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Thai Cook by Joy image
Thai Cook by Joy
Asian restaurant
😠 This 2 orders of tacos cost me $40 and they didn't give me a recipe. Nor do they give one to anyone, knowing they are ripping off people. 2 tacos the size of my palm costs $20... More than a sit down restaurant and the meat quality is horrible. This place is a scam. Don't eat there
1.30 (55 reviews)
Thai Express Restaurant Ottawa image
Thai Express Restaurant Ottawa
Thai restaurant
😠 So much oil! The tofu didn't even taste properly cooked and it tasted like the pad Thai was missing something. it didn't taste like pad Thai. I think it depends on the cook tho because last time the food didn't taste like this.
1.40 (72 reviews)
Asiahung image
😠 Extrem unfreundliche Bedienung. Als ich sagte, man braucht mich nicht anzuschreien, wurde herumdiskutiert. Der Ton gegenüber meiner Mutter wurde unakzeptabel. Sowas hab ich im Leben noch nie erlebt. Eine Einstellung die kein Gastronom dieser Welt an den Tag bringen sollte. Den anderen Beurteilungen...
1.60 (75 reviews)
Kothai image
Thai restaurant
1.70 (104 reviews)
Jasmine Chinese Takeaway image
Jasmine Chinese Takeaway
Chinese takeaway
😠 Never ever more at any price This restaurant can poison you . I have traveled to town to return all of it This business is hidden at the back of other shop . Rude "chef" told me there his food is good just a bit burned. Avoid it even for free !
1.80 (171 reviews)
Thai Street Food by Kin (International Departure) image
Thai Street Food by Kin (International Departure)
Thai restaurant
😠 DO NOT EAT HERE. I would give it zero stars if I could. The food is expensive and tastes horrible. The food is really really salty. The mango in the mango sticky rice was so sour! The service is also very terrible. We waited really long just to get our orders taken. When the food is ready, it just s...
1.80 (147 reviews)
Asian Chao image
Asian Chao
Chinese restaurant
Familiar Chinese take-out dishes & Japanese sushi rolls from a no-frills counter-serve chain.
1.80 (90 reviews)
Tasty Thai image
Tasty Thai
Thai restaurant
1.80 (57 reviews)
eat la! image
eat la!
Chinese takeaway
😠 Ware do I start? Chips raw Sweet and sour was pure vinager. Veg rice mising the veg. Stir Fried veg was veg from a tin. Chill beef had no spice was slimy and the sauce was almost vinegar. (Just like the sweet and sour) All food was cold the free prawn crackers we even horrid. I phoned to complain an...
1.90 (66 reviews)
Thai food image
Thai food
Thai restaurant
😠 Normalne nepisem recenzie, ale toto mi neda... o 12:30 si popytame ostrokyslu polievku, slecna ju nabrala do nadoby a pred nami dala v case obedoveho menu zohriat polievku do mikrovlnky.... polievka chutila ako cista sojova omacka, nedalo sa to jest a od ostrokyslej to malo velmi, velmi daleko... d...
1.90 (59 reviews)
PODA Beachfront Dining image
PODA Beachfront Dining
😠 ‘Prawns in garlic butter’ - 450 baht and there were only 2 large tough prawns that we had to peel ourselves and no garlic butter whatsoever. Ordered some corn on the cob that also came with no butter, when I asked for some, they bought a couple of squares of margarine. I think the Thai dishes were o...
2.00 (69 reviews)
Food Rockers American Thai Darmstadt image
Food Rockers American Thai Darmstadt
Takeout restaurant
😠 Absolutely horrible experience. If you’re fond of throwing away money to people who don’t deserve it, this is your go to place. Orders were all mixed up and wrong. Food looked and tasted old, greasy and expired. Customer service is absolutely horrible. When I asked if noodles comes with a set of pl...
2.10 (509 reviews)
Thai Express Restaurant Burnaby image
Thai Express Restaurant Burnaby
Thai restaurant
Noodles, stir-fries, curries & other Thai dishes served in a down-to-earth restaurant.
$ $$$
2.10 (199 reviews)
Amazing image
Takeout restaurant
😠 Don't blindly order from this restaurant. It's one of the worst takeaways took 2 hours to arrive and the driver is always late and the owner makes unprofessional excuses that police has stopped the delivery driver. Like this place need to be shut down immediately, for good!
2.10 (75 reviews)
Chef Beijing image
Chef Beijing
Chinese restaurant
Simple restaurant serving Chinese and Thai dishes, with takeaway and delivery services.
$$ $$
2.20 (243 reviews)
Aroi Thai Restaurant image
Aroi Thai Restaurant
Thai restaurant
Dine-in · Takeaway
2.20 (162 reviews)
Thai Express Restaurant Toronto image
Thai Express Restaurant Toronto
Thai restaurant
Noodles, stir-fries, curries & other Thai dishes served in a down-to-earth restaurant.
$ $$$
2.20 (149 reviews)
Pitaya Thaï Street Food image
Pitaya Thaï Street Food
Fast food restaurant
😠 Attente un peu longue et j ai trouvé une mouche dans mon plat !!! Aucune excuse ou autre de la part du personnel !! Je ne recommande absolument pas !
2.20 (85 reviews)
Panda Oriental image
Panda Oriental
Chinese takeaway
😠 I regret not reading the reviews before ordering from this place via Uber Eats. It has taken us over 2 hours to receive the order instead of 30-50mins. The restaurant answered the phone only once and assured us that the food will be with us within 10mins. As you can guess it wasn't...we waited anoth...
2.20 (82 reviews)
Thai Express Restaurant Markham image
Thai Express Restaurant Markham
Thai restaurant
Noodles, stir-fries, curries & other Thai dishes served in a down-to-earth restaurant.
$ $$$
2.20 (71 reviews)
Thai Gourmet image
Thai Gourmet
Thai restaurant
😠 I ordered chicken with rice and got duck. After trying to bring the food back saying it was duck, the only reply was chicken. I ate it because I didn't want to argue. PS: It was duck.
2.20 (70 reviews)
Boat Noodle - Sunway Velocity image
Boat Noodle - Sunway Velocity
😠 The service is unsatisfactory and disappointing . Went there twice and faced the similar situation where the staffs were so rude and ignorant. Were waiting outside the restaurant for atleast 10 mins . None of them came and told which table to sit on or bothered to have the courtesy to ask us to atle...
$$ $$
2.30 (117 reviews)
Thai Thai image
Thai Thai
Thai restaurant
👍👍 Google really needs to set some criteria so people cannot just post their random ‘revenge’ feedback. I’m an international traveller and I have tried some really authentic Thai food in my life. The food here really hits the spot - authentic and full of flavours. Service could be better but considerin...
2.30 (110 reviews)
Boat Noodle - Mahkota Parade Melaka image
Boat Noodle - Mahkota Parade Melaka
😠 Portion are so small and pitiful that I wonder what took them so long to prepare. A set of 12 bowls took them about 1hr15min?? Really?? Even better, the level of attentiveness given by the crew. All of them seems busy having meeting in front of the counter and gets annoyed whenever some customer ca...
$$ $$
2.30 (69 reviews)
Hawkers image
Southeast Asian restaurant
Southeast Asian street food served in a funky space at a long bar amid red, graffiti-adorned walls.
$$ $$
2.30 (62 reviews)
Ruby Thai image
Ruby Thai
Thai restaurant
🫤 I've never had a bad experience here before and I actually like the food, but today I found metal shavings in the broccoli beef. One of them cut the inside of my mouth while chewing. I've honestly been too scared to finish the meal as I keep finding metal shavings. Be careful!
$$ $$
2.30 (60 reviews)
Ajreen Kitchen image
Ajreen Kitchen
Chinese takeaway
😠 First time ordering from here and also our last, absolutely awful food , the sweet and sour sauce didn’t taste of anything! The rice and chicken balls were so soggy and the prawn crackers tasted a bit funky .
2.30 (50 reviews)
Quick Food Asia image
Quick Food Asia
Asian restaurant
😠 I will never again order that it was over 1 hour of the promised delivery time. But when the supplier simply puts it on the door of an apartment building and says it's paid for and it's gone ... We then have to run down completely and find the food is not complete ... Is just absolutely Assi.
2.40 (196 reviews)
City Pizza Bayreuth image
City Pizza Bayreuth
Pizza restaurant
😠 Sowas widerliches hab ich noch nie erlebt.. In meinem Salat waren kleine Insekten, welche teilweise noch gelebt haben! Ich denke, ein Besuch vom Gesundheitsamt wäre sehr notwendig.
$$ $$
2.40 (167 reviews)
Hoang Long Asia Food im Lillienthal Center image
Hoang Long Asia Food im Lillienthal Center
😠 So what a bottomless audacity that is. Normal fried noodles with chicken €7.50 I thought at first OKI have to live on something but the portions are really a joke. Bottom a bit covered with noodles and a few pieces of chicken on it that's a rip off. It doesn't have to be full to the brim but that re...
2.40 (104 reviews)

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