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Karaoke Bidasoa 5 image
Karaoke Bidasoa 5
Coffee shop
😠 I went to celebrate my girlfriend's birthday, we entered and there was a very good atmosphere and very good songs were heard, my girlfriend and I ordered a beer, later, I went to the bathroom and when I left I found my girlfriend making out with another, I quickly left and it made me want to burn t...
2.30 (67 reviews)
Almodobar Barcelona image
Almodobar Barcelona
Disco club
😠 They don't have " everybody" from backstreet boys
$$ $$
2.50 (637 reviews)
Round 1 image
Round 1
Amusement center
😠 처음으로 라운드원에 방문하여, 즐겁게 돈을소비할생각으로 갔습니다만, 10엔짜리 ufo가챠기계는 10대도안됬습니다. 그리고 인형을뽑기위해 2000ㅡ3000엔정도 기계에넣고 해봤으나 크레인의 힘이 너무약해서 전혀 뽑히지않았습니다. 쉽게 인형이 쉽게인형이 나오지않게 설정해놓은것도 알고있지만, 이건 너무심하다고 생각...
2.50 (125 reviews)
仁德金牌KTV image
Video karaoke
$ $$$
2.80 (153 reviews)
THE RHYTHM 节奏大使 image
Family restaurant
2.90 (57 reviews)

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