Glass-fronted waterfront casino complex Casino Lisboa - Casino in Lisbon, Portugal

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Alameda dos Oceanos 45, 1990-204 Lisboa, Portugal



+351 21 892 9000

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4.20 (9157 reviews)

Working Hours

  • Sunday: (Christmas Day), 3pm to 3am, Hours might differ
  • Monday: 3pm to 3am
  • Tuesday: 3pm to 3am
  • Wednesday: 3pm to 3am
  • Thursday: 3pm to 3am
  • Friday: 4pm to 4am
  • Saturday: (New Year's Eve), 4pm to 4am, Hours might differ


  • Accessibility
    • Wheelchair-accessible lift
    • Wheelchair-accessible toilet
    • Wheelchair-accessible car park
    • Wheelchair-accessible entrance


Frequently mentioned in reviews: staff (6) place (6) dealer (6) machines (7) casino (14)

  • 5Jorge M. 9 months ago
    Best red meat I ever eat! Outstanding environment in the Arena Lounge bar/restaurant. Friendly and proactive staff. It's "also" a Casino!

  • 5R. 3 months ago
    Nice place to spend a night, have some drinks and play some casino. Well decorated and illuminated.

  • 5Paul B. 2 months ago
    Big casino and lot of slots some parts where not open. But its October. A must visit though if u into casinos.

  • 5Cheap W. 3 years ago
    Had a great time at the Lisbon casino! The vibe there is good and I enjoyed the night. Here you can play slots, machines, but also table games like blackjack, roulette and more. There is a place to have dinner in company of live music, very nice ambient. The people working at the casino tend to be very friendly, end of the day went out with a little profit and great memories!

  • 4A “Slim” L. 3 months ago
    Aesthetically pleasing casino with 3 floors of fun! Staff are very friendly and speaks both Portuguese and English and helped us get our temporary passes and answered any questions we asked. The tables are located on the third floor and the slot machines are on the first and second. Very easy transactions to exchange cash for chips and signs are everywhere to make it easier locating everything. Good luck!

  • 4Virgilio F. 1 month ago
    A great place to have a meal and a drink till late as they are open from 4pm to 4am. The have live music often and entre is free. Obviously here you can also try your luck at some casino games and slow machines. The staff are friendly and they have their own car park which is charged by the hour.

  • 4Alvaro C. 6 months ago
    The place has a great vibe and you can play even with little money. The cocktails are quite strong so beware. The live show was not very appealing.

  • 4aquilino w. 4 months ago
    First time experience casino in Europe. What I didn't like is the machine that deal the cards already knows what cards each customer has. The dealer always had the winning hand 70% of the time. I like old fashioned dealer shuffling the cards.

  • 4Emiel de R. 9 months ago
    good casino , but a little bit narrow and missing new populair slot machines.

  • 3Mohsen Kasha (. 8 months ago
    Not so Wow, many machines are out of order. I had some fun but it’s not the best

  • 3J W. 1 year ago
    Nice layout and very tidy and good staff, the slot machines are very dated though

  • 3Ana Raquel B. 10 months ago
    We went Saturday night and we had the feeling that the middle level was a ghost town with most of the machines not working /out of order . The layout is not the best, specially when you want to go through the different levels.

  • 3Thomas K. 1 month ago
    Nice clean place, decent prices for drinks, unfortunately lots of spaces were closed but the tables that were open were fun, the staff was very kind.

  • 2Vadim F. 7 months ago
    Very sleepy casino, has a rather depressing atmosphere.

  • 2B O K A K O B. 3 months ago
    Sick -- anyone entering playing floors *must* present passport, or driver license, or other definitive ID. Right -- and your other sensitive info. There are even *passport* scanners conveniently placed at entrances. Good no one asks my income papers....

  • 2Karl S. 9 months ago
    Bit of a dead atmosphere. Expensive minimum bets on all table games.

  • 2Filipe R (. 5 months ago
    This casino is average. Has a little bit of everything. Blackjack games are uninteresting as there is no bonus hands to play. In terms of service there is plenty of room for improvement. 1st - the player controls the pace of their game, not the dealer. The dealer kept dealing below the value of 11 which is fair enough but this should be done with confirmation from the player. The dealer was challenged on this fact to which they replied with that explanation and a backhanded comment "I guess I'm too fast for you" which is extremely uncalled for. I've been to a lot of casinos in my life and I have never seen or been treated in this manner. Dealers name was Rita. 2nd - I get every casino has house rules which were not clarified but how can you tell me you can't double down on any card other than a 10 or 11. Yes 10 and 11 has the highest probability of winning but it goes back to my 1st point.. the player controls their game and their money. 3rd - We were waiting for the drinks service for the whole time I was at the table and they never came. I was at the table for at least an hour. To summarise.. I don't care about losing money, but how I lose it should be my perogative. I also want to have a good time and unfortunately the experience that I had with this dealer was the worst experience I have ever had at a casino.

  • 2Scofield Z. 5 months ago
    The casino is ok, the staff is very rude. Making fun of foreigners at the tables thinking I wouldn't understand it. Unprofessional

  • 2Ömer . 1 year ago
    the employees are cold, all food and drinks are sold for money, whereas in other casinos these are free. i won't go again

  • 1Karin N. 9 months ago
    Worst Casio I have ever been to (I’ve been to dozens). Aside from the over the top covid rule implementation, the large contingent of aggressive addicts jostling for position at the tables makes for a tense and uncomfortable atmosphere. We got the impression that the casino is a major money laundering spot judging by the shady characters hanging around the place. The staff are rude, bar service is slow and the restaurants were all shut in the afternoon which made the whole experience pointless for the people in our group who did not want to gamble. Don’t go!

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