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Basic Fit Netherlands B.V. image
Basic Fit Netherlands B.V.
😠 Very bad attitude, worst customer service, the employees in the gym tell you that you can cancel anytime, but when the time comes you can't cancel, they say they never said anything. They try to hide the reality of the contract you are signing telling you lies. I tried everything to cancel, but it w...
1.60 (190 reviews)
Centrum podpory (pro řidiče) Uber image
Centrum podpory (pro řidiče) Uber
Software company
👍👍 The best private transportation service. The lowest prices in Prague, great drivers and overall quality. I haven't had a problem with processed fees for driver-canceled trips. Maybe I'm lucky, but if any case of unfair payments or policy violations occur, you should contact Uber for refunds. Of cou...
2.10 (363 reviews)
Select Apple Premium Reseller (Canterbury) image
Select Apple Premium Reseller (Canterbury)
Computer store
In-store shopping · In-store pick-up · Delivery
2.20 (118 reviews)
Infitness - Aarhus N., Møllevangs All image
Infitness - Aarhus N., Møllevangs All
Training centre
😠 Hell to opt out. I have signed out repeatedly for 4 months, as well as cut off my card, but they still demand payment from me and threaten to involve me in Collectia. Have contacted them several times, each time with no response.
2.30 (66 reviews)
SATS Falkoner image
SATS Falkoner
🫤 The locker rooms and bath facilities are in terrible condition. Rusty, dirty, and simply worn-out and broken. Also, the young people at the front desk are either not there or are sitting in the lounge area looking at their mobile phones. At least they could swipe the floor.
2.40 (58 reviews)
Select Apple Premium Reseller (Windsor) image
Select Apple Premium Reseller (Windsor)
Computer store
😠 Today (15.06.2013) booked an appointment at 11 am at this store in order replacing battery for my iPhone. I stepped in to the store 7 minutes before my appointment. There was only one staff who was dealing with someone while I was idle in the store. Few minutes later that gentle man came to me and t...
2.60 (117 reviews)
24 Hour Fitness image
24 Hour Fitness
😠 Yesterday I tried to go into 24 Hours Fitness with my electric scooter, but they wouldn't let me in and asked me to tie my scooter up outside in the parking lot. When I came back from my workout, the scooter was stolen. This gym doesn't care about customer safety at all. They have no cameras or secu...
2.70 (342 reviews)
Bellevue Badminton Club image
Bellevue Badminton Club
Badminton club
2.70 (123 reviews)
YMCA Fitness Industry Training image
YMCA Fitness Industry Training
Training centre
😠 My strong advice to anyone considering undertaking a PT course at YMCA Fit is DON’T. To lead with a positive, the teaching on the courses is first rate. I cannot thank Trish, Teresa, and Mark enough for their tireless and excellent teaching. They really try their best to help you and present the in...
2.80 (90 reviews)
Select Apple Premium Reseller (Dundrum) image
Select Apple Premium Reseller (Dundrum)
Computer store
😠 Hi I found this place appalling, I was in there for at least 15 min, the first staff member said just one min, I waited for another 5 min in an empty shop only 3 other customers. The second member of staff I call over and then said one minute and ran off all I wanted was to buy the Apple Watch 7 ser...
2.90 (280 reviews)
24 Hour Fitness image
24 Hour Fitness
😠 They need to clean the showers and enforce people not going into the sauna with dirty shoes. Today was the deal breaker. How can the two women employees not smell urine?! I only stayed 15 minutes. Honestly, this is the worst location I've ever been to. I tried to get the attention of the worker.. n...
2.90 (203 reviews)
Urma Loire-Atlantique Sainte-Luce-Sur-Loire image
Urma Loire-Atlantique Sainte-Luce-Sur-Loire
Training centre
2.90 (101 reviews)
SATS Field’s image
SATS Field’s
👍 No 5 stars since I still miss the pool :P Good gym, plenty of space with all the equipment you need and you have a sauna, and a dedicated ice cold shower right after a workout and personal trainers are really good. Much better option than FW.
2.90 (97 reviews)
Select Apple Premium Reseller (Bury St Edmunds) image
Select Apple Premium Reseller (Bury St Edmunds)
Computer store
😠 At first, a chewing salesman will open the door for you, at 10:12 the store was locked. Then you will find out that the product you need is out of stock. Indeed, why have at least one example available - one example 64 GB, one example 256 GB? One question, why does the store open every day if there...
2.90 (78 reviews)
SATS Fisketorvet image
SATS Fisketorvet
😠 They simply dont clean this place enough. It needs an extremely thorough cleaning and much much more regular cleaning. I will omit the pictures from the showers. Seriously, especially in the age of hygiene!
2.90 (58 reviews)
SOMED Saúde Ocupacional image
SOMED Saúde Ocupacional
Work medicine
👍 the clinic is excellent, great location, the staff are wonderful and Dr. Tereza allergist ...... TOP TOP the best I just have to complain about phones that are outdated, 3211-7208 does not answer, 3214-4130 does not answer, 3214-5111 also does not answer, I've been trying for horassssss
2.90 (52 reviews)

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