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Поликлиника МГУ № 202 image
Поликлиника МГУ № 202
Walk-in clinic
😠 In principle, visiting a clinic is not the most pleasant event in life. But visiting clinic 202 at Moscow State University will turn your life into hell. Huge queues, rudeness from the staff and doctors being 30-40 minutes late for the start of the working day are the order of the day here. It is cl...
1.40 (56 reviews)
Vivamed image
Walk-in clinic
😠 Ta przychodnia to jakaś kpina i parodia. Personel- brak profesjonalizmu, podejścia i zaangażowania. Ze wszystkim jest zawsze problem. Rejestracja - jedna pani jest tylko sympatyczna, reszta jest tam chyba za karę. Dodzwonić się do przychodni graniczy z cudem, a jeżeli już się uda, to i tak nie ma nu...
1.40 (50 reviews)
Kings Cross Doctors Office image
Kings Cross Doctors Office
Walk-in clinic
😠 Wish I could give this place 0 stars. Worst walk-in clinic I've ever been to. The Indian receptionist is incredibly rude. Dr. Sharma will argue with you whenever you ask a question. I really wonder who gave him his license and would call an ethics hearing on him if I could. I waited for 2 hours to m...
1.50 (127 reviews)
Поликлиника №24 image
Поликлиника №24
Walk-in clinic
😠 Clinic 24 - I have never seen a WORSE attitude towards patients in my long life. The request to call a doctor was accepted and not refused, but on the 6th day no one came. It's just awful. Who allowed you doctors to spit on our health? Who else works like this? Where is your Hippocratic oath? You ge...
1.50 (88 reviews)
家庭医生Silver Star Medical Centre image
家庭医生Silver Star Medical Centre
Medical clinic
😠 If I could give this place 0 or negative stars, I honestly would. This clinic is a joke. The receptionist/nurses here are incompetent and untrustworthy. My family doctor left this clinic back in December, and when I asked the office what I should do in November, they told me word for word "we are g...
1.50 (80 reviews)
Reddy Urgent Care & Medical Services image
Reddy Urgent Care & Medical Services
Urgent care center
😠 It's never open! This is probably the 5th time I've tried going here before 5pm and it's always closed. Why?! Just change your effing hours to 10am-3pm. Update: the ONLY doctor they have here doesn't see children. Only 18 and over. So it's awesome that my 2, 6, and 7 year olds are assigned to this...
1.50 (80 reviews)
NZOZ Centrum Zdrowia "Błonie" Sp. z o.o. "Krystyna Kopa i Wspólnicy" image
NZOZ Centrum Zdrowia "Błonie" Sp. z o.o. "Krystyna Kopa i Wspólnicy"
Walk-in clinic
😠 Przecież to jest jakaś patologia, od wczoraj próbuję się dodzwonić żeby otrzymać e-receprty bo leki się kończą i ile razy bym nie dzwonił jest non stop zajęte. Podejrzewam że te przyje... na umyśle babska z rejestracji celowo odłożyły słuchawkę. Zamknąć tą przychodnie bo to jest jakaś kpina.
1.50 (79 reviews)
Island Musculoskeletal Care image
Island Musculoskeletal Care
Orthopedic clinic
😠 This place is a disgrace. Had an appointment for my 91 year old mother that I had to leave work to pick up and take to the appointment. The appointment was for 10:30am, got there are 10:20am. It is now 11:40am and they still have not called her in. They just said that she needs to get an xray do...
1.50 (76 reviews)
Городская поликлиника № 12 image
Городская поликлиника № 12
Walk-in clinic
😠 1. Невозможно дозвониться никогда!!! 2. Каждое направление у педиатра нужно выпрашивать по сто раз. Никто не передерживается плановых сроков обследования детей! 3. Ортопед не заметил дисплазию ТБС! Теперь лечимся Платно в других местах. Лучше бы этого заведения вовсе не было.
1.50 (70 reviews)
Outpatient Medical Specialists OMEGA image
Outpatient Medical Specialists OMEGA
Walk-in clinic
😠 I wholeheartedly do not recommend!!!! There is no such thing as registration FOR an hour, only FROM an hour!!! The ophthalmologist is available from 2.30 pm, the ladies at the registration desk are aware that a three-year-old child is going for an examination (who has a three-year-old child knows h...
1.50 (58 reviews)
Zdrowie. Przychodnia lekarska NZOZ image
Zdrowie. Przychodnia lekarska NZOZ
Walk-in clinic
😠 Rejestratorki odkładają na bok słuchawkę żeby nikt nie mógł się dodzwonić. Opryskliwe, niemiłe, bez szacunku do pacjentów a zwłaszcza osób starszych! Umówiona wizyta ma zawsze opóźnienie, wyniki badań giną...burdel na kółkach, strach chorować! Od kiedy pamiętam-problemy! Z kompetentnych lekarzy (nie...
1.50 (51 reviews)
Палiклiнiка для дарослых image
Палiклiнiка для дарослых
Walk-in clinic
😠 В эту поликлинику лучше не обращаться. И не надо винить ситуацию с пандемией, нехваткой врачей, их загруженностью. Порядок можно навести в любом месте, было бы желание. Я убеждена, какой пастух - такое и стадо. С заведующей Киселёвой Н.В. впервые столкнулась много лет назад, когда она была лор врачо...
1.60 (169 reviews)
Doc4u Medical Centre in Walmart by Jack Nathan Health image
Doc4u Medical Centre in Walmart by Jack Nathan Health
Medical clinic
😠 Rudest receptionist EVER!!! No one answers the phone, so we went there just to be given attitude. All I wanted to ask was if they had any appointments and she just barked they are all booked and not a walk in Thankfully there are many other clinics close.
1.60 (154 reviews)
Orleans Family Health Clinic image
Orleans Family Health Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 We see Dr Byrne for my daughter's allergies and he is great. What's not so great is the staff. They check the voicemail messages every 2 days, which is understandable. But then they don't really get back to you. I have to leave several messages over and over again for the same thing and no call back...
1.60 (148 reviews)
Гомельская Городская Центральная Клиническая Поликлиника Филиал №9 image
Гомельская Городская Центральная Клиническая Поликлиника Филиал №9
Walk-in clinic
😠 Отоларинголог Купчина Галина Павловна, худший врач в моей жизни. Постоянный недовольный тон и вопрос чего пришли на прием? Были затемнения в носовой пазухе, без снимка по телефону поставила диагноз. После сегодняшнего осмотра вообще нет слов, очень «тщательно» проводила осмотр, что до сих пор после...
1.60 (134 reviews)
Healthway Medical (Bukit Batok) image
Healthway Medical (Bukit Batok)
Walk-in clinic
😠 The super slow staff and Service , I come at 3pm wait for almost 20 minutes to see the staff at the counter and only 1 person infrond of me . After 1 hour the doctor come out check and ask me wait again. Wait for 10 more minutes then the staff come do the ART and PCR for me. After that’s ask me wait...
1.60 (128 reviews)
Городская поликлиника № 17 image
Городская поликлиника № 17
Walk-in clinic
😠 There are catastrophically few doctors. The clinic is not designed for such a volume of patients. To get a ticket to the reception you need to wait in a queue of 50 people, then the same number to go to the doctor! Ministry of Health, take action, this clinic needs to be renovated and recruited doct...
1.60 (115 reviews)
Gorodskaya Poliklinika image
Gorodskaya Poliklinika
Medical clinic
1.60 (89 reviews)
ГБУЗ МО «Щелковская областная больница» Филиал №1 в г. Щелково image
ГБУЗ МО «Щелковская областная больница» Филиал №1 в г. Щелково
Walk-in clinic
😠 The indicated contact number 84965625344 is just a dummy for daws! Not once in 5 days did anyone pick up the phone! Once they called back from a mobile phone, and it wasn’t clear who it was, why are you panicking, the doctor will come to you, despite the fact that I raised everyone’s ears who could...
1.60 (78 reviews)
Lin & Sons Clinic & Surgery Pte Ltd image
Lin & Sons Clinic & Surgery Pte Ltd
Walk-in clinic
🫤 I visited the clinic on 3 occasions - 28-May, 3-Jun and 4-Jun 2022. I do not recommend going to the clinic unless you have an urgent medical issue. The clinical assistants aren't professional dealing with the patients, in the following ways: 1) They lose my medical records' card, and they merely t...
1.60 (61 reviews)
Sandal Clinic image
Sandal Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 Dr. Baath - are you not checking your clinic reviews ? your patients are not happy with your front desk employees . Some of your patients have been coming since you opened the clinic but from last couple years they are very upset and helpless because of your staff. These girls are very rude and u...
1.60 (60 reviews)
Городская поликлиника № 4 image
Solmed image
Walk-in clinic
😠 Poza niewielkimi wyjątkami, obsługa tragiczna. Większość Pań w rejestracji siedzi z głębokimi korzeniami PRLu, gdzie brakuje chyba tylko pytania "CZEGO CHCIAŁ?" w stosunku do pacjenta, który w ogóle miał czelność zakłócić ploteczki i kawkę łaskawych pań. Słuchawka telefonu też widocznie jest tak cię...
1.60 (54 reviews)
NZOZ Grzegórzki image
NZOZ Grzegórzki
Walk-in clinic
😠 Today I witnessed a shocking situation. The receptionist was asked to provide access to the bathroom for a 3-year-old girl (an emergency situation, as with children). The lady with the child was sent away without notice (in a cheeky way), which ultimately resulted in the girl being dropped off on th...
1.60 (50 reviews)
WELL Health - Bramalea (Formerly - MCI The Doctor's Office) image
WELL Health - Bramalea (Formerly - MCI The Doctor's Office)
Family practice physician
😠 If i had an option I would not have given a single star to them. You guys can’t even imagine how much time i have wasted of myself to get my CPR done. There prices are like you are getting doses directly from heaven. The worst customer service i have even seen. The lady at the walk-in desk is so rud...
1.70 (261 reviews)
Appletree Medical Centre image
Appletree Medical Centre
Walk-in clinic
😠 Please please please do not waste your time by going to this place. I never leave bad reviews and I usually try to understand the difficulties that come with any customer service job but I can’t stand this place. My roommate needed to go to the walk in so I went with her. We ended up waiting almost...
1.70 (199 reviews)
Poliklinika N 2 Gorodskaja image
Poliklinika N 2 Gorodskaja
Walk-in clinic
😠 В регистратуре намеренно скидывают трубку с телефона и ложат рядом , чтобы мы не надоедали им своими звонками, супруга была на приёме у врача и я попросил после приёма подойти к окошку и глянуть, а я в это время буду звонить на стационарный телефон, итог: звоню, как всегда занято, а в итоге жена гов...
1.70 (167 reviews)
Polyclinic Central Gorodskaya Grodno image
Polyclinic Central Gorodskaya Grodno
Walk-in clinic
😠 Well, the most terrible place and overcrowded with boors. 20 minutes of trying to get through to the reception, and when you get through, at the other end of the line you hear a female voice, which in a boorish manner and in a raised voice tells you that everything is already scheduled with the doct...
1.70 (153 reviews)

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