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  • 1Ashania V. 4 weeks ago
    Worst experience, deserves 0 stars. Called and made a reservation, was told payment could be made upon arrival, only needed to submit my name, same was done. Upon arrival to check in, we were told our reservation was not seen on the system. Absolute trash I’m telling you, no form of professionalism from the staff. Was utterly disappointed by this entity that I expected better from.

  • 1Andrea H. 1 month ago
    Check in TV not working, no hot water , screens all broken, no towels wash rags , place really dirty , workers not nice ,no cups, nubby glasses in room ,pool a mess , request the speak with supervision she said no .she is busy ..never came out to speak with us . She told someone to let us know she is not coming out . We must figure it out , no people skills , i am not happy with the first 3 days . So we packed and leave's the worsted... this place is not fit for a pig to stay..

  • 2dejoun r. 1 month ago
    Currently this feels like a 2 star hotel. The wifi quality is terrible inside the rooms. I assume it was not set up with forethought of passing through concrete walls. Guests are refused seconds for breakfast, lunch or dinner. For getting drinks at the bar we asked to have a tab or charge it to the room for convenience to pay at checkout, however, this required filling out a paper form where your credit card details would be written down with no concern for security. The building and facilities are dated, we had the executive suite and a standard 2 bedroom suite. Both rooms were in poor condition with patchy paint jobs and broken windows that can't be opened. The bathroom is oddly designed, while it is in use, the natural airflow brings the smell of the bathroom into the bedroom. The pool is accessible 24/7 which may sound good for guests, however, the 3 nights we spent were VERY loud with the number of children in the pool beyond 10pm. Thankfully the people who checked us in were very nice and the food was good.

  • 2Donna R. 1 month ago
    When i arrived to the hotel on 7/28 guests were ahead of me and my family and we were told you are welcome to go to the lounge for drinks. my husband and son went to lounge and they were dressed in nice tshirt and matching shorts and was told they were not allowed to come in because they look like they just left the GYM. how rude to tell a guest that! then when i checked in i aske to extend my stay for extra night i was told the double room that i booked i would have to cancel and rebook a excutive room for EXTRA NIGHT what sense does that make when its available on line to book. i also requested for the renovated excutive room for myself i got the room that had peeled cielings in the room and bathroom. then we wentto breakfast and the server passed us several times and noticed us 10 min later and asked how is everthing i said well we have food no silverware ,water! then the day of check out they had a guest that walking through hotel with a short skirt and no panties and a big backside and front desk said shes a paying guest really. we look like we just came from the gym but she can walk around nasty and not the proper attire. i have been a guest here in the past i will not be back!!!! our attire is not appropriate at the lounge but the room is apropriate for guests. veiw the photos.

  • 4Veronica F. 1 month ago
    It's a quiet place that is been modernized, the service is great and the location is perfect in walking distance from the city, we spend 3days 2noghts at a convention, the breakfast was lovely, and we even get to meet the owners father, who invited us to golfing, if we had the time.

  • 1Janessa F. 2 months ago
    The hotel is below 1 star. The "suite" that I reserved was also supposedly "renovated." Nothing in the room was newly renovated. This room's fixtures, including bedsheets, predate the 1990's. The refrigerator was broken. There were bugs in the room and in the bed, most likely because the windows remained open in the room. No hot water - none. Bugs in the bed. For anyone with mobility challenges, be warned that they do not have elevators and the structure is in disrepair. You cannot walk freely (look before you step). As you walk to the "restaurant" for breakfast, you walk over boards that are on the floor to cover holes and gaps. There are bedsheets hanging to cover construction areas. Not tarps, bedsheets (shown in the pic). Those who elected to take cold showers were disgusted by dirty towels (I won't be gross and list what was on the towels). I was with a large group and each of my companions have similar horror stories. One actually had worms in the bed and on the wall behind the bed. Upon complaining, they were told that housekeeping was gone for the day. I would have slept in a tent or a car rather than lie my head in this facility. Because our transportation was gone, I had no choice but to sleep in an upright recliner. Gulfview is below substandard. We checked out in less than 24 hours, and found a very nice bed and breakfast in Mandeville, which accommodated our full group. The owners of Gulfview should be ashamed to offer this to guests in its current state. Close and repair the facility OR close a portion while you actually renovate. As it stands, surely it is a hazard to have guests walk through the open courtyard where there's construction, wet concrete, leaking pipes, exposed wires, broken dilapidated steps, etc. It felt and looked like a war zone. When I complained about the lack of safety (only a locking door knob secured my room), I was told that the 24 hour guard would hear me if I scream. That's not reassuring. I booked a suite thinking I would have the best they have to offer, realizing it would not be akin to a suite in the States. If this was the best they have to offer, my former statement remains true: CLOSE WHILE YOU RENOVATE. Or, renovate 1/2 and close the second 1/2, then switch. I hate to leave a review such as this, but I would not want anyone to travel so far and have the same fate. Not sure how anyone could rate their experience above one star. I will say, the staff (not the manager) was very helpful and apologetic. There were several men who helped with our luggage (we were there for missions work and we brought a lot of items from the States to give to the community - we had a lot of heavy luggage / bags). They helped without hesitation. The clerk who checked us in was helpful. She made it clear that she had rules to abide by, which I appreciated. I would not want her to lose her job and we tipped well for the help we received. I wish this establishment well, however, in fairness, they should not be open to the public until they fix many, many issues.

  • 1Novlette R. 2 months ago
    The hotel was not what we expected. The rooms are outdated bugs in the beds, rooms dirty, no hot water, the drainage in the showers were cloged up, refuse to refund our money because we were leaving after one night. There was no manager on call for us to talk to. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone. This hotel need to be renovated to accommodate their guests. How can you run a hotel without a manager, the regular staff cannot help when there is a dispute.

  • 5Najee C. 2 months ago
    Nice hotel, great little spot available here called Latitude lounge, great service food and chill vibes you can certainly enjoy. 😀

  • 2Thiali S. 2 months ago
    This Is An Old Dilapidated Property That Is Currently Under Repair But Still Hosting Guests. The Location Was Convenient But In A Crowded Neighborhood. The Property Is Gated with A 24 Hour Guard. The Inner Courtyard Grounds/Cement Are In A Cracked & Crumbled State. No Landscaping and Poor Foliage. Cracked Mismatched Tiling Throughout The Walkways and Steps. Except The Winding Steps From The Reception Area Up To The Dining Room Which Played Gospel Music 5 of 6 Days of My Visit. The Food Was Good & Well Priced However, They Ran Out of Popular Entrees Daily. Walls Are Cracked, Ceilings Are Peeling. There Was A Water Leak From The Upper Floor Running Down The Wall Into My Room Which Was Remedied With A Large Towel For Six Days. Also From The Above Floor Water Ran At A Gushing Rate Down To The Ground Floor In Front of My Hotel Room Window For Six Consecutive Days. The Curtain Rod Was Broken. That Window Had A Beautiful View of The Neighboring Golf Course (Hence GOLFVIEW) No Hot Shower Water For 3 of 6 Days. They Said, "Just Let The Water Run, It Will Eventually Get Warm" Well, It Didn't Work Out Like That. My Room Was Spacious and Clean. The Air Conditioner Was Excellent (I Plan To Purchase One Just Like It) Some Outlets Did Not Work. The Bed Was Very Comfortable and The Staff Was Very Nice. I Felt Sorry For This Establishment as They Were Slowly Trying To Do Their Improvements As The Entire Third Floor Was In Shambles. I Should've Taken Pictures But It Was Too Embarrassing. Hopefully The Repairs Will Be Completed By Next Year, 2024.

  • 4Rochelle H. 4 months ago
    Visited the lounge they have on site. Food was good. Service could have been better tho.

  • 1d s. 5 months ago
    Horrible!!! Room# 8 had no AC for usd 164 for a night . Even resorts on the north coast cost less with better facilities. Would not recommend, seek other accommodations.

  • 5The B. 6 months ago
    Close proximity to everything ,view of the golf course was beautiful , food is excellent the service top notch , Michala is WONDERFUL Host , the parking lot is secured and did I mention how GREAT Michala is ? The property is being renovated , I recommend getting a room already completed. 👌 I will make my stay here again when I visit Mandeville, last but not least the staff members were all friendly, courteous and helpful , I think they follow Michala's lead.

  • 5Trishana S. 7 months ago
    Such a beautiful property 😍 staffs are friendly and very professional. Lattitude lounge is definitely a recommend, food was great 10/10, drinks were perfect 10/10

  • 5Sophia J. 8 months ago
    The room was amazing. Best night's sleep I've had in a while. The shower was perfect and the staff excellent ☺️

  • 3Talia Action N. 8 months ago
    Our room was one of the newly remodeled ones. Very clean and nice. The Golf course view was beautiful. No wow factor but it was nice. Served it’s purpose.

  • 5Myrtlebelle T. 9 months ago
    Had a wonderful time went for 4days with my daughters they had a great time. Live band on Sunday was excellent. The two young ladies in the bar were excellent. JT was our server he was awesome always smiling and attending to our needs with no complaints. He such a pleasant person to have as a waiter. We were greeted by a front desk worker can’t remember her name but she was very lovely upgraded our room and even help carry our suite case to our room she always great you with a smile. And was welcoming and lovely. Will have to visit again when ever I’m in town.

  • 5f. 10 months ago
    Lattitude Lounge check it out Incredible pastas and garlic shrimp. Delicious garlic mashed potatoes. Excellent service by Deno; very nice and made a delectable mixed drink. We even got a secret menu item 😉 Wow wow wow AMAZING food!

  • 2Sue-Ann G. 10 months ago
    Below average. No one to help with bags. The room I booked online was not what I was given - or even close. Room was still being prepared at 6:30pm. Wouldn’t stay here again. House keeping staff was lovely but otherwise service was subpar

  • 1Rodina R. 11 months ago
    Why won't Golf View Hotel Manager return my calls? I spent 1 night there in September. So you can image my shock when I got a MESSAGE from NCB that my credit card was DECLINED ON OCTOBER 17, 2022 AT 5:27PM. I called the Hotel more than once and tried to speak to the Manager but was not able to speak with anyone in charge. I am sharing this as I do not want anyone else to be a victim. Giving thanks that NCB DECLINED the transaction probably because the person did not have my PIN.

  • 5Mr S. 1 year ago
    Room (clean, tidy with Aircon) Security offer some reassurance. Food, expensive, but the breakfast was sole food. Don't bother with the restaurant/bar food. Over priced 😑. Location, was poor. Had trouble finding and was down a dark alley looking road. For the price, well worth it.

  • 1David R. 1 year ago
    Worst experience ever. I arrived at 9pm after a 10 hour flight and two hour drive from Kingston. There was no water in my room the front desk did not inform me of the problem. I discovered the issue and went to the front desk they provided me with a bucket full of water to flush the toilet. What an experience in 2022. In the morning I spoke to the front desk requesting some compensation for my inconvenience and was told Golf View offers nothing I asked to speak to the manager initially I was told no, I insisted when the manager came I explained my dissatisfaction the hotel manager told me he would not offer me any financial compensation and that a bucket full of water was an acceptable solution. Avoid this hotel it is dated do not waste your money.

  • 4Charmaine C. 1 year ago
    Abby & Genthro 1st class service. Security guards were courteous. Renovated rooms were nice but the others were out dated and needed lots work. The pool looked nice but wasn't working when we were there. The gym okay but some of the equipment wasn't working. The food was excellent.

  • 5S. 1 year ago
    If you are looking for a clean place to rest and not worry about cleanliness, this is place for you. My experience was positive. It’s not the modern / contemporary architecture but it is comfortable, fresh and clean. Breakfast was yummy! I will be returning. Well done Golf View Hotel!

  • 1Omar D. 1 year ago
    I’d like to think I’m a fair and unbiased reviewer, so I’ll point out that this hotel has started renovations and my review is NOT based on a renovated room. I arrived as a party of 9 for a 2 night stay, and one group of 3 (including me) was assigned room #6 on the ground level. Priced at $164 USD per night, I’d consider it criminal that this room is even being rented. I showed the room to a local who commended that we must have been camping this weekend. There is clear evidence of mold, both visible and detectable by smell. I would have expected even a fan, none was available. The towels were unusable, frankly I was apprehensive about using them to clean my shoes. The front desk was not receptive to our complaints, and had apparently received strict instructions to not offer any discounts when someone complains, clearly indicating that they were well accustomed to receiving these kinds of complaints. Besides the room, staff was generally friendly, and this hotel is right in the middle of town. Others in my party did receive rooms with at least a barely functioning A/C unit, I just think the abhorrent conditions in my particular room quite simply warrants a refund and an apology, none of which would even inspire me to revisit this property.

  • 1Petulia C. 1 year ago
    Date of stay: Nov 2021 I really wanted this place to be great, having stayed previously at Mandeville Hotel, and being told that this hotel was superior. But this hotel is awful. The grounds are unkempt, room looked like a truck stop motel from the 70s, and the nightmare -- there's no hot water, and Mandeville is an icebox. Pool is 'temporarily closed for maintenance', but it's green, so I'm pretty sure it's been closed for a while. And if you leave the grounds and return after dusk, there's a security checkpoint on the road leading to the hotel that's remniscient of a military base. Simple things like the lamps didn't work, doorknobs were hanging off the door, the bathroom was crusty, old and moldy, and the absolute worst? People kept trying to get in the room. I kid you not! I counted three times that someone tried to turn the door knob to get in, in the middle of the night! Not sure if it was staff, other guests, or partygoers from the PARTY that the hotel was hosting during curfew hours in the middle of the pandemic, but it was scary stuff. Never slept a wink and I couldn't wait to get out of there next morning. Pros: Staff is nice enough. Restaurant food is very pricey, but decent. Complimentary breakfast is touch and go though. Would I recommend? Never! If you're in the area, stay at a guest house, or at Mandeville Hotel which while it may be dated, is far more secure and less icky.

  • 4Kevin C. 1 year ago
    The ambiance and the customer service was excellent.....the food was great and I must say I was quite pleased.

  • 3Chantai L. 1 year ago
    Front desk staff(especially stacy) were very welcoming....dining room staff they were ok. Property is just fine. The menu is affordable and the food ...was just right. 🤤🤤🤤

  • 1Gary S. 1 year ago
    Needed a hotel for 2 nights and decided on stopping here worst mistake I’ve made, with booking hotel in Jamaica. Over from the UK I didn’t have any Wi-Fi so just when off the look of the entrance and bar which looked ok. Big mistake our room was right by the pool(which was filthy) the room was a good size no air con, but had plenty of fans. The decor was really old looked like it hadn’t been updated for 20 years maybe longer. I sprayed the room out with a pesticide killer, came back 30 mins later to 4 dead cockroaches. The general room wasn’t very clean. I wasn’t happy so complained to the front desk they said they would send someone over, but never did. Then to cap it off a DJ was setting up equipment for dance night, which we wasn’t told about. Loud music was blasting out till 2am an absolute joke of a hotel, would never recommend this for a place to stay. Also it’s double the price of other hotels in Mandiville that are far better. Staff were very unhelpful all in all a very bad experience 👎🏾

  • 5Jamila A. 1 year ago
    Loved loved loved the room! Breakfast was amazing, everything about the place wonderful except for one thing, the bathroom window had three panes and the middle pane had no curtain. There is a club right next door but the music stops at a decent hour.

  • 1Shereene W. 1 year ago
    No Wifi no working pool no hot water. Pipes are broken. We decided to stay here was too much to go back to my dad.the place look good on web but its a dump i wouldn't not recommend no one to stay here not even a homeless person the way how the place disgusting. We were susposed to stay 3 nights but we check out after 2 night they gave us a room change but the new room had ants and roaches we stayed at the motel cause we didnt drive our driver live close by my dad live 30 minutes away the fast food was close by us it was convenient for us especially when u have an American kid.still wait ing on my refund but dont go to golfview go to Manville hotel. Would nt recommend no one gere no customer service i live to see golfview close permanently the workers no customers service i hope Tourism sees this qnd Run

  • 2Dianne A. 1 year ago
    Most of the updates were in the new Bar. Which is beautiful. The lunch and dinner meals were great.. The rest of the hotel not so much. Couldn't get toast butter, juice for breakfast. A disgrace. The staff in the breakfast dining room weren't friendly. The rooms were clean and those workers really nice. The mattress was old and uncomfortable. Loose power fittings. No hot water. 2 days no water at all!

  • 5N. 1 year ago
    I stayed for 2 nights with my family and we had a blast. The events held were very fun and entertaining, the food was tasty and the rooms were awesome.

  • 1Simone “Katia” M. 1 year ago
    So this Hotel as come very far from delivering customer service in my personal experience that I have encountered. We checked in at this place in on Tuesday February 9th 2022 around 1900hrs . We met Princess Mary and Mrs Jackson at the counter . The process to check in took about 30 mins for each party since we were getting 2 rooms. However my party received a room on the 3rd floor which they called the 2nd floor since ground floor is zero anyhow our room number was 202 keep in mind my we have suitcases and bags that also need to go in that room and they do not provide a elevator or bellboy to assist with those services. We get to our room almost exhausted from dragging and carrying the bags all the way up there to the 3rd floor , once walked in the room looks like they have not remodeled since 1990 . We have 2 beds on the left hand side , the TV is located once you walked in accompanied by lounge outdoor chairs 💺 . Very uncomfortable for that settings. . The AC is complete worthless and the fan is broken making noises to the point that it sounds that we are fixing a broken radiator. The water pressure is non existence along with water temperature. The sink is broken with leaking around the sink base . They provide only 1 trash can for the entire room. Basically the room is not up to for no one to stay in it . So we called the front desk to advise them of this discovery and we would like a room that we can actually enjoy and get our basic needs met. So pack all of our items the next day just incase we are unable to move our own bag while this room change happens when we are not present but then we remember that we can haul our bag to our other parties room down one floor . So we did that . Walked out and spoke to Princess Mary at the desk and quote "We WILL TAKE CARE YOU MR MORGAN" Then we leave to our prior engagement. Later on we come to a room that is chosen for in lieu of their mistake but come to find out we are being charged double the price. So now now are furious . We also had receive knowledge from a staff that the room on 3rd floor was not suppose to be used as accommodations for guest due to the remodeling. The room we currently is better but lack ac ,fan ,water temperature and pressure . The toilets clogs all the time. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE . I FEEL LIKE I WAS CHEATED . THE MANAGER NEVER CALLED TO MAKE THIS RIGHT .

  • 2Sheriefa C. 1 year ago
    The restaurant Latitude is nice. But too many patrons is too familiar and too loose. They had the remote to the ac and accessing to the music changing and altering the volume as they see it fit as if other persons weren't there. I prefer a calm environment

  • 3Christopher F. 1 year ago
    The hotel is in a much needed transistion, so im eager to see what it looks like when its done. However, they've remodeled a few rooms and their lounge area. It looks good so far.

  • 1We Care Kids Z. 1 year ago
    I stayed at this property from December 23rd to January 2nd, this was the worst hotel stay in my 25 years of hospitality. Staff is not customer friendly, mangers are not trained in problem solving or customer resolution. This property is not equipped with hot water or the capacity to clean multiple rooms due to limited keys, which means the property is out dated using keys as an entry point. Nightly, I had to endure loud music for hours after midnight despite curfew order in effect. I have stayed here from aboard at least three times and have never incurred such horrible service, not sure if it’s new management but the property has declined in service drastically.

  • 3Carl M. 1 year ago
    Typical inland hotel. It's ok but does not have all the amenities found at hotels on the islands coastal areas. Not a place I would use for a vacation, but if I needed somewhere to stay in Manchester, this is probably the best option.

  • 4Vanburne S. 1 year ago
    Very nice people to deal with Loved everyone of the staff that I came in contact with

  • 1desha s. 1 year ago
    My experience was the worst, to be honest I would not recommend this hotel to anyone at all, this Gulf view hotel, no hot water no brake fast rooms are not good for 1350.00

  • 4Ephraim P. 2 years ago
    Was a good experience at golf voew hotel. Nice rooms. The food is not the best but it's fairly good.

  • 4O'Neil M. 2 years ago
    Top class service. Staff is professional, courteous and goes the extra mile to cater to the customers needs.

  • 4Heather J. 2 years ago
    Great customer service, however, not many staff members wore their masks. Very disappointed in reservation handling.

  • 1Danique C. 2 years ago
    This is the worst hotel I have been to in my entire life🤣the staff inside is good but they claim to be keeping a weekend party and the staff at the gate is extremely horrible and violent. They use a lot of indecent language and they don’t care about their customers 😕

  • 5Sam F. 2 years ago
    Raheen Smith is one of the best customer service representative I have every dealt with in ages, he is very patient and considerate. On July 08, 2021 a family member of mine went to Mandeville hospital for treatment and was discharged at 10pm the said night. With no where to sleep and no transportation to go home. I called Golf View hotel and Raheen not only found a room for her but he walked me through the payment process step by step. Even though it took a long time for the payment to go through he never got impatient. Raheen you are an angel sent from heaven my cousin enjoyed her stay at the hotel she even got breakfast at room service. Continue to be the wonderful person you are Golf View should be proud to have you on their team.

  • 5Ian D. 2 years ago
    This place has been revolutionized by the new owners awesome experience awaits you

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