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IB Jugendgästehaus Leonberg image
IB Jugendgästehaus Leonberg
Youth hostel
😠 Unmenschliche Zustände. Krätze bricht immer wieder aus (aktuell Juni/Juli 2019), Sauberkeit und Hygiene existieren nicht. Heruntergekommene Zimmer, Matratzen mit Gummiüberzug und undefinierbaren Flecken (Blut? Erbrochenes? Fäkalien? Bereits kontaminiert mit Krätze?!) Mehr als 10 Fälle bekannt und im...
2.00 (106 reviews)
Hotel Central Buenos Aires image
Hotel Central Buenos Aires
Understated rooms with minibars in a low-key hotel offering a fitness center & a hot tub.
2.20 (698 reviews)
Haus Heege image
Haus Heege
😠 Essen teilweise kalt. Nachtwachen größten teils sehr freundlich. Leider in meiner letzten Nacht schlechte Erfahrungen mit einer von dem externem Sicherheitsdienst gemacht (der gute Herr war leider besoffen). Ich habe 3 Jahre dort verbracht. Im ersten Jahr hatte ich ein Zimmer, wo die Toilettenspülun...
2.30 (328 reviews)
ABEX Hostel image
ABEX Hostel
Straightforward dorms & private rooms in a down-to-earth hostel offering a shared kitchen.
2.40 (193 reviews)
MirHostel image
Guest house
😠 Felt like a homeless shelter to be honest. I wouldn't recommend this hostel, it is very dirty, the sheets are ripped, I didn't like the location, the bathroom is a mess because it is share with all the guests and honestly I felt really insecure inside the hostel. The receptionist guy knocked our doo...
2.40 (81 reviews)
Amsterdam Hostel Sarphati image
Amsterdam Hostel Sarphati
Youth hostel
Bright rooms in a simple hostel featuring a kitchen & lounge room, plus free breakfast & Wi-Fi.
2.60 (715 reviews)
Affittacamere Villa Melchiorre image
Affittacamere Villa Melchiorre
Down-to-earth property offering straightforward rooms with free Wi-Fi, plus a simple cafe.
2.60 (262 reviews)
Hostal Enjoy Vallarta 19 image
Hostal Enjoy Vallarta 19
Unassuming quarters in a no-nonsense hostel with a communal kitchen, Wi-Fi & a terrace.
2.60 (219 reviews)
Jugendherberge Weimar - "Am Poseckschen Garten" image
Jugendherberge Weimar - "Am Poseckschen Garten"
Plain dorms in a simple hostel offering 2 communal lounges, a dining room & a breakfast buffet.
2.70 (309 reviews)
Casa Zocalo / México Central Rooms image
Casa Zocalo / México Central Rooms
😠 For starters it is a difficult place to locate It has nothing to indicate that it is a hotel, guest house or whatever they want to call it, it only has a sign with the address Izazaga 34 and on one side of the door some intercom buttons with signs of a government office. You call by phone and do no...
2.70 (103 reviews)
Tune Hostel image
Tune Hostel
😠 It is a scam! Just stay away from here…. They promise you a place to stay, but at last minute they change the place and gave you a new place (like a stranded room…he didn’t fulfill his promise.. not even friendly… everyone experience the same thing) be careful guys
2.70 (88 reviews)
a&o Hostel München Hackerbrücke image
a&o Hostel München Hackerbrücke
Youth hostel
Casual lodging offering private & dorm-style rooms, plus a rooftop bar & bike rentals.
2.80 (5.1K reviews)
Casa Nora Guest House image
Casa Nora Guest House
Guest house
Bizarre place. If you want to stand outside for 45 minutes because you never received check-in instructions and also have roommates that scream out the window at barking dogs during the night and try to rip open the bathroom door while you're trying to have a shower then this is your place. The roo...
2.80 (225 reviews)
Lette'm Sleep Hostel Berlin image
Lette'm Sleep Hostel Berlin
Youth hostel
Low-key hostel offering both dorms & apartments, plus a communal living room & a kitchen.
2.80 (141 reviews)
Jain Men's Hostel image
Jain Men's Hostel
Boys hostel
2.80 (82 reviews)
Vomela Hostel image
Vomela Hostel
Youth hostel
😠 I uz the cite has been in business for long yet it hasn't been renovated... And it's losing it vibe
2.80 (74 reviews)
FJT Novel image
FJT Novel
Youth hostel
😠 Attention ce foyer est dangereux pour vivre , il y plan des insecte qui peut transmettre des maladie ... Svp signaler ce foyer !!! Je me suis nommé LEDIABLE pour des questions de sécurité. Faîte gaff a vous les gens , allez vous voir ailleurs mais pas au FJT LE NOVEL !
2.80 (63 reviews)
a&o Hamburg Reeperbahn image
a&o Hamburg Reeperbahn
No-frills property offering complimentary breakfast, plus a lively bar & a lounge with TV.
2.90 (4.1K reviews)
DJH Youth Hostel Karlsruhe image
DJH Youth Hostel Karlsruhe
Simple rooms & dorms in an unassuming hostel featuring sports facilities & free breakfast.
2.90 (456 reviews)
Stone Hotel & Hostel image
Stone Hotel & Hostel
Simple rooms & dorms in a low-key hostel offering a communal kitchen & free Wi-Fi.
2.90 (382 reviews)
Hostal Mindanao image
Hostal Mindanao
Straightforward hotel featuring colorful rooms with private bathrooms & complimentary Wi-Fi.
2.90 (338 reviews)
Hostel Weimar - "Germania" image
Hostel Weimar - "Germania"
Low-key dorms & private rooms in a straightforward hostel offering complimentary breakfast.
2.90 (315 reviews)
Hostal Patio de la Luna by Vivere Stays image
Hostal Patio de la Luna by Vivere Stays
Youth hostel
😠 Os cuento mi experiencia en este hostal. Me he hospedado 3 noches. Mi estancia a sido por trabajo con lo que la reserva me la hizo mi empresa. Al llegar a la habitación enseguida se nos inundo el olfato con un fuerte olor a moho, a revisar la habitación encontramos manchas en todas las paredes, moh...
2.90 (172 reviews)
Hollywood Highland Hotel & Hostel image
Hollywood Highland Hotel & Hostel
Basic dorms with shared bathrooms in a laid-back hostel offering breakfast & Wi-Fi.
2.90 (153 reviews)
Backpackers' Inn Hostel Rostock image
Backpackers' Inn Hostel Rostock
Utilitarian dorms with Wi-Fi in a laid-back hostel offering a communal kitchen & a TV lounge.
2.90 (146 reviews)
Pensiunea green residence image
Pensiunea green residence
😠 I think you need to fire your cleaning lady. The place is dirty and the rooms do not have towels and toiletpaper/soap. I also found a pack of used condoms near my bed. During the summer the room is full of mosquitoes. Go anywhere else if you are looking for a place to stay.
2.90 (107 reviews)
Kocaeli bilgeadam dormitories image
Kocaeli bilgeadam dormitories
😠 O kadar saçma bir sistemleri var ki. Gece geldik ertesi gün sabah 10.40ta kapımızı çalarak bizi uyandırdılar. 20 dakika içinde çıkış yapmazsanız ekstra ücret kesilecek diye. Yemek veriyorlar falan ya. İğrenç yemekler. O kadar kötüler ki bakamazsınız bile. Gerçekten iğrenç bir yer. Aklı olan adam bur...
2.90 (101 reviews)
K.V Boys Hostel image
K.V Boys Hostel
Boys hostel
😠 Worst hostel ever visited! Food is very bad. Cleanliness is more worse. I would never recommend this hostel to anyone! 🤮
2.90 (83 reviews)
The Hidden image
The Hidden
Youth hostel
2.90 (68 reviews)

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