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Mekkafood image
😠 I agree with my previous speakers. The name is unfortunately not the program here or you don't live up to your name. Halal and the name Mecca are only used here for marketing purposes. I would like to remind you that halal is much more than just the type of slaughter. It is also where the product c...
2.30 (52 reviews)
BHFO, Inc image
Shopping mall
2.40 (74 reviews)
Gordon Food Service: Shepherdsville Distribution Center image
Gordon Food Service: Shepherdsville Distribution Center
Food products supplier
😠 Why even make a appointment time? You certainly don’t honour it! Then after 4 1/2 hours past appointment time , you demand, I say DEMAND $399 lumper fee. So at 12:30 at night , I have no means to call anyone at my work for a EFS number! Then find out , that $399 gets my trailer left like this and I...
2.50 (545 reviews)
hurtownia zabawek image
hurtownia zabawek
😠 I would not recommend anyone to go to this place. I have experienced in my own skin the horrible treat of the segurity guards. Kicking people out of the place without any reasonable reason nor good manners. They kicked me out in such a violent way, even with punches and kicks. The reason of all this...
2.60 (210 reviews)
Kathmandu Butchery image
Kathmandu Butchery
Butcher shop
😠 Bought meat from this shop was so smelly and more than meat there were bones and fat and i asked them and they said thats why we have refund policy... Trying to scam people and wanna be clever??? Sell quality things at first place
2.60 (79 reviews)
Armalife Genel Merkez image
Armalife Genel Merkez
Clothing store
In-store shopping Β· Delivery
2.60 (62 reviews)
Emil Lux GmbH & Co. KG image
Emil Lux GmbH & Co. KG
Storage facility
2.70 (165 reviews)
Vilore Foods Co Inc image
Vilore Foods Co Inc
😐 If your new to the Laredo area PAY ATTENTION....The shipping office is by door #6. Park on street and check in. Kinda confusing but makes sense once you figure it out. Need 36 or a 37 number for pickup.
2.70 (110 reviews)
Kramp Deutschland image
Kramp Deutschland
Agricultural product wholesaler
2.90 (71 reviews)

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