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Medical clinic
😠 Firstly I would like to give this clinic zero stars but there is not an option to do that. Office person was pleasant. Dr Syed was very unprofessional, gave inadequate care and made racist comments. DO NOT go to this clinic. I am going to file a complaint with the college of physicians and Surgeons!...
2.00 (106 reviews)
York Medical Medicentres image
York Medical Medicentres
Walk-in clinic
😠 I have booked 6 different appointments for my 2 kids to see 2 practitioners over the past year and a half. Before ALL SIX visits, I received a call stating unapologetically that their visit would have to be rescheduled to another day. What? Why? ZERO reason. Why even book appointments into a schedu...
2.20 (319 reviews)
Penn Highlands Mon Valley image
Penn Highlands Mon Valley
😠 I hope people see this review before going to this hospital. My mother needed emergency treatment. We have been sitting in the ER for over 3 hours. The waiting room is covered in stains all over the floor and furniture. The security guard even warned against sitting on the furniture he said “it’s fi...
2.20 (217 reviews)
Advance Urgent Medical Group image
Advance Urgent Medical Group
Medical clinic
😠 Worst worst experience!!!!I would give it a zero if I could. First it took like 3 hours to go in then an hour inside the room to be seen. Secondly I was supposed to get eye drops and they gave me ear drops!!! When I called to let them know they were already closed so I went the next day early becau...
2.30 (150 reviews)
Fitness Connection image
Fitness Connection
😠 This gym is consistently not being open on time at 5AM 2-3 times per week for the past few months. Wasting everyone’s time waking up early for nothing. We’d be lucky if the gym opened at 6:30. Stop hiring new staff that is unaccountable, unreliable and inconsistent. Give some of us, the members, the...
2.50 (577 reviews)
White Rock Medical Center image
White Rock Medical Center
😠 If I could give them 0 stars I would. Very unprofessional, I brought my daughter in for what seemed to be an allergic reaction just for them to have us sit in the ER for 4 hours. When we finally got seen we didn’t even get a room, the “doctor” called us into the hallway and said “what’s the problem”...
2.50 (493 reviews)
Gym Pros - Fitness Equipment supply and Service image
Gym Pros - Fitness Equipment supply and Service
Fitness equipment wholesaler
😠 This company is a total rip off please do not buy anything from them. I purchased a bunch of Gym equipment the treadmill came in smashed missing pieces when was certainly not refurbished. They delayed me for nine months then told me my issue was with the trucking company and they would not help me...
2.50 (111 reviews)
Valley Medical Arts Clinic, PA image
Valley Medical Arts Clinic, PA
Medical clinic
😠 Been a loyal patient for o/25 y . As I reach my geriatric years I find the services are just not there. I want the ability to see a doctor when I want to see them, not when it is convenient for them. I understand the process but most practices(based on inquiries from friends and family) have the sy...
2.50 (110 reviews)
Health Watch Medical Clinic image
Health Watch Medical Clinic
Medical clinic
😠 I didn’t have a good experience with Dr. Aladi. I came in because I found out I was pregnant and was looking for a doctor. When she walked in the room she just asked me what was wrong with me. I responded nothings wrong that I’m pregnant and need a doctor. With her back turned she just says congratu...
2.50 (108 reviews)
Gateway Alliance Medical Clinic - South Regina image
Gateway Alliance Medical Clinic - South Regina
Medical clinic
😠 I’ve been seeing my family doctor here for two years and my last doctor, before she retired, two years previous. Lately, you are booked in at the same time as three others and your wait time is a minimum of 120 minutes. Then you are rushed through your appointment and dismissed without any progress...
2.60 (256 reviews)
Evolution Med Spa of Naperville image
Evolution Med Spa of Naperville
Medical spa
😠 Purchased a Groupon to here for my wife and she has tried to schedule an appointment for over 2 months without a single callback. There are tons of good reviews on Groupon, but not sure how people actually got in to even be able to give a review, so I’m calling B.S. I get that COVID has changed thin...
2.60 (88 reviews)
Atropa Pharmacy and Clinic image
Atropa Pharmacy and Clinic
😠 Use to be good at delivering medication on time,I've had a few late waiting over 2 and 3 weeks even when ordered on time,even when you ring up and get told it will be arriving at so and so and it still doesn't turn up.
2.60 (53 reviews)
Rochester General Hospital image
Rochester General Hospital
General hospital
😠 If I could give them a zero I will, I was a support person with my cousin for 12 hours and when the staff shift rotation a nurse came to me and told me I need to leave, I asked her nicely to give me time to discuss with my cousin because she wasn't feeling safe. The nurse said she will give us five...
2.70 (345 reviews)
Lathrop Urgent Care: Rajesh Maheshwari , MD image
Lathrop Urgent Care: Rajesh Maheshwari , MD
Weight loss service
2.70 (67 reviews)
UCHealth Pikes Peak Regional Hospital image
UCHealth Pikes Peak Regional Hospital
😠 Never been to a more incompetent hospital. Have a horrible case of covid and know there isn’t much they can do, so I tried calling to ask for some advice or to see if in fact there was something they could do to make me feel better. Some guy name Xavier kept sending me to a voice recording with no e...
2.80 (117 reviews)
UCLA Health Century City image
UCLA Health Century City
Urgent care center
😠 I was referred to this Location for urgent care after the UCLA medical center in Westwood did not have any doctors I could see right away; they didn't want me to see a nurse practitioner because I may need stitches on my cut finger. When I arrived at the Century city urgent care location I was tol...
2.80 (85 reviews)
Vera Cruz - Centro Médico, Diagnóstico e Clínica de Vacinas image
Vera Cruz - Centro Médico, Diagnóstico e Clínica de Vacinas
Medical Center
😠 Sou paciente do Dr Enio a anos e para ele sim merece 5 estrelas, mas para a clínica se tivesse como não dar estrelas algumas eu não daria, ninguém atende o telefone, estou desde as 8 horas da manhã ligando e ninguém atende. Mandei mensagem no WhatsApp que divulgam e ninguém responde, não dá nem como...
2.80 (76 reviews)
Chafford-100 Medical Center Hamilton ON image
Chafford-100 Medical Center Hamilton ON
Walk-in clinic
😠 Won't recommend to go if you are new patient here. No one cares. Was standing at the reception for 15min and then waited for another 45min, still not my turn. Saw people came after me going first and that too without any appointment. Finally when I asked how long its gonna be, I came to know that I...
2.80 (73 reviews)
North Memorial Health Clinic - New Hope image
North Memorial Health Clinic - New Hope
Medical clinic
😠 I have seen Dr. Woodland for about 17 years - she is amazing and delivered both of my children. I had a physical 3 years ago and was told that my health was good and i didn't have to return for 3 years. This year marks 3 years since my last physical and i called to make an appointment and was told...
2.80 (52 reviews)
Dental clinic
😠 I am extremely infuriated by my experience with this clinic. I made the ill-advised decision to purchase hearing aids worth Rs 1.25 lakh from them, and it has been nothing short of a nightmare. Prior to the purchase, they incessantly hounded me with phone calls, relentlessly pressuring me to buy the...
2.90 (218 reviews)
UCHealth Grandview Hospital image
UCHealth Grandview Hospital
😠 I just visited this location. It used to be my main go to location in Colorado Springs. Eric Shawn Boyer MD has forever ruined that name for this place. He is an incompetent doctor who apparently can just look at you and tell you what’s wrong with you with his X-Ray vision that he apparently has. Fr...
2.90 (171 reviews)
Beauty House Rotterdam image
Beauty House Rotterdam
Eyebrow bar
😠 The person threading my brows took a considerable chunk out of one of them and left a pretty distinct bald spot, despite me making it clear that I just wanted my brows cleaned up. Their response to my complaint about it was that "it will grow back," which is completely unacceptable and ridiculous. T...
2.90 (122 reviews)
Hullmark Medical Clinic image
Hullmark Medical Clinic
Medical Center
😠 Dr.Yazdani is the most unqualified paediatrician I’ve ever seen. She is rude, inpatient, and unprofessional. She is extremely negative and is incapable of making any connections with kids.I truly believe she is in the wrong business and doubt her degrees/qualifications. DO not waste your time to pay...
2.90 (112 reviews)
Dr Vijaya M Dasari - North Texas Gastroenterology image
Dr Vijaya M Dasari - North Texas Gastroenterology
😠 Terrible experience here: Saw this doctor 3 times. First time, was a very, short quick visit. Felt like I was not being listened to, probably since I am young, but I do not think that warrants her to be careless with diagnosing me, or lack of diagnosing. I had chronic pain and weird symptoms occur t...
2.90 (60 reviews)

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