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Cencor image
General practitioner
😠 My daughter visited Dr Hermano today and left completely disappointed! Firstly, he was without a mask, with his feet on the table, cowboy belt... nothing against cowboys. My daughter is 19 years old, she is incredibly tired, the skin on her face is inflamed with pimples, she doesn't sleep well and a...
1.40 (51 reviews)
Clinical Poppies image
Clinical Poppies
Medical clinic
😠 Telephone attention is like balls, why put a contact number if your secretaries are so inept that they don't answer? The Andes Salud clinic may take a while to talk on the phone but finally they always do, but here they have never answered me after so many calls. And it's not like it's too close fo...
1.60 (219 reviews)
Salus Medycyna sp z o.o. image
Salus Medycyna sp z o.o.
Public medical center
😠 I do not recommend this place, avoid it. The person performing the EKG test, i.e. the great Mrs. Gadamer from office number 5, was terribly rude from the very entrance, spoke in a rude manner, and answered the question with grace. It was no different during the examination, and the course itself lo...
1.60 (155 reviews)
Takiyama Hospital image
Takiyama Hospital
Private hospital
😠 祖母が救急で行った病院です。 祖母は転倒し立てなかったため救急車を呼んだのですが、 看護師さんが私たち家族に聞こえるように「これで救急?」と言ったり祖母を怒鳴っているのが聞こえてすごく不快でした。 看護師さんが「立てるみたいなのでレントゲンは無しでいいですね」と言ってきたので「一応診てもらえませんか?...
1.60 (88 reviews)
Herr Dr. med. Joachim Freistühler image
Herr Dr. med. Joachim Freistühler
😠 How can it and should it be that this Joachim, who I don't even want to call a doctor, is allowed to practice such a profession. After all the reviews that I agree with, someone has to be against such a living being, who I don't even want to call a human being would like to do something. Apparently...
1.60 (55 reviews)
Iwaki Kusakidai Total Clinic image
Iwaki Kusakidai Total Clinic
Medical clinic
1.70 (145 reviews)
Mitcham Medical Centre image
Mitcham Medical Centre
Medical Center
😠 THIS SURGERY NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN!!! Lack of empathy, they are VERY neglectful and have a lot to answer for. I urge you to transfer if you are with them. Rude receptionists if you don’t like your job then change or just create one for yourselves. We do not come to the GP for fun, we come there for...
1.70 (106 reviews)
Hospital São Lucas | Hapvida NotreDame Intermédica image
Hospital São Lucas | Hapvida NotreDame Intermédica
😠 Terrible attendance!!!!!!!!!!!!! Professionals irresponsible and without compassion. I have an agreement for 19 years and I have never seen such a lack of respect for the patient who is there in need. Doctors who are sleeping on the plantation, entering the room of other doctors talk... while the p...
1.80 (264 reviews)
Eskulap. Lekarska Specjalistyczna Spółdzielnia Pracy image
Eskulap. Lekarska Specjalistyczna Spółdzielnia Pracy
Medical clinic
😠 A visit to the doctor with whom I was without any complaints. However, the registration issue leaves much to be desired. I believe that the way of loading a card for a new patient should be organized in a different way. The lady asked for MY DATA, a long queue, plexiglass, which makes communication...
1.80 (199 reviews)
MZOZ Lędziny Przychodnia Specjalistyczna image
MZOZ Lędziny Przychodnia Specjalistyczna
Medical clinic
1.80 (154 reviews)
Sekishukai Clinics image
Sekishukai Clinics
Private hospital
😠 Star ☆ is zero 💢 Because there is only anger! !! During work, he fell from the loading platform of a large trailer and was transported by emergency. It was difficult to find a place to accept it due to the corona damage ... As a result, it was transported here. He was taken down from the ambulanc...
1.80 (76 reviews)
Valley View Surgery image
Valley View Surgery
😠 Such a rude receptionist! Lazy and unhelpful doctor! My father was registered with an other surgery before but recently changed here as the other one was too far for him to go, this was our first ever and last experience with them! My father had an infection in his toe it was getting bigger and bigg...
1.80 (58 reviews)
One Brooklyn Health-Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center image
One Brooklyn Health-Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center
Private hospital
👍 I did my medical residency here. I am not surprised to see all the angry comments here. However, all these “shut down the hospital” calls are coming from people who don’t have the slightest understanding of public health. The hospital is so busy, with horrible long waiting time, poor “service” and d...
1.90 (708 reviews)
Uemura Hospital image
Uemura Hospital
😠 I used to take X-rays at this hospital. It is an event in the waiting time. Since the inpatient was filming earlier, two people who seemed to be nursing assistants were waiting. While waiting, it will be loudly about another inpatient. I don't know the specifics of the patient, but he usually talke...
1.90 (118 reviews)
柳町病院 image
Private hospital
😠 Other than the pharmacist, the receptionists, teachers, and technicians also lack the ability to explain things, and some of their responses are unpleasant. I was confused at the reception desk when I was asked to put my medical card in the designated doctor's box even though it was my first visit....
1.90 (53 reviews)
Centrum Medyczne PZU Zdrowie Elvita Jaworzno image
Centrum Medyczne PZU Zdrowie Elvita Jaworzno
Medical Center
😠 Today I tried to call you to arrange an appointment with an occupational medicine doctor. For 1 call, no one answers the signal, for the second, the line is busy, for the 3rd line is busy, etc. until after the 11th call, the answering machine and the message "every consultant is busy", apparently t...
2.00 (175 reviews)
Saijotokiwa Clinic image
Saijotokiwa Clinic
😠 I don't usually post much, but I felt very unpleasant. It was a few years ago. The second person went to the hospital early in pregnancy. It's hard to get sick because it's quite heavy, but there was nothing good just because I was unreasonably sharpened, ranted, and mentally scooped out. I was tra...
2.00 (80 reviews)
London Street Surgery image
London Street Surgery
Medical clinic
😠 Awful surgery, every time you call for an appointment you get asked to call at 8am or wait 3 weeks. When you call at 8am you can't get through because everyone else has been told the same thing. You have to plan when you're ill. I just called up for a telephone appointment and was given one for 2 an...
2.00 (68 reviews)
Remed+Lectus - Specjalistyczna Przychodnia Lekarska image
Remed+Lectus - Specjalistyczna Przychodnia Lekarska
Medical clinic
😠 Pani w rejestracji medycyny pracy bardzo nie miła i opryskliwa. Pani nie precyzuje swoich pytań, następnie się czepia o odpowiedź. Pani wygląda jak by pracowała tutaj za karę. Nawet nie odpowie do widzenia. Porażka.
2.00 (63 reviews)
Valley Urologic Medical Group image
Valley Urologic Medical Group
Medical group
😠 My appointment was confirmed on Friday September 3rd for September 7 at 1:30pm. This was a follow up appointment to remove stint after kidney stone surgery. I arrived at 1:15 and found office door locked. I figured they were closed for lunch and waited. At 1:40 a lady who was also waiting called...
2.00 (61 reviews)
Parkview Surgery image
Parkview Surgery
General practitioner
😠 Disgusting service from the woman on the phone. Disgusting service from Dr. Mahmood. He's had a form to fill out for over a month now! I've chased and chased but getting no where. I think having to wait over a month with no sign of him completing is way too long. Very very poor.
2.00 (60 reviews)
👍 Marco 4 estrellas por la atención, profesionalidad y cariño que he recibido del Dr. Emilio Sánchez Barrado y el equipo que estuvo el día de mi prueba. La verdad es que me han cuidado muchísimo, y hasta que no me he recuperado al 100% han estado pendientes de mi, valoro mucho ese gesto , me he senti...
2.00 (55 reviews)
Kasai Shoikai Hospital image
Kasai Shoikai Hospital
General hospital
😠 2020年の夏前の話です。私の主人が救急で運び込まれ医師に見てもらったところ、病状は前日に飲まれた薬の副作用ですよって言われて、返されました。まだ、何かあれば来てくださいと。医師を信じて帰宅、自宅で様子を見ていても良くなる気配はなく、悪くなってるようにしか見えなかったので、連絡をして確認しました。(コロ...
2.10 (156 reviews)
Weirton Medical Center - Main Hospital image
Weirton Medical Center - Main Hospital
😠 This hospital will kill you they don’t care and is very rude people. My mom was diagnosed with pneumonia and fluid on her lungs kept her a week sent her home on water pill she got worse I took her to upmc presbytery hospital in Pittsburgh where she is being very well taking care of Weirton medical s...
2.10 (139 reviews)
McSYL Tatsumi Hospital image
McSYL Tatsumi Hospital
Private hospital
😠 電話対応、接客の質が著しく低いクリニック様です。 発熱外来にこの度お電話させていただきました。 39.5の熱があり、市役所の方からこちらの病院をご紹介いただきました。 お電話させていただいたところ、 ・公共交通機関で来るならお断りします ・打診いただいた中で最寄りの病院がこちらで、当方車なく、徒歩だと3~4時...
2.10 (97 reviews)
Edictum Sp. o.o. image
Edictum Sp. o.o.
Medical clinic
😠 Zero
2.10 (93 reviews)
Koga Community Hospital image
Koga Community Hospital
General hospital
😠 この病院の良い話を聞いた事がありません。特に看護師の対応が非常に悪いと、利用した方達からの声が多く、二度と行きたくないと言っています。まともな職員は辞めていくそうです。なので、アクの強い職員ばかりが居座り続けており、患者や付き添いにもそれは感じ取れます。 建物も増築で、古い建物もそのまま使用しており...
2.10 (78 reviews)
Koganei Taiyo Hospital image
Koganei Taiyo Hospital
General hospital
😠 ここは本当に病院なのでしょうか? 看護師さんの説明、対応はとても素晴らしいく感じましたが、お医者さんが本当に医師免許をお持ちの方が対応されているのでしょうか? 話す内容から作業まですべて看護師さんが指示をだし、患者(私)に、聞き取りをしてもそれに対する検査等はまったくなし。 なんのために聞いたんだよっ...
2.10 (76 reviews)
Przychodnia SP ZOZ MSWiA w Lublinie image
Przychodnia SP ZOZ MSWiA w Lublinie
Medical clinic
😠 Zgadzam się z opiniami poniżej ja prędzej trafię główną wygrana w eurojackpota i zostanę świętą niż się tam dodzwonię, mam wrażenie, że Panie tam pracujące aby sobie przerwy z rana nie psuć odkładają sluchawke albo rzucają nia jak już z wielkim oburzeniem ciągły sygnał zmusi je żeby odebrać. Ta przy...
2.10 (76 reviews)

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