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Morley Cars image
Morley Cars
Taxi service
😠 I booked at Taxi for 5:45am 16 hours in advance. The driver was 20 mins late. Turns out no driver had even been dispatched and the office had to call to get him out of bed to come and get me. I was told because i live “out of the way” its not an appealing job for the drivers so no one showed up?! At...
1.90 (55 reviews)
Taxi 1 image
Taxi 1
Taxi service
2.00 (82 reviews)
AlloCab Paris 2 VTC Taxi Moto image
AlloCab Paris 2 VTC Taxi Moto
Chauffeur service
😠 Mauvaise expérience. Tandis qu'un texto vous indique où trouver le VTC commandé, celui-ci vous attend bien plus loin et ne cherche même pas à se rapprocher tandis que vous êtes chargé comme un baudet. Au final, la course s'est terminée avec un taxi parisien pour le même prix.
2.00 (67 reviews)
Glove City Taxi image
Glove City Taxi
Taxi service
2.30 (139 reviews)
Tele Taxi Chiclana image
Tele Taxi Chiclana
Taxi service
2.40 (295 reviews)
Area's Best Cabs image
Area's Best Cabs
Taxi service
2.50 (131 reviews)
Taxi-Zentrale Dora image
Taxi-Zentrale Dora
Taxi service
2.50 (58 reviews)
Taksi Tatarstan image
Taksi Tatarstan
Taxi service
2.60 (517 reviews)
303 Taxi image
303 Taxi
Taxi service
😠 I call Monday-Friday on behalf of a disabled individual. 3/5 days they will cancel the ride and not let me know. I’ve had cabs show up, not notify me, then list it as a no show. I’ve had rides cancelled without any warning or reason. I used to be able to schedule rides ahead of time but then all of...
2.60 (511 reviews)
Yellow Cab Of Galveston image
Yellow Cab Of Galveston
Taxi service
2.60 (69 reviews)
Petawawa Taxi image
Petawawa Taxi
Taxi service
2.60 (52 reviews)
GlasGO Taxis image
GlasGO Taxis
Taxi service
😠 Waited for one and half hours told 4 twice taxi on way one of there taxis that where so busy pulled over and offered to take me to my destination which was 11 outward bound but wanted 35.00 as it was a busy time for my return. When i spoke to the office i was told not to take notice of the instructi...
2.70 (845 reviews)
Phuket Airport Transfer image
Phuket Airport Transfer
Airport shuttle service
2.70 (53 reviews)
株式会社キャビック image
Taxi service
😠 アプリで行き先を予め登録して乗車したのに、田内という運転手に「アプリから予め行き先を入力してもらっても、新しいホテルがたくさん建っているから分からない !詳細にどこか言え!」と言われました。 運転も荒いので車酔いしました。 なんでタクシー乗って怒られないといけないの。お前が知らないだけだろ。こっちはち...
2.70 (51 reviews)
Vinataxi Co. Ltd. image
Vinataxi Co. Ltd.
Taxi service
2.80 (246 reviews)
Turbo Taxi image
Turbo Taxi
Transportation service
👍👍 Fast and reliable the costumer service is great
2.80 (114 reviews)
Euro Taxi Timișoara image
Euro Taxi Timișoara
Taxi service
2.80 (62 reviews)
Adelaide Independent Taxis image
Adelaide Independent Taxis
Taxi service
2.90 (570 reviews)
TAXA 4x35 image
TAXA 4x35
Taxi service
🫤 Very expensive compared to other providers we also had been over charged from the airport to the city by 1/3 more than the return trip, - stay clear.
2.90 (555 reviews)

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