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Ua Salon and Day Spa image
Ua Salon and Day Spa
Beauty salon
😠 Upon arriving I was told they were running a week day special for a mani + pedi for $39. Halfway through the pedicure the nail tech told me that the receptionist told me the wrong price and that in fact I'd be charge $47, not including the service she had just added for $6. I told her this was not...
2.00 (94 reviews)
Hair By Michelle image
Hair By Michelle
😠 Terrible shop that only want your money. "Hairdressers" (term used loosely) are inexperienced, slow and lazy. Will not cut your hair to the style you want, as they are not listen - had entire head shaved rather than the sides. By the time the clippers went through there was no other option but to do...
2.10 (55 reviews)
RUSSIAN LEGEND | Салон красоты Охотный ряд | Парикмахерская, маникюр, эпиляция image
RUSSIAN LEGEND | Салон красоты Охотный ряд | Парикмахерская, маникюр, эпиляция
Beauty salon
😠 Админ, принимающий заказы и записывающий клиентов- не в себе. Его нужно уволить, он мешает клиентам и работе салона. Парню нужно к психологу, у него что-то с мышлением- повторяющиеся странные фразы и вопросы, мутит воду, неуважение к клиентам. Общаться с клиентами не умеет и тратит их время и салон...
2.50 (184 reviews)
Prenses_sac_turban_tasarim image
😠 Düğünüm için ön görüşme yaptım yer ve gün ayirttim düğün sabahı bilgi almak için aradım çekim için erken geleceğimi söyledim dört kardeşim ve kayinvalidemin benden sonra saç ve makyaj yapılmasının istedim.saat sekizdeki düğünüm için öğlen 12 de yakınlarıma saç makyaj yapılacağını söylediler durumu...
2.50 (60 reviews)
Top Hair - Mein Friseur image
Top Hair - Mein Friseur
Hair salon
😠 Eben betrete ich das Friseur Gebäude. Nur eine Frau sitzt da mit Haube, da denk ich das sieht ja gut aus. Die Friseurin trinkt wohl nen Kaffee oder so und redet von hinten. Was ich denn will. Ich will nur trocken schneiden. Da sagt sie dauert 1,5 Stunden. Das ist mir jetzt schon öfters passiert, ic...
2.50 (50 reviews)
The Hair Company USA Dominican Salon image
The Hair Company USA Dominican Salon
Hair salon
😠 DONT GO IF YOU HAVE NATURAL HAIR — RELAXER CHEMICALS IN THE SHAMPOO!!. If I could give zero stars, I would. Very pricey for a simple wash, blow dry, trim, flat iron. My hair has been natural for 10+ years. I occasionally straighten so I can get a good trim. I used to go to a Dominican place in NJ th...
2.60 (286 reviews)
Top Hair - Mein Friseur image
Top Hair - Mein Friseur
Hair salon
😠 I wanted to take my 3 year old daughter there to get her hair cut. So my daughter went into the salon with joyful anticipation, and we were greeted with the words: "For God's sake!! Not without a mask!!" in an unfriendly, loud tone. Mind you, it wasn't actually about me - I had a mask on - but about...
2.60 (52 reviews)
Define London image
Define London
Beauty salon
😠 Very confusing as I booked a massage at Dimple Amani and the place is called Define. Wasn’t sure I arrived at the right location. The massage was …okay. The owner is trying way too hard to make you buy her oils,candles (highly overpriced).. expensive massage packages. Guaranteeing slimming effects s...
2.70 (85 reviews)
Unique Beauty 4 U image
Unique Beauty 4 U
Beauty salon
😠 I just went with my friend for pre-booked treatment. From beginning the lady was surprised to see me as no one written my booking, which I have called them on the day before as advised over the phone with salon. As they was not prepared they can only do one massage today. It should be one hour treat...
2.70 (70 reviews)
Top Hair - Mein Friseur image
Top Hair - Mein Friseur
Hair salon
😠 Gäbe es 0 Sterne zu vergeben, würde ich diesen Besuch heute als Null bewerten, ich bin absolut Unzufrieden. Die Mitarbeiterinnen sind nur am reden untereinander, brauchen ewigkeiten für einen Kunden da sie nur mit sich selber beschäftigt sind. Der laden war voller Kundschaft und keiner dieser "Nette...
2.70 (50 reviews)
Khoobsurat Beauty Salon ( Bothell ) image
Khoobsurat Beauty Salon ( Bothell )
Beauty salon
😠 First off, I went in and they did not sanitize the area they were going to wax. I told the lady nicely to please sanitize the area before waxing, she pretended like she did not hear me. She waxed my brows and my upper lip. My lip was patchy and all the hair was not completely waxed off. She then beg...
2.80 (138 reviews)
Top Hair - Mein Friseur image
Top Hair - Mein Friseur
Hair salon
😠 Bisher war ich ja immer sehr zufrieden mit der TopHair -Filiale in Schwabmünchen. Aber heute hatte ich ein Erlebnis, das so gar nicht geht. So gegen halb 4 habe ich den Laden betreten. Keine weitere Kundschaft zu sehen. Alles leer. Am Tresen saß ein Mann, der telefonierte. Als ich ihm erklärte, daß...
2.80 (85 reviews)
Colour Room image
Colour Room
😠 Got hair cut today waited over an hr after being told 30mim wait then got quoted $25 for a cut, said how much I wanted off and then said oh its going to be $30 fine. All went ok until I got home and noticed it was uneven cut and more was taken off than I had said. Won't be going back here again and...
2.80 (73 reviews)
Chandigarh Hair & Beauty Craigieburn image
Chandigarh Hair & Beauty Craigieburn
😠 Worst servicing. Unprofessional. Told a different price for a service & charged double when it was done. Ridiculous & didn’t happen once. It has happened twice with me. The owner doesn’t stand with her own words. Not recommended at all. They charge very high prices. Below are his pictures after 3-4...
2.80 (61 reviews)
Katbalou HAIR & BEAUTY image
Katbalou HAIR & BEAUTY
😠 First time I went great service by a Young lady. Second time absolutely disappointing. Asked for bangs she managed to discourage me and was very aggressive while blow drying my hair. Got a side bang instead and when I got home and my hair was back as it was. The brushing didn't last even 3 hrs. Abs...
2.80 (58 reviews)
Hair to Hair Doncaster image
Hair to Hair Doncaster
👍👍 I always get my hair done by George at this salon. He’s super patient with my requests and very gentle with my hair. It always looks so shiny and healthy after 🙏highly recommend
2.80 (55 reviews)
Ayoub Hair Studio image
Ayoub Hair Studio
😠 My wife went to thus salon after discussing with a stylist the specific colours that she wanted in her hair. Whilst at the Salon she was there for 7 hours in total! In fairness some of it was because of a power cut but she was being worked on as well for a LONG time. At the end of this marathon sess...
2.90 (149 reviews)
Asmaa beauty center image
Asmaa beauty center
😠 Very bad quality and poor services, plus the owner doesn't have a licence nor a certificate. Please stay away from that place
2.90 (100 reviews)
Stendi Ya Skonge image
Stendi Ya Skonge
2.90 (57 reviews)

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