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Wirtshaus zum Dudelsack image
Wirtshaus zum Dudelsack
Western restaurant
😠 Miserable place! Rudeness of staff was over the roof
1.50 (269 reviews)
鑽葡咖啡美食(大三巴店) image
Western restaurant
😠 Upon writing this review I am still mad at how bad the food and the service was. 1. Staff kept pushing you to order from the set menu without letting you to actually look at the menu and take your sweet time. 2.The Portuguese style vegetables got no Portuguese style but normal boil vegetables. 3.The...
1.90 (62 reviews)
Café de Torino image
Café de Torino
Western restaurant
😐 Good place for tapas, the best is the terrace with views of the entire valley. Small tapas but for what they cost they are fine. I don't know if it was because of the holidays or what, but it was missing quite a few tapas, otherwise it's pretty good.
2.00 (97 reviews)
HANAMOEGI(花もえぎ)おおたかの森S.C image
Western restaurant
2.10 (129 reviews)
リコッタ ららぽーと富士見 image
リコッタ ららぽーと富士見
Western restaurant
😠 休日の11時過ぎに訪問。 レイクタウンでも同店舗があり気になっていたので入店。他の他のお客さんが1組もいなかったのでちょっと不安でした。 お店はフードコートスタイルで、まずレジで注文してから呼出ブザーを渡され席を確保。全てがセルフスタイルです。チーズハンバーグドリア(?)を注文。他のメニューは大盛できるけど...
2.20 (65 reviews)
Omuraisutei Kobe AEON MALL Kobe-kita image
Omuraisutei Kobe AEON MALL Kobe-kita
Western restaurant
😠 平日オープン直後に入りました。 食事を始めて少しすると、年配のご夫婦が来店されたのですがオーダーが携帯からのお店。 店員さんを呼んで注文しようとすると、携帯から注文してくださいと…旦那さんが持って無いと言うと面倒くさそうにお店のタブレットを取りに行き、これで注文してくださいと渡しました。携帯を持ってな...
2.30 (61 reviews)
リコッタ ららぽーと新三郷 image
リコッタ ららぽーと新三郷
Western restaurant
😠 JR新三郷駅の西口に隣接したららぽーと新三郷はショッピングセンター。 その2Fにある"CHEESE RESTAURANT RICOTTA ららぽーと新三郷店"はチーズリゾット・パスタ・ピッツァなどのチーズ料理専門店。人気はデミグラスハンバーグステーキで、大人気のラクレットチーズを客の目の前でハンバーグの上にたっぷりと流しかけ、アツ...
2.30 (60 reviews)
Gold Mine Restaurant image
Gold Mine Restaurant
Western restaurant
😐 I came here to eat because I was visiting Leofoo Village.
2.50 (52 reviews)
Bread Garden image
Bread Garden
Western restaurant
😠 I went in thinking that the all-you-can-eat bread system was similar to Saint-Marc. It's not a bad idea to have to wait for my name to be written even though the seats are empty, but the bread tray left on the table was visibly dirty and disgusting. As expected, I asked them to replace it, but the d...
$$ $$
2.60 (65 reviews)
キッチンブーレ イオンモール松本店 image
Feliz image
Bar & grill
😠 I went to my parents' wedding anniversary. First of all, when I first entered the store, I had a very bad attitude, and there was no word of welcome. After that, I sat down and the desk and menu were sticky, so I asked for a little bit of food and asked for a drink for each person. Then, because it...
$$ $$
2.70 (153 reviews)
Fatty Bom Bom image
Fatty Bom Bom
Western restaurant
👍👍 I always ordered on take-away. Given the beeper upon order and what I did was strolling around the area but sometimes the beepee won't reach till the supermarket area where I always go while waiting. I tried quite a number of menu at here, I come here whenever I am craving for western food. The tas...
2.70 (124 reviews)
Rosutobifuhoshi Ionmorunagakute image
Rosutobifuhoshi Ionmorunagakute
Western restaurant
Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery
$$ $$
2.70 (55 reviews)
Shirokiya image
Izakaya restaurant
Dine-in · Takeaway · Delivery
2.80 (146 reviews)
ぶあいそ image
Izakaya restaurant
Dine-in · Kerbside pickup · Delivery
$ $$$
2.80 (132 reviews)
Warawara Aomori Ekimae image
Warawara Aomori Ekimae
Izakaya restaurant
🫤 All you can eat and drink for 120 minutes, 3200 yen course. You can order up to 2 items per person, and it will be ordered after you finish eating. At first it comes normally, but the ordered items stop coming in the middle.
2.80 (95 reviews)
Shirokiya image
Izakaya restaurant
😠 The attendance attitude of the clerk's lady and the store manager is the worst disaster. There was no word of apology even if I pointed out the mistake in order accounting. The attitude of looking down on customers. If you feel like drinking at a shop like this you can drink at the same price range...
$ $$$
2.80 (86 reviews)
リコッタ イオンレイクタウン越谷 image
リコッタ イオンレイクタウン越谷
Western restaurant
🫤 店内がチーズ臭い。 パスタの麺が全然もちもちしてない。パスタソースは水っぽくてクリーミーじゃない。後からかけるチーズが冷たいため料理が冷める。 値段設定が高め。 食べきれなくて持ち帰りできるか聞いたら断られた。
2.80 (80 reviews)
Backyard Griller image
Backyard Griller
Steak house
😠 Ordered my food thru food panda. Backyard accepted orders @8.16pm. Estimated delivery was 8.50pm. Waited till 8.55pm and found delivery timing delay to 9.10pm. After 9.10pm it delayed to 9.25pm. After that delayed again and again. Stated restaurant still preparing the food. By 10.10pm still preparin...
2.80 (59 reviews)
Grill Kurashiki Nara family ten image
Grill Kurashiki Nara family ten
Western restaurant
🫤 残念ながらどれもいまいちですね💦 値段と量と質が釣り合ってないです。 せめて、鉄板に乗ったハンバーグを持ってくる時ぐらい、ジューと音鳴っていてほしいし、ライスもうちょっとおいしければいいんですが。。 米粉唐揚げもカリっと揚がってないし、味の種類があって、にんにく味を頼みましたが、にんにく味のパウダーを...
$$ $$
2.80 (55 reviews)
Le Newport image
Le Newport
😠 Nous avons retrouvé du plastique dans les moules !!! Le personnel est désagréable et n'est pas du tout compréhensif. Nous avons essayé de leur expliquer qu'il y avait des morceaux de plastiques dans les moules, mais n'ont pas essayé de comprendre. Je déconseille fortement. Ce restaurant est une usin...
2.80 (51 reviews)
Shirokiya image
Izakaya restaurant
😠 The pork was served perfectly raw. The inside of the store was dark, and kimchi was on it, so I ate two or three slices without noticing it. If you tell the store clerk and have something in your health, please call me. He said. Shouldn't the store manager come out immediately? So, I said that the...
$$ $$
2.90 (147 reviews)
Western restaurant
🫤 休日ランチピーク時にもかかわらず、ほぼ待たずに入ることができました。北海道の広大な畑をコンセプトにして、肉をイメージさせる赤い座席が食欲を唆ります。注文して待つこと10分、料理が目の前に現れました。結論から申し上げると、味は美味しんですが、店外の食品サンプルと実物の差がかなりあります。 私は牛トロ&ロー...
$$ $$
2.90 (122 reviews)
Azur image
😠 We came here for lunch buffet on a Friday afternoon. And we were totally disappointed. 1/5 for the variety of food. The variety of food is very limited. Nothing much as compared to other buffet restaurants. 2.5/5 for the food quality. Average food. 2/5 for the service. There isn’t much service he...
2.90 (121 reviews)
Warawara Hirosaki Ekimae Store image
Warawara Hirosaki Ekimae Store
Izakaya restaurant
🫤 子供は騒ぐのはわかるのだが…走り回り奇声を上げて…注意しない親も親だが💦まぁゆっくり飲もうと思って入ったのに全く話ができなかった😅 トイレに行った時奥の方のテーブル空いてたのになぜそちらに通してくれなかったのか? もう少し考えて頂けたらありがたいなと思いました。 お食事もお酒も美味しかったのに残念でした...
2.90 (111 reviews)
Shirokiya image
Izakaya restaurant
😠 飲み放題のドリンク遅すぎる、ラストオーダー聞いときながらドリンク持って来るの忘れている!2度と行かない!
$$ $$
2.90 (110 reviews)
Char Grill Bar image
Char Grill Bar
Hawker stall
😠 The food is very EXPENSIVE! Need to pay EXTRA SAUCES for $0.20 per package. No other stores charge extra! PAY ONLY CASH!
2.90 (91 reviews)
Warawara Izumi-Fuchu Station image
Warawara Izumi-Fuchu Station
Izakaya restaurant
Familiar pub fare such as ramen & sushi, plus all-you-can-drink options served in intimate quarters.
$$ $$
2.90 (82 reviews)
笑笑 松江駅前店 image
笑笑 松江駅前店
Izakaya restaurant
👍👍 初めてこちらのお店を利用しました。お酒の多さに惹かれて入ってみると半個室の席でオシャレでした! スタッフの方もとても対応が良く、お客様の事を考えてくださってるのがとても伝わりました。 お酒を飲んでフラフラしていると心配して下さってお冷まで配慮して頂き、本当に助かりました。タクシーがあるかどうか聞くと素...
2.90 (79 reviews)
Mitsumototei (Narita Terminal 1) image
Mitsumototei (Narita Terminal 1)
Western restaurant
😠 I gave one star is only because there is no negative one star!!! The Worst restaurant i have ever tried in japan. Lack of choices, poor service, microwave food. Look at my beef curry photo,ever worser than curry i bought in 7-11!!!! Only 3 beef cubes in the whole plate and it costs 1980yen !!!! Seri...
2.90 (76 reviews)

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