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Yo sushi image
Yo sushi
Japanese restaurant
Japanese dishes taken from the belt or ordered from the open kitchen at a colourful chain eatery.
1.60 (276 reviews)
Che Sushi image
Che Sushi
Sushi restaurant
👍 ¡¡Impecables!! Lo pedí por Pedido Ya un sábado por la noche en el local de Ballester II y fue entregado en tiempo y forma. A la hora que figuraba en la app. A esa misma hora fue entregado el pedido. La cuestión es que el local entrega mediante sus propios repartidores. No me figuraba que el reparti...
1.70 (378 reviews)
Yo! Sushi image
Yo! Sushi
Japanese restaurant
Japanese dishes taken from the belt or ordered from the open kitchen at a colourful chain eatery.
1.70 (198 reviews)
Sushi 24 image
Sushi 24
Meal delivery
😠 Никогда там не заказывайте!!! Ужасно!!! Ждал доставку 2.5 часа. Суши привезли в какой-то картонкой коробки, не было палочек. В наборе было вообще не то что заказывал. На 600 грн. Привезли огурцы и крабовые палочки завёрнутые в рис!!!
1.90 (161 reviews)
Otaku Sushi Vicente Lopez image
Otaku Sushi Vicente Lopez
Takeout restaurant
😠 Una asquerosidad. El peor sushi que comi en mi vida. El pedido llego DOS HORAS despues de hacerlo. Cuando llego, en el paquete no habian venido ni las salsas de soja ni los palitos. Tuve que ir a buscarlos. Las piezas con faltantes. Mal cortadas, mal gusto. Tuvimos que tirarlo. Imposible comunicarse...
$$ $$
2.00 (73 reviews)
Tsukiji Fishroom image
Tsukiji Fishroom
Japanese restaurant
😠 Ordering process is very confusing and the owner or chef is irate when you ask questions. Each pack of sushi counts as 1pc. Super confusing and not very helpful when you just point to things and expect people to get it. rolls were 1/10 rice is mashed together and no flavor. Doubt anything is importe...
2.00 (51 reviews)
Shun's Kitchen image
Shun's Kitchen
Chinese restaurant
Basic restaurant for Chinese, Japanese & sushi meals, also offering takeout & deliveries.
$ $$$
2.20 (143 reviews)
Hanoi Cuisine Vietnamese Deli & Sushi - Pizza & Döner Kebab image
Hanoi Cuisine Vietnamese Deli & Sushi - Pizza & Döner Kebab
😠 Asiatisches Essen hier absolut widerlich, kaum genießbar. An der Theke wird man von der äußerst unfreundlichen Bedienung angebrüllt wenn man nicht schnell genug bestellt. Ich habe dummerweise nach extra Soße gefragt, da ist diese unmögliche Person auch noch ausfallend geworden (ein normales Nein hät...
2.20 (101 reviews)
delivery sushi and rolls in Orenburg "Maki Sushi" image
delivery sushi and rolls in Orenburg "Maki Sushi"
Meal delivery
😠 Orenburg Philadelphia light price 300: at the opening it didn’t smell the most delicious, then it’s normal, the fish is bad, not rotten, but it was frozen three times, probably the cheapest fish from a magnet. There should be more fish there, that's how it is on the site. And here it is cut too thi...
2.20 (91 reviews)
Nigiri Sushi Linares image
Nigiri Sushi Linares
Sushi restaurant
2.20 (69 reviews)
Let it V - delivery & take away image
Let it V - delivery & take away
Vegan restaurant
😠 Tardo 1hra y media en llegar el pedido. Me trajeron el arroz yamani crudo, estaba duro. Encima el plato no decia que tenia cebolla y era cebolla con arroz y soy intolerante a la cebolla. No puede ser que no pongan todos los ingredientes cuando la mitad era de cebolla.
2.20 (65 reviews)
Sora Sushi Bar image
Sora Sushi Bar
Sushi restaurant
😠 Overpriced, terrible food. Service is glacial and unfriendly. My Ramen looked like it was top ramen noodles that had been soaked overlong. They were steeping in a watery broth and the egg and chicken topping don’t look safe to eat. That was about $20. I was originally going to get the gyoza but they...
2.30 (242 reviews)
Hayai Sush Tilburg image
Hayai Sush Tilburg
Sushi takeaway
🫤 First order and it wasn't perfect. I was waiting about 2 hours and the food was made like someone did it for the first time. The taste wasn't the worst but I wasn't sure if all the ingredients were fresh.
2.30 (156 reviews)
Hayai Sushi Alkmaar image
Hayai Sushi Alkmaar
Meal delivery
😠 A. It was supposed to be delivered at 7:19 PM but they arrived at 7:55 PM. B. Then you call the company, they say you will be called back for a discount or possible money back deposit. C. Ordered €60 sushi, but unfortunately it tastes like sushi from the Vomar refrigerator. I say don't order here a...
2.30 (153 reviews)
Now Sushi Delivery image
Now Sushi Delivery
Japanese restaurant
😠 Pedi pelo Uber Eats e veio tudo errado, pequeno, sem recheio e sem gosto. Nunca mais! Pedi reembolso do que paguei, já me devolveram oq paguei mas não dá nem vontade de comer oq tá aqui em casa.
$$ $$
2.30 (128 reviews)
Itami image
Sushi restaurant
😠 To clarify, I would give 0 stars if possible. On Monday 18/12/2023 , i went to Westfield Marion. I ordered some sushi and a lychee bubble tea from Itami upstairs in the food court, the large bubble tea itself costing $6.50. The sushi was fine but the bubble tea tasted terrible. I ate some of my sush...
2.30 (115 reviews)
Quick Food Asia image
Quick Food Asia
Asian restaurant
😠 I will never again order that it was over 1 hour of the promised delivery time. But when the supplier simply puts it on the door of an apartment building and says it's paid for and it's gone ... We then have to run down completely and find the food is not complete ... Is just absolutely Assi.
2.40 (196 reviews)
Gokan Sushi Delivery image
Gokan Sushi Delivery
😠 They sent rotten tuna. Everything looks old and stinky.... never again
2.40 (195 reviews)
Luckiefun’s Sushi Buffet image
Luckiefun’s Sushi Buffet
😠 Ei ollut kyllä mitenkään häävi paikka. Sushit olivat jopa lämpimiä, mikä oli perin häiritsevää. Taisi olla kulmäketju katkennut useammankin kerran. Maku ja haju ei vakuuttanut päinvastoin. Jälkiruoka-astiat koko ajan loppu. Ei jatkoon…
$$ $$
2.40 (131 reviews)
Nyaree image
Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery
2.40 (92 reviews)
Koi Shi Sushi Bistro image
Koi Shi Sushi Bistro
Sushi restaurant
😠 I've been through SeaTac many times and finally decided to try this place out. Purchased two plastic containers of sushi, a plastic cup of wine, and a bottle of beer (they have no beer on tap) for $75. Also, every table was dirty. Absolute highway robbery for gas station quality food and drink. I do...
2.40 (57 reviews)
Sakura Sushi image
Sakura Sushi
Sushi restaurant
😠 Sakura Sushi was the best place to get food. It’s now no longer there and is ‘Sushi Purasu’ which is terrible in comparison.. not even Japanese. Very sad.
2.40 (53 reviews)
Asia Seven Edappally image
Asia Seven Edappally
Asian restaurant
👍 Ordered 3 non-veg meal boxes There is an option to customise choice for some dishes in this meal box . The quantity and quality of food was amazing . The food tasted good . Each box contains 4 steamed chicken momos , it tastes good . Overall a good experience 👍 Also Thai basil chicken (not sure th...
2.40 (50 reviews)
my asia hl image
my asia hl
Meal delivery
😠 Eig mochte ich das mal echt gerne dort... Aber der oberhammer . Zum Anfang hat der typ meine Adresse nicht gefunden obwohl ich meine Hausnr. Angegeben habe und schon abgespeichert ist . Dann gab er mir seine LIEFERBOX das ich mir das essen komplett selber rausholen sollte mit einer fresse hätte am l...
2.50 (192 reviews)
צ'וקה גבעתיים image
צ'וקה גבעתיים
Sushi restaurant
😠 Just the word tsuka makes me vomit. I made a simple order not even of meat And right now I'm from 2 at night not moving out of bed just laxative and vomiting and a host of other side effects And vomiting and heartburn of preservation .. My partner who ate a little less than me suffers from fever an...
$$ $$
2.50 (142 reviews)
JADE Restaurant Bamberg image
JADE Restaurant Bamberg
Wok restaurant
😠 Do you know the feeling of slowly vegetating while your digestive system is already submitting its pension notice? Then you have certainly ordered in this restaurant before and remember your seemingly hopeless desperation, which slowly reared up while waiting for your already cold food. An experien...
2.50 (107 reviews)
Au 121 Restaurant cacher Deauville halavi (pizzas) bassari et sushi vente à emporter image
Au 121 Restaurant cacher Deauville halavi (pizzas) bassari et sushi vente à emporter
Pizza restaurant
😠 Waited 40 min for just for order and after again 40 min for simple pizza, very expressive and the don't even have parmesan!! Really bad service. Not recommended
2.50 (97 reviews)
Mr. Sushi & Miss Wok image
Mr. Sushi & Miss Wok
Meal delivery
🫤 Just ordered for first time and also the last one, not for the QUALITY, which IS OK but for the delivery guy who took more than 2 hours to bring the changeback so I had to phone the shop. The guy came finally with the money and blamed on me for calling the shop. Not a way to treat customers. SO RUDE...
2.50 (91 reviews)
Yobidoyobi image
Meal delivery
😠 Всем добрый вечер 🌆 Заказали суши в Ёбидоёби, 16.09.2023гг. В 19:00, мало того, что суши приехали спустя 3 часа….(в 22:40), так и суши оказались отвратительными…. Заказывали набор «Пылкий Фудзоку», на фото выглядит совсем по другому, большие шапочки на сушах, все вкусно, но по итогу приехал рис с р...
2.50 (80 reviews)
CityWOK-Sushi & Ramen image
CityWOK-Sushi & Ramen
Sushi restaurant
😠 So sieht das Essen bei denen aus .. an Telefoan geht keiner ran .. wunderbar! „Top“
2.50 (79 reviews)

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