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  • 4Tosh G. 9 months ago
    Decent medium size gym, but kinda old and worn down. The staff keeps the facility clean.

  • 4Dawnika J. 11 months ago
    Nice gym, they offer workout classes and personal training. It's not as big as the one on Pearl side but has more to offer like a sauna (that actually works).

  • 4Lala B. 1 year ago
    Nice gym with lots of machines and free weights classes available and after hours entry with military ID

  • 2Yesi C. 1 year ago
    Pleasseee do something about the hot gym. Idk how anyone can do anything in there with no AC...

  • 3Jeff P. 1 year ago
    Good selection of equipment, smallish weight room. They do not allow bags of any kind in the weight room, but they will give you a temporary storage locker.

  • 4Alvin N. 1 year ago
    Nice but wish the locker room wasn't at the other end of the building as the entrance

  • 3Johnny A. 1 year ago
    So many easy fixes to improve the gym but not much interest from management to improve. Rust-covered plates on the machines, rusty pins that constantly unscrew from the handle, insufficient adjustable weight benches for the number of people using them, insufficient pully attachments to accommodate all the people needing them, and some nylon pulldown ropes are frayed. Many little things that some attention to detail would fix and could enhance the gym. Lastly, the music selection is only hip-hop 24/7. Try a mix of music (or no music at all). I'd rather not hear an autotuned voice that cannot sing rhyming nonsensical words to a digital beat in a song with no melody, no harmony, no chords, and no soul.

  • 4Damian G. 1 year ago
    Decent gym with everything you need. A little tight with low ceilings, but its part of the ascetic.

  • 5Nathaniel L. 2 years ago
    Great facility to get your pump on!

  • 2Christian G. 2 years ago
    Cramped gym, weird layout, and the 24 hour access is more like after-hours access since they still close for half an hour.

  • 5ItHurtzWenIP 3. 2 years ago
    For the fact that they were or are vaccinating people makes them amazing! I got both my vaccines there, thank you!

  • 5C. 2 years ago
    Great place to stay in shape. 24-hour access.

  • 1Corbin L. 2 years ago
    Why would you choose to have the same cleaning hours as the JBPHH Pearl side gym?? So there's no gym available between 13-1400 besides sub side gym? You expect all JBPHH to squeeze in there? Smh.

  • 1nick m. 2 years ago
    The COVID restrictions are awful. The hourly rotations are useless as you are given a spray bottle to wipe down your equipment. Would recommend longer work hours due to time being lost and the extreme amount of people grouping up to time the rotations.

  • 3Chris R. 2 years ago
    Weightlifting side of the gym has sufficient equipment to complete a good workout. I enjoy the area seperated from the weights that has hardwood floor with mirrors. Unfortunately the pandemic has made going to the gym a hassle because you have to go in at non-peak times to have room to workout and the opportunity to utilize the equipment you need to complete your workout. Also, the random change in scheduled close times for holidays and cleanings interrupts your ability to make into the gym. Overall, great facility, just that operations is a hassle because of Covid.

  • 5Matthew L. 2 years ago
    The staff has been great throughout the whole COVID situation. Always friendly and very professional. Also, it's still active duty only currently and no locker room access.

  • 4Ceara D. 4 years ago
    It has the basics that you need, the equipment is a little dated and limited; some of the equipment in the weight room should definitely be replaced. But it is free so what can you expect. The gym is quite small so it is always overly crowded and you have to fight for machines, benches/barbells etc. The gym is pretty clean overall, the janitorial staff is always cleaning which is great. The locker rooms are nice, and have a sauna. Some of the front desk staff are nice, others not so much and are rude. The janitorial staff is probably the nicest out of everyone. Overall it is a good gym to work out at, just do not going in with high expectations, you will be disappointed.

  • 5A G. 5 years ago
    This has to be one, out of the two, that’s my favorite place to workout at. They offer many classes and space for activities that you require in your workout. It’s not the most packed gym I have seen, there is a pool, a smoothie bar, and a great big room for aerobic and calisthenic exercises. The parking here is wonderful, there is a after hours membership that you can obtain, and a great variety of workout equipment. The staff is great with customer care and there are lockers available for free and also showers and a sauna.

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