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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program image
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
Wellness program
😠 Their phoneline is always busy, but whenever I go to the office, the staff are always congregating with one another and paying no attention to the primary tasks of their position. I requested basic information on my benefits, as well as questions to provide for my success; unfortunately, the staff d...
2.10 (67 reviews)
مركز للتجملك image
مركز للتجملك
Wellness program
2.20 (102 reviews)
Indiana University Student Health Center image
Indiana University Student Health Center
Medical Center
😠 The receptionist, Robin, is the most incompetent and rude woman I have ever spoken to in my life. Not only does she have absolutely zero knowledge of anything going on in the health center, she is blatantly rude and disrespectful to the sick students she cares for, hanging up the phone on me when I...
2.30 (81 reviews)
Trakaitis image
Condominium complex
😠 Terrible experience. Can't believe that such things could happen in the middle of Europe. The hosts liers, very rude and scammers. After they took your money (before showing the room) its start lottery. They will ask you to cancel order (in our case) and will offer a small discount....
2.60 (131 reviews)
Seehotel Luisenhof&Panda Restaurant image
Seehotel Luisenhof&Panda Restaurant
Polished option offering breakfast, a restaurant & a bar, as well as a spa & a bowling alley.
2.70 (130 reviews)
Terros Health - Stapley Health Center- Primary Care image
Terros Health - Stapley Health Center- Primary Care
Medical Center
😠 I believe that this establishment deserves a 1 star because of their lack of respect for customers. There are many moments when I call this place to get help in the midst of my mental health issues and they have no sense of urgency to fix that. I find that one of the two issue happens when I call:...
2.70 (99 reviews)
Central Nassau Guidance and Counseling Services, Inc. image
Central Nassau Guidance and Counseling Services, Inc.
Non-profit organization
2.70 (79 reviews)
Clínica Mayo de UMCB Consultorios image
Clínica Mayo de UMCB Consultorios
Medical Center
😠 I have my father hospitalized and if you don't call the nurses to check on the patient, no one does. And they treat you as if you should know what medication to give and when. A shame!!! Without saying that you pay for a companion bed and it does not include food for the companion. Never seen... Te...
2.70 (71 reviews)
HealthWorks WNY image
HealthWorks WNY
Occupational health service
😠 My husband went to get his dot physical and they tested him and he passed. However, he went to them a year ago and had sugar in his urine, supposedly. (He went to another office the very next day and passed). Well today they told him they were failing him bc of the results a year ago. He asked why,...
2.90 (214 reviews)
Dr Vijaya M Dasari - North Texas Gastroenterology image
Dr Vijaya M Dasari - North Texas Gastroenterology
😠 Terrible experience here: Saw this doctor 3 times. First time, was a very, short quick visit. Felt like I was not being listened to, probably since I am young, but I do not think that warrants her to be careless with diagnosing me, or lack of diagnosing. I had chronic pain and weird symptoms occur t...
2.90 (60 reviews)

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