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Hammock Hotel Lancaster Dutch Country image
Hammock Hotel Lancaster Dutch Country
Informal hotel offering complimentary Wi-Fi & breakfast, plus an outdoor pool, a restaurant & a gym.
2.40 (478 reviews)
Britannia Hotel - Bournemouth image
Britannia Hotel - Bournemouth
Straightforward property featuring a casual restaurant, a lounge bar & an indoor pool.
2.70 (826 reviews)
Hotel a restaurace Landštejnský dvůr image
Hotel a restaurace Landštejnský dvůr
🫤 Strhávám body za chování personálu. Pokud se posadíte na zahrádce, nikdo si Vás nevšímá.. Po vstupu do restaurace si Vás nevšímají ani za barem. Zachránil to až mladík, který vydává jídla. Mají hotovky jako v jídelně. Výpečky super, knedlíky z domácích vajíček, výborně ochucené zelí. Česnečka dobr...
2.70 (338 reviews)
Rest.Teatralna image
Wedding venue
😠 Yesterday I was at a wedding there and it was a tragedy. I don't know how you can ruin one of the most important days in someone's life like that. It was very cold in the room. We waited 40 minutes for the broth. DJ got dinner from it after everyone had eaten. The guests managed to eat everything, b...
2.70 (174 reviews)
Britannia Hotel Stockport image
Britannia Hotel Stockport
Unpretentious, modern hotel with basic rooms and suites, plus a cocktail bar, a spa and a pool.
2.80 (1.2K reviews)
Ammayii Hotel image
Ammayii Hotel
Simply furnished quarters in an unpretentious hotel featuring dining options & a bar.
2.80 (475 reviews)
Hotel Ginga image
Hotel Ginga
Japanese-style business hotel
Humble rooms & suites in a modest hotel offering a bar, a seafood restaurant & French cuisine.
2.80 (340 reviews)
Royal Eventcenter image
Royal Eventcenter
Event venue
😠 Hast du ein Wahn oder was? The poorest event venue I ve ever been to. Unfriendly service. Dishonest trading. Poorly organised team and worst than all that is embarrassing couples on their wedding day in front of their guest. If you are considering this venue for any function you have been advised to...
2.80 (75 reviews)
Chambre d'hôte image
Chambre d'hôte
Bed & breakfast
😠 Après réservation d’une nuit sur Airbnb l’hôte m’informe qu’il faut rester minimum 2 nuits. Cependant rien n’était spécifié dans l’annonce. Je demande des infos supplémentaires pas de réponse de sa part.. durant 1 semaine. J’ai dû contacter Airbnb qui m’a assuré qu’elle ne pouvez pas nous imposer 2...
2.80 (60 reviews)
Grand Hotel Scarborough image
Grand Hotel Scarborough
Victorian hotel with relaxed rooms, entertainment and sea-view dining, plus free breakfast.
2.90 (5.6K reviews)
Elephant Springs Hotel & Apartments image
Elephant Springs Hotel & Apartments
Low-key rooms & cabanas in an informal hotel offering an outdoor pool, a restaurant & a terrace.
2.90 (995 reviews)
Columbus Grand Hotel & Banquet Center image
Columbus Grand Hotel & Banquet Center
Straightforward rooms in a casual hotel offering 3 banquet rooms, plus breakfast & Wi-Fi.
2.90 (773 reviews)
Alkmaar city hall image
Alkmaar city hall
City or town hall
😠 They disceiminate people based on race, this should be closed asap btw
2.90 (133 reviews)
Shagun Lawn & Hall image
Shagun Lawn & Hall
Wedding venue
😠 They play very loud music people nearby are disturbed by this one You can hear is noise upto 1/2kms They should correct this mistake there are students like us who study late night.... Very bad condition..👎👎👎👎👎
2.90 (64 reviews)
Lafayette Hotel image
Lafayette Hotel
👍 Arrived here on 24 Feb. 2017. My Apt. Is very clean and furnished. Have not seen any type of bugs except the occasional hornet/wasp/fly which come in when I had my window open prior to buying a window screen. Had no problems with other tenants. The staff are helpful and respectful. There is the Mand...
2.90 (58 reviews)

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