hostel #boyz image
Gulmohar Hostel #boyz
Student dormitory
2.70 (70 reviews)

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