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Surrey Animal Hospital image
Surrey Animal Hospital
😠 Do not under ANY circumstances bring ANY animal here EVER. ALMOST ALL POSITIVE REVIEWS ARE FAKE. If you look theres four reviews with the same first and last name, exactly the same duplicate name, all five stars no comments, especially recently because everyone's finding out how horrible they are....
2.20 (596 reviews)
Pets Central North Point 24/7 Emergency Animal Hospital 北角24/7急症獸醫院 image
Pets Central North Point 24/7 Emergency Animal Hospital 北角24/7急症獸醫院
Animal hospital
😠 Strongly recommend not to bring your pet here.
2.20 (59 reviews)
Veterinary Center Paunero image
Veterinary Center Paunero
Animal hospital
😠 La verdad es que los veterinarios no son malas personas pero es un negocio. Mi gato estuvo a punto de morirse ahí, me hacían llevarlo dos veces por día para vaciar su vejiga. Ni hablar de que una vez que fui me dijeron 2 horas de demora, con el gato sufriendo en el carrier, cuando se suponía que iba...
2.50 (552 reviews)
Baton Rouge Animal Hospital and Baton Rouge Pet Emergency Hospital image
Baton Rouge Animal Hospital and Baton Rouge Pet Emergency Hospital
Animal hospital
😠 STAY AWAY!!! First off it's a emergency room there should be better protocol. I arrived there last night and had to call and fill out paperwork. Before my pet can be seen hence the word EMERGENCY!! Then when they finally came to get my pet. They tell me about a $99 fee okay cool. But let the tech ex...
2.50 (108 reviews)
Saint Modestos Animal Hospital Ltd image
Saint Modestos Animal Hospital Ltd
😠 Το σκυλί μου, αδέσποτο, το δάγκωσε σκύλος στον λαιμό και του έσπασε το πόδι και έψαχνα Σάββατο βράδυ διανυκτερεύον κτηνιατρείο. Ήταν ο μόνος που σήκωσε το τηλέφωνο και δέχθηκε να την φέρουμε άμεσα. Αυτό ήταν το μοναδικό θετικό του συγκεκριμένου κτηνιάτρου. Πήγαμε το σκυλάκι άρον άρον, και περίμεναμε...
2.50 (59 reviews)
Veterinaria 24/7 image
Veterinaria 24/7
Emergency veterinarian service
😠 Do your pet and yourself a favor and STAY AWAY from this place unless you absolutely HAVE to. Unfortunately I had to take my 12 week old puppy here for an emergency when all other clinics were closed. Because of the situation, I was unable to check their reviews beforehand. Now after having experi...
2.60 (527 reviews)
Webster Groves Animal Hospital & Urgent Care Center image
Webster Groves Animal Hospital & Urgent Care Center
Animal hospital
👍👍 I have only ever had good, decent techs and vets when i have been to Webster Groves Animal Hospital. Most recently, i was there for a concern that i (luckily) saw coming, and so had an appiontment made. The wait after checking in was about what you'd expect for a medical office. The waiting room is...
2.70 (469 reviews)
Animal Medical Center image
Animal Medical Center
😠 I never write these types of reviews, but this place needs to figure out how to triage correctly and behave compassionately toward pets and owners. This was my first time coming to this vet office. The front staff were very pleasant when we walked in and took our information. We understood it would...
2.70 (401 reviews)
Connecticut Veterinary Center image
Connecticut Veterinary Center
😠 Absolutely horrible place. It's outdated, staff isn't very knowledgeable at all and rude. Our senior cat has been sick for awhile and we didn't know what was wrong. They just gave him prozac medication without any bloodwork so his real diagnosis went undiagnosed until I took him to another vet and...
2.70 (238 reviews)
Pet Emergency & Specialty Center-South County image
Pet Emergency & Specialty Center-South County
Emergency veterinarian service
😠 I took my dog in because he was very lethargic and his gums were very pale. They took him to the back right away which I’m happy for but when it came down to Dr.Rodríguez telling us what my dog had and what needed to be done everything went downhill. She kept mentioning how the hospitalization was n...
2.70 (172 reviews)
Balto Veterinary Hospital image
Balto Veterinary Hospital
😠 Una estrella porque no puedo poner 0 estrellas, muy muy mala clínica, no se la recomiendo ni a mí peor enemigo, llevamos a nuestro perro, lo intervinieron de la cadera, y le dejaron un hueso suelto dentro de ésta, conclusión estuvo a punto de morir, le hicieron radiografías de la cadera y no veían n...
2.70 (62 reviews)
Pet Emergency & Specialty Center - La Mesa image
Pet Emergency & Specialty Center - La Mesa
Emergency veterinarian service
😠 My dog was having trouble walking from what appeared to be her back to legs. My veterinarian recommended this place because we could not see anything in the x-rays. Maybe it was a torn ligament torn something? Brought her into this location the doctor looked at the x-rays and immediately said we nee...
2.80 (386 reviews)
Pembina Veterinary Hospital image
Pembina Veterinary Hospital
😠 No one should take their pet to this vet! A friend of mine has to surrender her pet to the humane society because their Golden Retriever needed life saving emergency surgery and quoted them an insane amount of money that they couldn’t afford. The only other option the vet gave them was to surrender...
2.80 (275 reviews)
😠 pues la verdad que es la primera vez que me pasa, he tenido perro en casa desde que soy bien pequeña..... Me acabo de mudar aqui y estaba buscando presupuestos en clinicas no se si entendere de esto o no, pero he vacunado a mis perros siempre y jamas me han dado el palo que me querian dar aqui........
2.80 (57 reviews)
BluePearl Pet Hospital image
BluePearl Pet Hospital
Emergency veterinarian service
😠 This place only cares about MONEY. And they take advantage of desperate pet owners trying to save their babies. They keep you waiting for hours with very little updates while your baby is stuck in the back all alone. We took our baby for a wellness check only for them to want to charge us much more...
2.90 (493 reviews)
ACCESS San Fernando Valley image
ACCESS San Fernando Valley
Animal hospital
😠 Access was once a very reputable veterinarian care facility. However, two years later, a vast decline in service, compassion, professionalism and expertise. I took my Maltese dog in March for emergency care and they made us wait 45 minutes in the car while my dog was gasping for air! The girl at the...
2.90 (363 reviews)
VCA Valley Animal Medical Center & Emergency Hospital image
VCA Valley Animal Medical Center & Emergency Hospital
Emergency veterinarian service
😠 We made the difficult decision today to have our precious 14 year old dog euthanized. We had an appointment with another clinic, but in the interest of time, when I called this clinic, I was told we would immediately be taken to a room to be with our dog as long as needed, and the person I talked t...
2.90 (327 reviews)
Protected Animal Rehabilitation Center image
Protected Animal Rehabilitation Center
Emergency veterinarian service
😠 The resort is one big hoax. I brought them a little hedgehog with damaged paws, after visiting two vets, having X-rayed the paws ... I believed that they would help him, and they euthanized him, even though he might be alive. None of the vets I visited suggested killing ... The hedgehog had an appe...
2.90 (177 reviews)
Veterinary Specialty Centre Of Newfoundland and Labrador image
Veterinary Specialty Centre Of Newfoundland and Labrador
Emergency veterinarian service
😠 I brang my dying hamster in to get put down… it came to $277 to get him looked at and then another $500-$600 to get him put down. I asked for him back and a refund and they told me they already euthanized him.. I obviously got upset as I was told I will see him again and be with him when he gets the...
2.90 (122 reviews)
Banfield Pet Hospital image
Banfield Pet Hospital
😠 Poor customer service, they made fun of me and my disability trying to care for my animal. It’s not right that their plan is complicated, to learn due to the information, isn’t on the pamphlet . Plus, doesn’t cover everything . Furthermore, they speak extremely fast and expect you to quickly memoriz...
2.90 (100 reviews)
Centre Vétérinaire Curie image
Centre Vétérinaire Curie
Animal hospital
2.90 (96 reviews)
Kokko-Vet Oy image
Kokko-Vet Oy
2.90 (94 reviews)
Hari Pet Clinic & Surgery image
Hari Pet Clinic & Surgery
2.90 (89 reviews)
Hospital Veterinario Labayru image
Hospital Veterinario Labayru
😠 Not at all happy, on the contrary very upset by everything we are experiencing because of these people. A few days after a sterilization surgery when we were still taking her daily for cures, her skin began to fall off in pieces and become brown, they saw it and said it was eczema, but after two day...
2.90 (55 reviews)

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