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مركز الدانة image
مركز الدانة
Massage spa
😠 المكان سيء سيء سيء لا يوجد نظافة بصفه عامة وعماله غير مواهلين وعليهم حركات غير لائقه ( ؟؟؟؟ ) ويطلبون بخشيش المشكلة الاكبر بان الادارة لديها علم . يجب تدخل الجهات الحكومية …
2.10 (167 reviews)
Hilltop Massage Therapy image
Hilltop Massage Therapy
Massage spa
👍 I was skeptical about going there after reading all the reviews. I was ready for the $2 tax. I got there expecting the worst but it wasn't all that bad. Me and my bf had a good time. The lady at the counter seemed annoyed but the people massaging were very nice. Tipped them each $15 dollars and they...
2.30 (103 reviews)
The best spa image
The best spa
😠 My experience was not quite good. They sent me 400 for 1 hour massage but asked for 100 additional and charged me 500. They charged for 1 hour massage but massage was finished after 26 minutes only. during the massage, their staff guys were standing right outside window of the room taking loud and s...
2.60 (59 reviews)
Asia Nails & Massage image
Asia Nails & Massage
Nail salon
😠 Terrible, my wife was there with here frend, they make wound to here frend and for my wife terrible quality manicure, she never go back there. All manicure go away after 5 days, terrible quality and a lot of pain(((( Terrible experience and realy LOW quality !!! ((((((
2.70 (84 reviews)
Massage Moroccan Bath image
Massage Moroccan Bath
👍👍 كنت متخوف من خلال هذه التعليقات السلبية وقررت اعمل حمام مغربي للامانة عامل الحمام المغربي شغله ممتاز وعامل المساج رائع واسعارهم منخفضة بلنسبة للمراكز الاخرى الله يعطيهم الصحة والعافية ويستاهلون مائة نجمة
2.80 (359 reviews)
Ancient Buddha image
Ancient Buddha
😠 I visited last month, first you have to take appointment from customer support lady (CCL). CCL & receptionist work differently, receptionist will not show any respect to you. Once you enter massage room, it's very dirty place, bed is not clean & very hot inside. Therapist have no idea about massage...
2.80 (112 reviews)

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