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24 Hour Fitness image
24 Hour Fitness
😠 AVOID! Horrible gym with even worse customer service. Every machine is either broken or missing the pin to change the weights. I asked the front desk for assistance and they couldn’t even stand up to answer my question. With only hour slots this location is not worth your time. This place should be...
2.30 (298 reviews)
Infitness - Aarhus N., Møllevangs All image
Infitness - Aarhus N., Møllevangs All
Training centre
😠 Hell to opt out. I have signed out repeatedly for 4 months, as well as cut off my card, but they still demand payment from me and threaten to involve me in Collectia. Have contacted them several times, each time with no response.
2.30 (66 reviews)
Nuffield Health Norbury Fitness & Wellbeing Gym image
Nuffield Health Norbury Fitness & Wellbeing Gym
😠 I have been a member of this gym for 17 years. This gym is going down hill FAST, Management need to get rid of Danielle the manager she is very rude and have no people skills. She needs to get a job in the market where she better skilled. Danielle is not suited to work for this establishment.
2.40 (127 reviews)
Fitness Connection image
Fitness Connection
😠 This gym is consistently not being open on time at 5AM 2-3 times per week for the past few months. Wasting everyone’s time waking up early for nothing. We’d be lucky if the gym opened at 6:30. Stop hiring new staff that is unaccountable, unreliable and inconsistent. Give some of us, the members, the...
2.50 (577 reviews)
24 Hour Fitness image
24 Hour Fitness
😠 60% of the equipment is not functional. It has nicely printed label saying out of order. Front desk Staff never greets you when enter and when leaving the gym (only 24 hr gym I’ve been that they never greet you or talk to any guests - I’ve been in over 30 locations across multiple states). Weights a...
2.60 (305 reviews)
Nuffield Health Bishop's Stortford Fitness & Wellbeing Gym image
Nuffield Health Bishop's Stortford Fitness & Wellbeing Gym
🫤 I joined this gym in 2001 when it first opened before it was run by Nuffield. It has gotten progressively worse each year since then. Every repair is done cheaply and it shows. Equipment is old and some machines don't work well if at all.The Sauna/Steam room rarely work well either and again are tir...
2.60 (53 reviews)
24 Hour Fitness image
24 Hour Fitness
😠 Yesterday I tried to go into 24 Hours Fitness with my electric scooter, but they wouldn't let me in and asked me to tie my scooter up outside in the parking lot. When I came back from my workout, the scooter was stolen. This gym doesn't care about customer safety at all. They have no cameras or secu...
2.70 (331 reviews)
Nuffield Health Cheam Fitness & Wellbeing Gym image
Nuffield Health Cheam Fitness & Wellbeing Gym
😠 I joined the club in November last year. So far the experience has been very disappointing. Here are a list of issues you may want to consider before joining this gym/club: - Lack of equipment (only one bench press bench and barbell in the whole gym). - Most of the cardiovascular equipment does no...
2.70 (76 reviews)
24 Hour Fitness image
24 Hour Fitness
👍👍 I was so glad that 24 Hour Fitness Hollywood had reopened 04/30/22 and I was there 05/02. The location was convenient for me. Essentially the layout had not changed much. I did notice the machines and treadmills were all new but had not checked out much of anything else. I was told that the swi...
2.80 (428 reviews)
New York Sports Club image
New York Sports Club
😠 Do not come to this gym!!! They do not care for your safety!! They will cancel your membership for protecting yourself from weird men that will follow you around ! Stay safe and go to a gym that will help you out and help you enjoy your gym experience instead of canceling your membership!
2.80 (398 reviews)
New York Sports Club image
New York Sports Club
😠 I referred a brand new member who I train to join a few months after me. She received the $47 rate (had never been a member), I explained we'd both leave if I don't get the same rate, they assured me this change would happen, for 2 months I reminded the front desk and emailed management because "the...
2.80 (323 reviews)
24 Hour Fitness image
24 Hour Fitness
😠 The staff are polite and friendly, but that’s the only positive thing I can say about this gym. This place is a filthy dump. The ventilation is awful, so forget about working out there on hot days. Avoid the locker rooms and bathrooms. They’re vile. Broken equipment takes forever to get fixed, peak...
2.80 (226 reviews)
New York Sports Club image
New York Sports Club
😠 I was a member of this gym for 10 years but for the last 3 years I was unable to go but continued to pay my monthly membership which I was fine with because it was my own fault for not remembering to cancel. However, when the time came for me to cancel, I had to go in and speak with an employee. I...
2.80 (209 reviews)
Nuffield Health Brondesbury Park Fitness & Wellbeing Gym image
Nuffield Health Brondesbury Park Fitness & Wellbeing Gym
😠 Absolutely ridiculous, broken down facilities, closing down early, kicking people out of the pool due to "rota errors", rude deputy manager absolutely clueless about what is happening on site. First week of membership and not impressed by how it is run. Classes taking whole facilities scheduled for...
2.80 (174 reviews)
24 Hour Fitness image
24 Hour Fitness
😠 It's very upsetting to hear from other gym members that an email was sent pertaining to the new hours. I did not receive an email. Unfortunately the new hours does NOT accomodate my fitness routine. Now having to deal with a larger crowd of people during the morning rush hours is insane. You guys...
2.80 (163 reviews)
Equinox Williamsburg image
Equinox Williamsburg
😠 The gym has great classes, well maintained equipment and overall is very clean. The locker-rooms are well stocked and high end too. During peak hours it can get busy. The customer service is horrendous and I’d recommend you stay away. For a nice gym like Equinox I’d expect much much better. After p...
2.80 (156 reviews)
Nuffield Health Stoke Poges Fitness & Wellbeing Gym image
Nuffield Health Stoke Poges Fitness & Wellbeing Gym
😠 One star is still too much! The gym is unhygienic, broken equipment, blocked showers and toilets, dirty pool and sauna area. Managers are unqualified former PTs that have just been given the job role because they are all friends, not because they are skilled. Nil understanding of customer service a...
2.80 (77 reviews)
Lansing Institute of Behavioral Medicine image
Lansing Institute of Behavioral Medicine
Mental health clinic
😠 Although the actual person I have appointments with there is very wonderful, the rest of the staff is getting more and more difficult to deal with. In the first instance, I received a phone call letting me know that my appointment was being canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. The person I spok...
2.80 (76 reviews)
Nuffield Health Shipley Fitness & Wellbeing Gym image
Nuffield Health Shipley Fitness & Wellbeing Gym
😠 My husband and I have given our membership up the main issues were the cleanliness of the place. Changing rooms not clean and rather tatty clients can walk in to the changing rooms in their outdoor shoes spreading germs who knows where people have walked before coming into the changing rooms swimmer...
2.80 (71 reviews)
24 Hour Fitness image
24 Hour Fitness
😠 It's no real fault of the staff there who are very friendly, but it is clear that management at this location is either nonexistent or just doesn't care at all about upkeep of any of the equipment or facilities. Sauna/Steam Room/Hot Tub are out of order frequently for weeks at a time. There are also...
2.90 (326 reviews)
Hsinchu County swimming pool image
Hsinchu County swimming pool
Swimming pool
😠 The Zhubei swimming pool has been renovated for almost a year. Today, it finally opened for business on 10/31. It seems that the renovation is that there are heavy lanes and tiles in the locker room. Other heated swimming pools/SPA pools/hot and cold pools/steam oven rooms have not been significant...
2.90 (315 reviews)
24 Hour Fitness image
24 Hour Fitness
😠 I use to be an employee at this location and I can honestly say that Management needs to be changed. To the degree that this club is not taken seriously was the reason I and many others quit within a couple months. This location has had roughly a dozen employees quit on the spot due to Michaels inab...
2.90 (219 reviews)
24 Hour Fitness image
24 Hour Fitness
😠 WARNING: if you give this place a bad review, expect the manager to HARASS you by finding the company you work at and leaving a bad review about YOU. On top of the gym not being cleaned regularly, the bathroom being full of mold, the hot tub always being broken, the management is awful. 24 hour fit...
2.90 (219 reviews)
24 Hour Fitness image
24 Hour Fitness
😠 They just reduced their weight selection and made one of the major workout spaces where you could do free weight and body weight workouts into a personal training room that they keep locked and also where they have locked up all the lower weights and kettlebells as well as vital workout equipment t...
2.90 (187 reviews)
Club Metro USA image
Club Metro USA
Fitness center
😠 The “manager” Jocelyn said that they do not honor the Free Complimentary Gym Pass. Mind you, it was my first time ever attending the gym. Why even have the option to get a free pass, if it’s not honored!? She told me I had to pay $10 in order to enter. She was rude and nasty. The “manager” was not k...
2.90 (186 reviews)
American Sport Palermo image
American Sport Palermo
🫤 Después de más de dos años deje de ir pq aumentan los precios todos los meses en agosto por mes llego a 11.500 y muchas maquinas de ejercicios están semanas sin mantenimiento. No se justifica la relación precio calidad. Algunos de las personas en recepción con mala onda cuando te atienden.
2.90 (151 reviews)
Njoy Sports Club Profilo image
Njoy Sports Club Profilo
Gymnastics center
😠 The blonde old lady at the management is really rude and her service is super bad I wanted to try the gym for 1 month first before i make a commitment and she wanted to charge me more than double the normal price. She treats foreigners in a rude way
2.90 (146 reviews)
Agama Yoga image
Agama Yoga
Yoga studio
😠 Absolutely do not attend. Read about the abuse within the retreat that they try to cover up. I cannot believe they are still able to offer teachings. Utter disgrace.
2.90 (93 reviews)
& Asuweru Aobadai image
& Asuweru Aobadai
😠 First, raise prices frequently. I think it's because the management is getting worse due to the corona misfortune, but I'm going to pass it all on to the users. It was 9800 yen at first, but it's already 12000 yen. Was there an elderly person at the counter who confirmed that "the amount withdrawn...
2.90 (83 reviews)
Konami Sports Club Kitaoji image
Konami Sports Club Kitaoji
😠 スタッフの皆さん達は親切ですが、利用者に問題があります。常連の高齢の人達が幅をきかせ過ぎていて、若い利用者や新規の利用者に対して異常な程のレベルで排他的です。あからさまな嫌がらせをしたり「余所者は来るな」「新参者は出て行け」とハッキリ言ってくる攻撃的な人も男女問わず少なくありません。(というより殆ど...
2.90 (65 reviews)

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