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Big Daddy's Pawn image
Big Daddy's Pawn
Pawn shop
😠 I wouldn't even call it a pawn shop.... It's more like a garage sale / discount store / bargain store .... Matter of fact a lot of the stuff had bargain Hunt stickers on them lol they are asking retail for bargain store things or used junk They had so many cases of diapers - but the same diape...
2.00 (70 reviews)
Ex-Machina image
Tool store
😠 Faut il laisser un mauvais commentaire ici pour daigner avoir une réponse de ce vendeur? Commande passée le 23 avril, et toujours rien le 01 juin. Pas de réponses aux mails ni au téléphone. En découvrant après coup les commentaires désastreux sur internet au sujet de cette entreprise, j'aurai mieux...
2.10 (56 reviews)
Euclid Loan & Jewelry Co image
Euclid Loan & Jewelry Co
Pawn shop
😠 The store is clean, the young Latino man behind the counter is very nice and willing to help. However, the older gentleman who owns the store is very rude. Sometimes old people are just rude and crotchety but he acts that way towards employees and customers alike. I think that he’s never been forced...
2.20 (63 reviews)
Gold N Stones II Pawn Shop image
Gold N Stones II Pawn Shop
Pawn shop
😠 Don’t go here they will not give you an honest deal. Here was my experience, I asked the person behind the counter if he would be interested in buying a proof gold coin that was a 2009 eagle MS 69 early release, he then said what do you want for it, I then said, I’m here to ask you which your the ex...
2.50 (61 reviews)
Emil Lux GmbH & Co. KG image
Emil Lux GmbH & Co. KG
Storage facility
2.70 (165 reviews)
TEEMY'S image
Home improvement store
In-store shopping
2.80 (60 reviews)
Aborn True Value Hardware image
Aborn True Value Hardware
Hardware store
Hardware store offering tools & home improvement supplies, plus related services.
$$ $$
2.90 (181 reviews)
FHU Adnex image
FHU Adnex
😠 Internet to porażka. Wiecznie zacina i łącze jest niestabilne. Pomocy od sprzedawców też nie można oczekiwać, gdyż zamiast naprawić swój internet winą obarczają sprzęt. Ping w grach osiąga nawet 2000 ms! To wprost niewyobrażalne, streaming jest niemożliwy, a oglądanie livów lub rozmowa on line jest...
2.90 (57 reviews)

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