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Alta Salud image
Alta Salud
Medical Center
1.60 (136 reviews)
Brightseat Health Care image
Brightseat Health Care
Medical clinic
😠 Booking the appointment was quick and easy they had an appointment the very next day for me which was great. I can't begin to explain my experience earlier today. I came in as a new patient with no referral (my insurance didn't require one) I was greeted by the other patients carry out food that the...
1.60 (91 reviews)
Burntwood Health & Wellbeing Centre image
Burntwood Health & Wellbeing Centre
Wellness center
😠 Perfect doctors if you fancy spending a considerable amount of time on the phone only to be told there aren’t any appointments left (this has happened on several occasions). Extremely rude receptionist with zero patience or consideration for anyone, in fact only helpful thing she said was that I sho...
1.60 (83 reviews)
Centro de Salud Dr. Cirajas image
Centro de Salud Dr. Cirajas
Public medical center
😠 So much complaining about the collapse of Public Health in primary care and my doctor arrives 10 minutes late for her job, she starts chatting for more than 5 minutes with the doctor next to her office and while we are four patients waiting. It is outrageous. A worker from a private company would n...
1.80 (272 reviews)
McGill Student Wellness Hub image
McGill Student Wellness Hub
Wellness center
😠 The McGill Student Wellness/Medical Hub is simply the worst medical experience I have ever had. Firstly, appointments are same-day, meaning you have to call them at exactly 8:30am when they open or you have a zero chance of getting an appointment that day, terrible system. If it's 8:31am and you ha...
1.80 (127 reviews)
Randox Health Liverpool image
Randox Health Liverpool
Wellness center
😠 I wish I could put less than a star, but that's not possible. Otherwise, that's what they would deserve as a review: zero, zilch. This is the second time that I use Randox Health's services. The first time my results got back to me three days after sending it for both test day 2 and day 8. I thought...
2.00 (170 reviews)
The Little Clinic image
The Little Clinic
Walk-in clinic
😠 So I had my COVID test Wednesday and got my result the next day. I tried to call as I have question but no luck of someone answering the phone. As I’m writing this review I am on the phone calling them and still ringing for a good hour now. If I could rate this place with zero star I would. This...
2.00 (53 reviews)
The Little Clinic image
The Little Clinic
Walk-in clinic
👍 UPDATE: I had to come in for antibiotics over the weekend. The service I received was a complete 180 from the last time. They were kind, polite, and took care of my needs in a timely manner. Well done hiring better staff! If you could give 0 stars, I would.. Do not go here if you need actual medic...
2.00 (53 reviews)
Centro de Saúde Monte Alto ~ A Torre image
Centro de Saúde Monte Alto ~ A Torre
Public medical center
😠 Es un centro de salud nefasto y vergonzoso en cuanto a su gestión. Vas al médico de urgencia y como tu médica no es de horario de mañana te mandan para casa, finalmente vuelves a la tarde y te dan una cita, a modo de favor, a última hora de la tarde, claramente después de exigir que te la den. Dos d...
2.00 (50 reviews)
Health Center Pino Montano B image
Health Center Pino Montano B
Public medical center
😠 Pésima experiencia. La señora que atendía la ventanilla 2 no merece estar cara al publico. Empatía cero y malos modos. No son maneras de atender a un ciudadano.
2.10 (149 reviews)
Roma Park Health Center image
Roma Park Health Center
Public medical center
😠 With such bad luck that my doctor got a prescription wrong, I called for an hour to fix it, but there was no answer. I had to go back to the center, my first surprise was that the receptionists were smoking in the street and the others were at their posts without Nadir to attend to. I entered the co...
2.10 (120 reviews)
The Little Clinic image
The Little Clinic
Walk-in clinic
😠 I am having flu and Covid-like symptoms and they turned me away because they couldn’t figure out how to enter my insurance, which is active and useable. I went to urgent care after and lo and behold, my insurance is fine and enterable. Staff needs better training on billing and perhaps not turning p...
2.10 (71 reviews)
Macarena Esperanza Health Center image
Macarena Esperanza Health Center
Public medical center
😠 No soy persona de poner reseñas pero es que esto ya es de vergüenza. Deberían de jubilar o al menos prejubilar al personal que se ve que no tienen ganas de estar echando cuenta a ningún paciente y que entre jóvenes que hay muchos que están esperando a entrar para trabajar, con muchsisima actitud y g...
2.20 (199 reviews)
El Cachorro Centro de Salud image
El Cachorro Centro de Salud
Public medical center
😠 Le pongo una estrella porque no puedo poner 0. El equipo tanto médico como administrativo es una verdadera basura. Acudo a urgencias y me niegan la atención, mandándome a casa enfermo. Siempre han sido muy desagradables, antipáticos e inhumanos. No entiendo cómo personas que supuestamente se dedican...
2.20 (179 reviews)
Viva Care Medical Clinic - Abbotsford (Inside Walmart) image
Viva Care Medical Clinic - Abbotsford (Inside Walmart)
Medical Center
😠 March 22, 2021 This is another disappointing review for this clinic. It has been hard to find in-person clinic these days so I thought to come here again. This time, the reception is rude and lacks people skills. She didn't set my appointment properly resulting for me to cancel it. Rude and insultin...
2.20 (123 reviews)
Centro de Saúde de Ponteareas image
Centro de Saúde de Ponteareas
Wellness center
2.20 (92 reviews)
The Little Clinic image
The Little Clinic
Walk-in clinic
😠 Tried calling twice but no one answered the phone, so decided to go since they said they take WALK INS. NOT! After arriving they watched as we registered then told us they couldn't see us. I do no appreciate my time be WASTED!!
2.20 (55 reviews)
Ev Medical Roquetas (Policlínica Roquetas de Mar) image
Ev Medical Roquetas (Policlínica Roquetas de Mar)
Wellness center
😠 Pongo una estrella por que hay que poner algo. Ni en medicina general atendida por la Dr. Yadira Cárdenas Jiménez, pues la atención fue pésima. Ni en enfermería, analítica donde el trato es totalmente deshumanizado, a la hora de hacer una analítica, les falta empatía, nos tratan como si fuésemos ani...
2.30 (143 reviews)
K.BEAUTY image
Beauty salon
😠 don't get taken away by beautiful photos they upload. The worst experience ever! A real nightmare for my hair! damaged and ruined !so so much regret going there. The personnel if something goes wrong are real witches! I was really unhappy about my hair and when we complained it became so bad that...
2.30 (98 reviews)
Terros Health - Olive Health Center -Primary Care image
Terros Health - Olive Health Center -Primary Care
Medical Center
👍👍 I've had the worst and most infuriating patient experience ever from this office (and this isn't the first time either). Had a follow up appointment online on Saturday, 4/9/2022. and checked in 10 minutes ahead of time. 10 minutes passed by and still did not receive an email to the webex meeting ID,...
2.30 (93 reviews)
Centre de Salut Casa del Mar image
Centre de Salut Casa del Mar
Public medical center
😠 Nefarious treatment and organization 1 month waiting for a doctor to contact me. You go downtown and see the "professionals" chatting among themselves quietly. The phone is not even answered.
2.30 (86 reviews)
The Little Clinic image
The Little Clinic
Walk-in clinic
🫤 I consistently face professionalism issues at this clinic. Today I was told that I might not be seen because the nurse was the only one present and therefore running behind. After waiting 45 minutes, despite a scheduled appointment, I was told that they wouldn’t accept my insurance for the COVID tes...
2.30 (77 reviews)
The Little Clinic image
The Little Clinic
Walk-in clinic
😠 Was denied medical care for my 9 year old son by a woman (worker)who sits at the front desk. This appointment quickly turned for the worst as I was sitting in the waiting for no more than 30 minutes before security was called and I was denied service for my African American son. I sat quietly until...
2.30 (65 reviews)
Instituto de Diagnóstico Medico image
Instituto de Diagnóstico Medico
Medical diagnostic imaging center
😠 Muy mala atención de quienes reciben a los pacientes, me impiden acompañar a mi hija en la sala de espera para una ecografia, dando como explicación que solo es para pacientes, siendo que se encontraban pacientes con acompañante y después de darme la información de no poder ingresar, deja ingresar a...
2.30 (64 reviews)
Wellcare Medical Clinic image
Wellcare Medical Clinic
Wellness center
2.40 (310 reviews)
Virgin Active image
Virgin Active
Fitness center
😠 Truly dreadful in every way. Firstly the service. The first time I went in I was openly mocked by those at the front desk. Since that day I've seen staff treat customers with genuine contempt or just ignore them. 50% of the team just don't seem to understand how to make customers feel welcome and h...
2.40 (108 reviews)
Mapleview Medical Centre image
Mapleview Medical Centre
Wellness center
2.40 (88 reviews)
The Little Clinic image
The Little Clinic
Walk-in clinic
😠 Every single little clinic I have been too has the worst customer service. I understand doing walk ins, but when should that ever conflict with customers with an appointment? My appointment was scheduled for 9, 30 min after they open. When I got here 5 min early they took another patient back and I...
2.40 (81 reviews)
The Little Clinic image
The Little Clinic
Walk-in clinic
👍👍 Leslie Newton was so awesome, she did thorough research to answer all my questions and actually took the time to make me feel heard. I definitely recommend her!
2.40 (78 reviews)
SATS Falkoner image
SATS Falkoner
🫤 The locker rooms and bath facilities are in terrible condition. Rusty, dirty, and simply worn-out and broken. Also, the young people at the front desk are either not there or are sitting in the lounge area looking at their mobile phones. At least they could swipe the floor.
2.40 (58 reviews)

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