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Clinical Poppies image
Clinical Poppies
Medical clinic
😠 Telephone attention is like balls, why put a contact number if your secretaries are so inept that they don't answer? The Andes Salud clinic may take a while to talk on the phone but finally they always do, but here they have never answered me after so many calls. And it's not like it's too close fo...
1.60 (211 reviews)
1.90 (52 reviews)
Hospital HM Vallés image
Hospital HM Vallés
2.10 (506 reviews)
Oxford Medical image
Oxford Medical
Medical Center
😠 На ресепшені відпочивають непривітні дівчата, яким явно робота не в радість. Телевізор в залі очікування поламаний, дуже приємно для очей відвідувачів. Туалет просто жахливий, без ремонту (фото додаю). Лікар дерматолог Маротяк Оксана Степанівна сумнівної кваліфікації. Жодної важливої інформації від...
2.10 (454 reviews)
Weirton Medical Center - Main Hospital image
Weirton Medical Center - Main Hospital
😠 Took wife to get seen per medexpress doctors encouragement. She was having a burning sensation on her cheeks and numbness on her lips and tongue after taking an antibiotic. Got told to take benadryl and not to worry unless you feel it on you lips and tongue. She literally just told you that's where...
2.10 (128 reviews)
Tamura Clinic image
Tamura Clinic
Medical clinic
2.10 (121 reviews)
Dobromed image
Medical clinic
👍👍 I laughed with my girlfriends that at the age of 35 they already do colonoscopies, but then I had to myself. Reviews about the procedure are not unambiguous, so I chose a doctor for myself, not a clinic. By a happy coincidence, it turned out to be the Dobromed clinic, where I treat my teeth. The fe...
2.10 (65 reviews)
Urology Specialists of Nevada image
Urology Specialists of Nevada
Urology clinic
😠 《 IF I COULD GIVE = NEGATIVE 10!》 I was referred to Dr. Weiss by a nurse at my Nephrologist's office and she told me, "Dr. Weiss took of me about 6 years ago, because of a few large kidney stones she wasn't able to pass and he did ESWL (Electro Shock Wave Lithotripsy) to break up my [her] kidney s...
2.10 (55 reviews)
2 مجمع الفيحاء الطبي AlFaiha Medical Center 2 image
2 مجمع الفيحاء الطبي AlFaiha Medical Center 2
Medical Center
😠 Very rude nurses... Very bad behaviour towards patients. The Indian Nurses Philippines nurses all are the same . Mannerless people
2.20 (432 reviews)
Hamir Hospital image
Hamir Hospital
2.20 (100 reviews)
Vithas Centro Médico Granada image
Vithas Centro Médico Granada
Medical Center
2.20 (81 reviews)
Fujimoto Clinics image
Fujimoto Clinics
Private hospital
😠 綺麗な施設で対応も全体的に良いですが、年齢70歳くらい、体格大柄、白髪、メガネの当直医の対応がかなり悪かったので☆1としました。 病院から配布された用紙の「10分置きに腹、腰等に痛みがあれば来院してください」に当てはまったので、23時頃病院に行きました。 しかし、同当直医が、初産の不安を微塵も考慮せず「これく...
2.20 (70 reviews)
Urology Specialists of Nevada image
Urology Specialists of Nevada
Urology clinic
😠 They won't let you speak and if you try to say something they'll just hang up the phone on you. Not to mention they never solved my problem and I've been going there for over a year.
2.20 (50 reviews)
Bay College Medical & Lockwood Diagnostic image
Bay College Medical & Lockwood Diagnostic
Medical clinic
😠 I had an appointment with Dr Calvin Lei on Dec 28, 2021. The doctor was very unprofessional and rude. I came in to get a requisition for some bloodwork, that my naturopath recommended me to get done, that should have been ordered by a family doctor. When I explained it to Dr Lei his facial expressio...
2.30 (287 reviews)
Heart Lake Health Centre image
Heart Lake Health Centre
Walk-in clinic
2.30 (256 reviews)
Alfond Center for Health image
Alfond Center for Health
General hospital
😠 MGMC canceled my 4 hour appt without giving me notice. I had cleared my own schedule of 8 appointments to attend this one and I spent 12 hours without food or drink per provided patient instructions. MGMC's reason for canceling was that I needed a prior authorization despite having been fully booke...
2.30 (204 reviews)
Nitmed Centro Médico e Medicina Do Trabalho image
Nitmed Centro Médico e Medicina Do Trabalho
Medical Center
😠 The clinic follows the current bad pattern of private health: earning in quantity. The professional I was looking for works with 30 people per shift, maybe 60 per day and that's why the wait is 4 hours. It's wrong. You have to make some sort of appointment. Dividing each turn into 2, anything, but...
2.30 (172 reviews)
Komatsu Hospital image
Komatsu Hospital
Private hospital
😠 This is the level at which I am thinking of proceeding. My grandmother, who has been sentenced to life expectancy, is hospitalized, but she doesn't write the medical certificate she's requesting, and even if she wants to talk and asks for a call back, she won't even call back. I'm frustrated with t...
2.30 (130 reviews)
Montefiore Mount Vernon Hospital image
Montefiore Mount Vernon Hospital
General hospital
😠 This place is horrible. In the ER and the attending physician never even took time to see me personally, did not help me in distress, they tried to send me home weak and unable to walk.. and when an administrator was called to intervene.. she said she will get to it when she has a chance and couldn’...
2.30 (108 reviews)
Children's Urology Group image
Children's Urology Group
Children's hospital
😠 Morning appointment, Arrived 30 mins early as a new patient to fill out paperwork, was told by front desk nurse who not once made eye contact with anyone that they’ll bring it to me. Got clipboard of standard paperwork 20 mins after appointment was scheduled to begin. Watched the waiting room turn s...
2.30 (95 reviews)
Ichikawa Higashi Hospital image
Ichikawa Higashi Hospital
Private hospital
😠 世の中では考えられないワースト対応です。 さて、詳細です。 今日は土曜日、休暇なので 1ヶ月前にワクチン接種の予約を取って病院の受付へ、 私 『ワクチン接種しにきました』 受付『はい、確認します』 しばらして、、 受付『ワクチンの在庫がないので今日は接種できません』 私 『。。。。』 私 『1ヶ月前に予約...
2.30 (91 reviews)
Meditsinskiy Tsentr Diona image
Meditsinskiy Tsentr Diona
Medical Center
😠 Don't go people ... Pre-registration = 20 people in one office, waiting time is about 3 hours. And this is sitting adults with a professional examination and children to receive a school certificate, i.e. a pediatrician therapist is sitting in the office. You wait another hour for tests. There is n...
2.30 (87 reviews)
Private Medical Center NZOZ image
Private Medical Center NZOZ
Medical clinic
2.30 (80 reviews)
Shikinomori Clinic image
Shikinomori Clinic
2.30 (59 reviews)
HM Sanchinarro University Hospital image
HM Sanchinarro University Hospital
😠 I had thought that the "God complex" Doctors belong to a previous era or only exist in uncivilized countries; unfortunately they are well present and kicking in HM Sanchinarro Madrid. Not only so, but let me tell you a very simple fact: A Dr has no right to change the planned surgery treatment witho...
2.40 (2.3K reviews)
Day Hospital Quirónsalud Alcalá de Henares image
Day Hospital Quirónsalud Alcalá de Henares
Medical Center
😠 The most chaotic medical center that exists. You don't know where you have to go at any time. There are counters everywhere and none is where you have to go. Emergency care is bad and very slow, it's not worth it, better to a public health center. Specialist doctors almost all very unpleasant and p...
2.40 (667 reviews)
Wellcare Medical Clinic image
Wellcare Medical Clinic
Wellness center
2.40 (310 reviews)

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