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Key West Carrefour Laval image
Key West Carrefour Laval
Sunglasses store
😠 I was looking to purchase a new pair of sunglasses (approx. 200$+taxes) and I asked if there were a brand new pair available as I did not want the one from the floor - had to get into an argument with the owner in order to get her to order me a new pair. She kept arguing with me about how they were...
2.00 (56 reviews)
America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses image
America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses
2.70 (178 reviews)
Ópticas GrandOptical Colombo Lisboa image
Ópticas GrandOptical Colombo Lisboa
🫤 O espaço físico da loja é muito bom, tem muitas opções de armações! Mas no que diz respeito ao atendimento, é péssimo... Não perguntam oq o cliente pretende e não explicam oq estão a oferecer. A sensação era que estavam a fazer-me um favor ao invés de tentar vender um produto. Ofereceram-me um par...
2.70 (83 reviews)
Century Eye Care Medical Center, Inc. - Gardena, CA image
Century Eye Care Medical Center, Inc. - Gardena, CA
👍👍 I am a patient of Century Eye Care in Gardena, I am treated by Dr. Mehrdad Aghai. 5 months ago I had surgery on my left eye, and from the first day I started going to this clinic, everyone has been very kind; if I have to wait, then I wait; It is worth it, because even if it takes time, the attentio...
2.70 (65 reviews)
MAGRABi - Bin Galala Center image
MAGRABi - Bin Galala Center
😠 لقيت عندهم نظارة شمسية مونت بلانك سعرها حوالي ١٦٠٠ ريال، عجبتني وأخذت رقم موديلها، شريتها اونلاين من برا السعودية وطلعت علي واصله لعندي بحوالي ٧٠٠ ريال!! جميله اسعاركم يامغربي!! هذا وانتوا وكلاء المفروض اسعاركم أقل لأن تكاليف الشحن تختلف من شحن أفراد إلى شحن شركات!!!
2.80 (82 reviews)
Chrome Hearts 克羅心 image
Chrome Hearts 克羅心
Jewelry store
😠 When I went to the store during business hours, I only opened the small slits and looked at my clothes. I just asked if I have a habit of wearing silver jewelry? I just passed it without wanting to buy. I answered no. The clerk closed the door immediately, the door couldn't be opened, and the door...
2.80 (79 reviews)
Chrome Hearts Miami Store image
Chrome Hearts Miami Store
Jewelry store
👍 Nice store, customer service could be better especially for the prices they charge. Most of the workers don’t talk to you (maybe because of all of the hype and people coming in just to look now) but some people are actually trying to shop and can’t get assistance. I just copped this beanie and a hat...
2.90 (211 reviews)
Magrabi Eye Center - Nasr City image
Magrabi Eye Center - Nasr City
😠 very slow with zero respect for your time, also customer service is unorganized. Good staff but very slow useless system
2.90 (95 reviews)
Cohen's Fashion Optical image
Cohen's Fashion Optical
😠 Would not recommend—- the salesperson who assisted me tried to scam me, using my personal information and credit card number to get to my bank account. Prescriptions were off. Unusable after less than a month. Friendly service like all other services to get you to buy into their products and service...
$$ $$
2.90 (75 reviews)
Texas State Optical image
Texas State Optical
2.90 (58 reviews)

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