963 kr Hotel Barbarossa - in Cheb, Czech Republic

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Jateční 7, 350 02 Cheb, Czechia




+420 354 423 446

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4.20 (247 reviews)


  • 5no b. 9 months ago
    Great location, close to the Castle and the City Centre. Parking under a roof! Comes free of charge.

  • 5Pablo A. 4 months ago
    Perfect location. Friendly people

  • 5Nick T. 4 years ago
    Very elegant, quaint, and clean. Friendly and helpful staff. Cheb is a very beautiful town and if you get the chance to visit, I highly recommend staying in this hotel.

  • 4Lukáš T. 2 years ago
    We stayed only over night but had a nice experience! All the staff were nice and helpful. Would recommend!

  • 2Idan Z. 7 months ago
    I improved their score from 1 star to 2 because at the last day the front desk employee didn't speak English at all and there was a misunderstanding with the payment and as a result i was locked at 6am in the hotel , being forced to pay . i asked him to talk to yana or the lady or the owner in the evening prior that did speak English but he refused. English is an important languish and front desk employees must be talking English or have access to someone over the phone that can to prevent huge discomfort to both guest and hotel . the staff members are nice people and the breakfast and rooms are decent, no ac however and the towels are tiny . if it wouldn't be for the English issue - i would give them a a higher rank

  • 1Emma L. 4 months ago
    If I could i would give 0 stars. Horrible service, no glutem free food, in 5 am some woman start doing skmething in toof, so teoretically she could come to your room if you would have open window. SO BAD THERE, PS if the owner write me that I have mental problems it must be sure that this is not normal.

  • 1Daria G. 1 year ago
    Unfortunately, our room wasn't good enough. Staff was really unfriendly and rude to us. i travelled with my husband and we booked a room with double bed, but got one with two small beds! also, there was awful smell. its not a good vacation. Why i should sleep with bad smell? it is also too expensive for "service" like this!

  • 1David S. K. M. 1 year ago
    !!! FRAUDSTERS !!! Public service announcement: !!! HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED PLACE !!! If you love stressful unpleasant holidays from hell, here's your place ! We arrived just about 1530, check-in time starts officially from 1400. Booked room category was not available and only after long discussion suddenly it was possible to get that category. Room was not prepared, key of the cleaning personnel was still outside in the door. Did I catch your attention ? Continue reading how it developed below.... What's 4 stars about that place ? Is it really the best in Cheb ? If yes, I'd recommend anyone who considers booking here to drive for half an hour more to Karlovy Vary where one gets real four stars for a better rate. I definitely know youth hostels that have a better Interieur quality and hospitality than this place. Rooms stink with chemicals ("from cleaning"), yeah sure... My eyes where stinging after getting back to fresh air, didn't stay overnight because it would definitely be impacting our health negatively . Unfortunately paid on arrival and the payment to them went smoothly, luckily booked via a well known platform which confirmed a full reimbursement, which we are still awaiting ! Update (30.08.2021): still no reimbursement for a service they promised and couldn't deliver ! Warning even stronger, if you are still considering to book there.... Update (11.09.2021): no reimbursement so far ! I assume it's part and parcel of their crippled business model ! Considering taking legal steps against those fraudsters. For all others consider very strongly all possible alternatives (I'd even rather drive to Plzen or Praha than staying there) !!! Don't fall for those good reviews, unfortunately we also did, stay alert and be warned ! Will I go back to Czech ? Maybe. Will I visit Cheb/Eger again, highly likely not, at least not for an overnight stay if THIS is the best that this village can do... Very negative experience.

  • 1Elvira F. 1 year ago
    very unhappy with the hotel. as soon as we entered our room, we immediately felt the stench. rooms are in poor condition.

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