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Girasoles Turismo image
Girasoles Turismo
Travel agency
😠 They are scammers! They canceled my retired grandmother's trip HOURS before the trip and they still haven't returned her money. Nor do they answer our repeated claims. We will proceed with legal actions.
1.20 (63 reviews)
CheapFareGuru image
Airline ticket agency
😠 I have never posted a negative review, but this time I have to so as to caution consumers against this FRAUD company. All the reviews posted here are true and I wish I had read them before booking with this company. I booked a flight through them 3 months early thinking that I am all set. They provi...
1.30 (277 reviews)
Rehlat Travel Agency - Kuwait image
Rehlat Travel Agency - Kuwait
Travel agency
😠 Rehlat are Top Cheaters. Horrible company. I booked my ticket from Newark to Kuwait and paid online and they showed me a message on screen that my e-ticket will be emailed soon. Next day they sent me email that please confirm your ticket. Never seen that after paying online and booking a ticket i k...
1.40 (502 reviews)
MakeMyTrip image
Tour operator
😠 My family and I have been availing tour services from MMT for over 10 years now. Currently we are on a tour to Cambodia and Vietnam and thoroughly dissapointed in the service provider. Not only have they delayed Visa and not been attentive to our needs prior to our tour. But during the tour they hav...
1.50 (260 reviews)
Turistička agencija image
Turistička agencija
Travel agency
1.50 (123 reviews)
Expedia image
Travel agency
😠 Expedia was one of my favorite travel agency couple of years ago. We travel a lot my husband or me we always used to book hotels flight etc. We just come back yesterday from a trip with friends I explained them our new experience for the future we forget Expedia , be aware if you would like to book...
1.50 (115 reviews)
Almena Travel AB image
Almena Travel AB
Travel agency
😠 The worst company to book trips with, the pictures on their website have nothing to do with reality. You get no help from them when you contact them. So save your money and don't travel with these jokers.
1.50 (66 reviews)
KPB Express image
KPB Express
Bus and coach company
😠 Horrible experience. Avoid this bus company, do not understand how some sites stated 4 stars ratings, noticed you can’t write your own reviews on those sites. Our bus was delayed on the get go. Then the bus driver was dropping off and picking up not only passengers but also large packages along the...
1.70 (321 reviews)
India Tourism image
India Tourism
Travel agency
😠 SCAM !!! STAY AWAY !!! All of those so-called government agencies are fake and they will try to sell you incredibly expensive tours. Even if they appear to be nice in the first place, don't let them lure you. All they want is to ripp you off. If you are looking for a train ticket, The ONLY place yo...
1.80 (58 reviews)
Thrillophilia image
Travel agency
😠 This company is conducting fraudulent and very inappropriate business. We travelled from the USA to India and booked a 6 day tour in Ladakh. 2 days before the tour, they cancelled and refuse to refund us. They offered to give us the tour next year but we cannot just fly to India from the US at a lat...
1.90 (56 reviews)
Granada City Tour image
Granada City Tour
Travel agency
😠 Only thing good for it is free wifi which I am using to write this review while waiting, way longer than necessary, non-existent customers in stop points. It's very very bumpy (you might crack a few tooth if you don't pay attention.) It says 15-20 minutes per tour but make it 30-45. There are no h...
2.00 (541 reviews) image
Travel agency
😠 We bought flights which were cancelled by the airline, they offered us new flights which were completely different timings and then offered a refund instead, which we took. It has been over 3 weeks with them holding our money telling us to contact everyone but themselves for the refund. We have give...
2.00 (365 reviews)
Ostina fastboat check in counter image
Ostina fastboat check in counter
Travel agency
👍👍 Maybe i was extremely lucky, maybe they're changing for the better but my experience was good. They picked me up at the hotel on time, the van was comfortable, the driver was nice. Then we got to the harbor and everyone got numbered lanyards. We did leave 45 minutes late but the boat was comfortab...
2.00 (301 reviews)
Ajay Raj Travel Agency image
Ajay Raj Travel Agency
Travel agency
😠 Terrible condition of the bus. And the seat was already occupied by someone who refused to leave it since the conductor promised him beforehand from pilani to jaipur. Highly unhygienic. It feels like a 3rd grade non ac bus. They're just robbing innocent people by charging this much for such bad expe...
2.00 (125 reviews)
Cosmo San Pedro image
Cosmo San Pedro
Night club
😠 The worst place in all of San Pedro. We arrived at 10 with a reservation and all the people were crowded at the door. (No queue or anything). Everyone waiting to get in and when one of the security gatekeepers feels like it, they select someone and let them through. Obviously it's someone they know...
2.00 (105 reviews)
Incredible India Tour image
Incredible India Tour
Tour agency
😠 A tuk tuk driver took us here insisting we should learn about the flexible rail passes. The agent used a number of deceptive practices, said electronic payment was impossible, and that we needed a cash deposit of $200 USD immediately to secure any chance of booking limited tickets. To us this seemed...
2.00 (56 reviews)
SpaSeekers image
Travel agency
😠 Please please listen to the bad reviews! I booked a spa day for £100 and added £20 cancellation cover but when it came to cancelling I did not get my money back and instead got a voucher (which I cannot even use for 3 weeks!) What is the point in having cancellation cover if you can't get your money...
2.10 (274 reviews)
Transportation service
😠 I strongly advise against I bought a AR Aime - La Plagne the high woods the return was scheduled on Saturday morning at 8H the shuttle has never passed in front of the stone and holidays the high woods we had to take a taxi and altibus did not want to know and refunded us neither the bus ticket nor...
2.10 (137 reviews)
Rodeway Inn image
Rodeway Inn
Unassuming budget hotel offering free breakfast & parking, plus a bar, an outdoor pool & a gym.
2.10 (126 reviews)
Sunwing Travel Group image
Sunwing Travel Group
Tour operator
😠 Poor customer servie for a service insustry of this size! Do not recommend sunwing. Avoid it by all costs. After 5 hours of delay to get onboard. We got to mexico super late ... our name wasn't on their list so had to wait another 1.5 to 2 hours for them to sort out our 15 min taxi ride !!!! ... lo...
2.20 (478 reviews)
Air Canada Vacations image
Air Canada Vacations
Travel agency
😠 Booking using the site is easy as the majority of travel sites. However, trying to communicate with them over the phone is the worse customer experience. Waiting times exceed 5 hours, there is no call back service and they have limited support. If you have insurance and for any reason you are unabl...
2.20 (318 reviews)
redBus image
Bus ticket agency
😠 Even I would not like to give any star to this redBus service. I have taken a ticket from Dehradun to Lucknow from redBus site. On the journey day I have called telephonically to the bus service people and ask them where to come to ride your esteemed bus. One person reply from other end and ask me t...
2.20 (159 reviews)
Zuklin Bus GmbH image
Zuklin Bus GmbH
Travel agency
😠 As of recently (08/16/2022), this bus company also serves line 207, which was previously operated by Dr. Richard was run over. The result: cancellations, unpunctuality and, above all, bus drivers who do not seem to know their own route. It is beyond me what the VOR was thinking in awarding such an...
2.20 (136 reviews)
Shrinathji Travels image
Shrinathji Travels
Travel agency
😠 Don't book from this travel.. Avoid.. charged more than normal rate also gave false promise of departure of Bus time. That practice may upset your schedule
2.20 (73 reviews)
Expedia Singapore Pte. Ltd. image
Expedia Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Travel agency
😠 ITS A SCAM!!!!! They don’t actually book! READ THE FACEBOOK REVIEWS!!! They don’t actually book, leaving people stranded in other countries! Last month I purchased a ticket to Melbourne, I have a conformation number with Itinerary number. My husband was on the flight an hour earlier, when I went to...
2.20 (72 reviews)
Trip Mantra image
Trip Mantra
Travel agency
😠 Owner of this agency i.e. Subhendu Adhikary is a fraudster. This agency organises trips very well for some parties and cheats the rest. Thus he keeps balance. This is his business plan. He cheated us by not making any arrangement for our Sandakphu trip and has not returned our 38000 rupees even afte...
2.20 (70 reviews)
Country Vacations image
Country Vacations
Travel agency
😠 its a very bad day to me yesterday that they have received me and one girl who behaved rash on me and i will see her end , and when the coupons are filled they don't be any families there may be lovers and the brother and sister . so you should inform that if you are selected there is allow of only...
2.20 (65 reviews)
Rehlat image
Travel agency
😠 Keep away from this agency! i made a hotel reservation with the id RGL824337 on the 19/6/2022 with a free cancellation. i successfully canceled my booking on the 23/6/2022 (within the free cancellation period) and i should get a full refund of 719 euros. I contacted them and they confirmed that the...
2.30 (1K reviews)
Cleartrip image
Travel agency
2.30 (867 reviews)
Intershipping image
Travel agency
2.30 (298 reviews)

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