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  • 3Kurt F. 3 months ago
    Sells most tools that I want to work on cars, but you have to be an informed customer when visiting. Expect sales staff on the floor not know their own product catalog. I spend a couple of grand with them yearly.

  • 3Sabata T. 3 months ago
    I went to get a quotation for a generator. I was attended to from entry and I received product knowledge on the projected generator. That is impressive

  • 5Mpolokeng Jeanette S. 3 months ago
    100 % client assistance when I arrived there on Monday morning.They explained and educated me about how to use my new generator as I am a woman and 1st time generator user and told me what additional items to buy like the oil that is used in the machine.They assisted with the loading etc. Thanks to the service of the coloured and white gents who existed me at the front desk and those 2 at the back of the loading area of the store. Excellent service

  • 1Trevor R. 4 months ago
    Seems like much have changed since my last visit. Standing at security gate in the front, waiting to enter. Then, they ask what you are looking for. They don't even know what tools they have! Following you around like you are some kind of criminal, wanting to steal. It was definitely the last time that I was going there. Next time I'll rather go to Bloemfontein.

  • 5C. 4 months ago
    Tools and machinery? You name it they have it and if they don't it doesn't exist. Great service from the most friendly and helpful staff 👍🏼👍🏼 👍🏼 keep it up!

  • 5gerald n. 7 months ago
    Very Friendly staff they very helpfull and willg to solve your problems

  • 1Aeola E. 8 months ago
    A useless place to shop. On more than one occasion the product I wanted was available on display, but they could not give me a price because they were still setting up the display. Twice I left having found the product I wanted, but due to no service, I had to get it somewhere where there are salespeople to assist. My Dremel tool broke 5 months after purchase, so they took it to check if they would fix it under guarantee or if I would have to pay for the repair. One week later, as I am writing this review, they have not contacted me. When I phoned, they could not tell me anything jet.

  • 5Patrick B. 8 months ago
    I just like the place. Friendly staff members who will immediately assist you when you walk into the shop. Great quality and durable products/tools. Reasonable prices to mention but just a few.

  • 3Austin S. 10 months ago
    Nice place but everytime you get there the whole shop has been moved sround then you need to go look for everything again

  • 5Tefo R. 10 months ago
    Friendly staff, assisted in choosing the correct equipment I needed,thus a great customer experience. Thank you.

  • 5Allistair N. 11 months ago
    Make absolutely sure when you walk into this store you know exactly what it is you want, exactly where in the store it might be, go straight there and then leave. Do not enter this store with your credit card. This store is a trap. It is filled with everything your dreams are made of and more. Money can buy happiness and this is the store that sells it. Be careful. This store will haunt you. 14/10. Will come again and again.

  • 4Cecilia G. 1 year ago
    They have a variety of tools, equipment and more. I found blades for my planing machine the other day by them, that i could not find else where. Veey helpful service and advice

  • 5Herbert M. 1 year ago
    Good evening very best place to buy your tools

  • 1Ashley L. 1 year ago
    Use to be my favourite machine and spares shop. Now the staff service went from good to horrible. Slow cashiers when trying to pay and pricing went all wrong by the stock. I am disappointed on how bad the shop got. Hope improvements on service and pricing will be dealt with.

  • 1Mick Van Z. 1 year ago
    All you need for your workplace under one roof. But I wish I could give less than one star because of very poor assistance in shop . Had a shopping list of at least R30k but as result of above mentioned, I walked out not spending a cent!!!! Whoever you are mr manager, sitting behind your pc and heater without assisting customers will keep customers away!!!

  • 5Darren R. 1 year ago
    Widest and finest range in all types of supplies, home and industrial, commercial, and at the best prices

  • 4Mike F. 1 year ago
    Thanks for the help and fast service guys. Great bunch of chaps gave me some good advice.

  • 1Zeldie Van R. 1 year ago
    Really poor clien service. There was no staff on the floor to help me and the staff sitting in front of their pc's, wasn't very interested in client service.

  • 1Henk J. 1 year ago
    On the 17/12/21 I paid money over into there account on invoice 77963. Email proof of payment to two of there email addresses. On 20/12/21 I have phone them 5 times. On 3 account they told me they will phone me back in 5 min. Still have not received any response. THERE SERVICE IS PATHETIC. WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AGAIN OR ADVISE ANYONE TO BUY FROM THEN. HENK

  • 5Johan S. 1 year ago
    This is a man shop. 😂 Well stocked and neatly packed shop and clean shop. Well trained personel. Always a treat to walk through the shop and I can promise that you will not leave empty handed. My wife hate this shop 🤣😂🤣

  • 4Chris F. 2 years ago
    Found what I called for in stock in the shop the response was quick and the staff helpful they seem to know their work.

  • 3Brian D. 2 years ago
    Assistance from staff - possibly due to under staffing is poor.

  • 1Vernon L. 2 years ago
    Aftersale service is poor en slow. Parts that i need for a qoat is writen on n til slip with promises to be caled back. This unprofesional as there is no control with a til slip system. It should be writen in order book for referance and folowedup. This could be the main rezone that there is zero folowup on customers parts reqeusts. It is now three weaks with zero call back. I will sorce parts from Magnum now.

  • 5Leon Jacobus L. 2 years ago
    Personal was very helpful and they advised me on the products

  • 4Francesco M. 2 years ago
    Like walking into grown man's toyshop.. loads of tools. Service is a bit slow but they are very friendly and know thier products.

  • 5Sgt S. 2 years ago
    Store is well equiped and personel is very helpful.

  • 2Mona D. 2 years ago
    Did not find what I was looking for

  • 4A K. 2 years ago
    Very helpful personnel. At the end the Company couldnt keep the guaranteed on a R25000 compressor, because of, stock.. in South Africa.

  • 5Hannes van Z. 2 years ago
    (Translated by Google) something of everything (Original) iets van alles

  • 5Willy J. 2 years ago

  • 1Jan-Louis C. 2 years ago
    We're are the prices? I do not want to ask for every price at the till?

  • 5Pro Cool T. 2 years ago
    Super service, always!

  • 5Chris V. 2 years ago
    Adendorff's selection of equipment and great pricing makes it my first choice for purchasing tools, ect. Staff always friendly and helpful

  • 5Mark V. 2 years ago
    Great people , helpful and knowledgeable

  • 4Annette N. 3 years ago
    Nice variety

  • 4muparadzi r. 3 years ago
    Frindly service

  • 4stefanus s. 3 years ago
    All products under one roof

  • 5JOHAN Van Der L. 3 years ago
    Love it

  • 1lana m. 3 years ago
    Good day I am very disappointed in the service receiving from the Adendorff branch in Kimberley,it is utterly poor customer service and very frustrating. We bought an item from them, it is still under warranty, it already went in for repairs, came back to us, hardly 2 days same problem occurs. Item was send back for repairs once again, it is now 3 months that we wait for the item to be repaired and returned. Every time we contact them, their are not available, phone rings forever and eventually when they answer, it is if they don't know what we are talking about, every time a new person that assist us, as if they keep changing they staff. The last time we contacted them, they never started the repairs on the item, but the item is with them already more than 3 months. Our business can only operate with the specific item at at it is best, in the mean time we lose customers, we lose a sale, we lose a income, does Adenhorff care?? No!! Why should they care or be in a hurry to attend to our problem as long as they get sales and customers daily!! Who will cover our lost that we suffer due to being unable to speed up our production. Our daily productivity suffer due they incompetency to deliver to us what they promise, and due to that that our production process are slower, and that results in us can't deliver the efficient products that we are supposed to. I am really so disappointed for the service received from such a big company, knowingly how important customer service and production is for any company. I will contacted they customer service via email, not knowing if it will help us in any way. As I writing this review our our item are still with them for repairs for almost 3 months now, this is totally unacceptable, because our business is suffering due to this. I really hope that this will be sorted as soon as in yesterday. Thank you

  • 1Jenni Van Der W. 3 years ago
    Worst service ever!!!

  • 1Tshepo M. 3 years ago
    I can't seem to find wat ekgesoekhet

  • 5isaac s. 3 years ago
    One of the best places in Kimberly

  • 5piet p j. 3 years ago
    Get what i wanted

  • 3Black P. 3 years ago
    It has a variety of everything u need but no one is perfect to have everything for everyone. It sells what it's supposed to...

  • 5Gerhard B. 3 years ago
    Have what you need

  • 3Wilson S. 3 years ago
    Not too much to see.

  • 2Proggie C. 3 years ago
    Found items unmarked, to get a price I had to join the queue for paying customers.

  • 5urayai g. 3 years ago
    Good for all my tools

  • 2William S. 3 years ago
    Their service is very poor. They should take a look at Vermeulens Build-it to see what service is.

  • 5keith o. 3 years ago
    Great place to shop and relax. Good service and friendly staff

  • 3Russle B. 3 years ago
    Very spacious

  • 5Roy W. 3 years ago

  • 5Dieter Z. 3 years ago
    All my stuff is from Adendorff and I have a lot .

  • 5Hanrie F. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Excellent service. Good quality equipment. Enjoy the shop, my mall. Keep it up!!! (Original) Uitstekende diens. Goeie gehalte toerusting. Geniet die winkel, my mall. Hou so aan!!!

  • 5Harry V. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Always good service, from all their staff. (Original) Altyd goeie diens,van al hulle personnel.

  • 5Marie L. 3 years ago
    (Translated by Google) Incredibly friendly and helpful. 10 out of 10 for you !!! (Original) Ongelooflik vriendelik en behulpsaam. 10 uit 10 vir julle!!!

  • 5pieter b. 3 years ago

  • 4Robert N. 3 years ago

  • 5Danie Van T. 3 years ago
    Best quality, biggest range, friendly staff, best prices 👍😁

  • 5Ebrahim S. 3 years ago
    Good service

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