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Floyd's Pelican Bar image
Floyd's Pelican Bar
👍👍 Incredible spot in the middle of the ocean to take in the beautiful clear waters in Jamaica. Be warned that this entire spot is a ripoff but you have to go in mentally prepared for it. From the boat ride costing $25 to each beer costing $5 and vendors hustling you to carve names on a piece of wood,...
4.40 (1.1K reviews) (~8.15 km from centre)
Dymond Lawn Bar & Grill image
Dymond Lawn Bar & Grill
Bar & grill
👍👍 Mr. Peter Anderson courteous and great customer service provided one of the best jerk chicken I tasted. The chicken has the right seasoning and the meat literally falls of the bones. I highly recommend.
4.90 (78 reviews) (~7 km from centre)
Cloggy's On The Beach image
Cloggy's On The Beach
Seafood restaurant
👍 Servers need to be more assertive, engaging and hospitable. Customers should feel welcomed and appreciated and just want to return. The food is food but people will go elsewhere is the communication here does not improve. My conch was perfect! Just like I wanted.
$$ $$
4.10 (370 reviews) (~0.91 km from centre)
Las Vegas Cafe image
Las Vegas Cafe
Seafood restaurant
👍👍 A beautiful ambiance along the road side with a relaxing view of the beach in Black River Parish. The food is delicious, the owner is incredibly warm, accommodating and charismatic towards all her customers. And, if you're lucky, you may catch famous Jamaican celebrities dining there too!
$$ $$
4.00 (1K reviews) (~2.37 km from centre)
😐 In terms of space for shopping, clean environment and a variety of items. This store is definitely recommended. But in regards to good customer service. That is off. I don't think some of the workers realize that when you deal with customers, there negative attitude is portrayed through there facial...
4.10 (309 reviews) (~0.15 km from centre)
Juici Patties image
Juici Patties
👍 Great place to get a quick meal. Economical lunches. Patty specialists 👍😀
$ $$$
4.20 (140 reviews) (~0.11 km from centre)
Nola's dining and lounge image
Nola's dining and lounge
Family restaurant
👍👍 It was an awesome experience. The customer service in the form of our waiter was great. It was my birthday, and he ensured they played a birthday song over the speakers for me, and he even got a slice of cake decorated with "Happy Birthday" for free. The manager came out and asked us if we were enjo...
4.10 (173 reviews) (~5.26 km from centre)
Crane Sand Bar N Restaurant image
Crane Sand Bar N Restaurant
😠 Not my first review, but probably will be the last...the first time was wonderful and I rate it accordingly. As a result I went back, but this time was different. The meal i ordered was not fresh (like the day before. Chicken was cold on the inside, the skin stale and greasy, the vegetables soggy),...
$$ $$
4.10 (170 reviews) (~3.14 km from centre)
Billy’s Grassy Park image
Billy’s Grassy Park
👍 Have Curried Goat for breakfast ! With yam, sweet potato, vege and dumplings, and a cup of shrimp soup to boot. It was so good! If they have black coffee that would have been seven heaven! I enjoyed the curry totally and ambience is country-style in the open by a pond.
$ $$$
4.10 (168 reviews) (~8.91 km from centre)
Intown Supersave Supermarket image
Intown Supersave Supermarket
👍👍 Located in St Elizabeth's capital town of Black River, this would be the main Supermarket that I would use whenever I go shopping in Black River. There are adequate car parking facilities available so even if the store's car park are full, there is a nearby car park just across the road from the st...
3.90 (513 reviews) (~0.25 km from centre)
Black River Safari Tours image
Black River Safari Tours
Tourist attraction
👍 The experience was good however due to the rains the crocs decided to stay away. Tour guide was also pleasant and made jokes. Overall good experience.
4.60 (45 reviews) (~0.23 km from centre)
Black River Town image
Black River Town
😐 Place needs a makeover. Old buildings, too much traffic and small roads. Does not stand out as a parish capital. The water scenery is the best thing about that place.
4.10 (104 reviews) (~1.36 km from centre)
Sister Lou's Crab Shack image
Sister Lou's Crab Shack
👍👍 It was a delightful experience. The food is excellent the environment is awesome and the staff is very friendly and efficient.
4.70 (35 reviews) (~4.05 km from centre)
Riverside Dock Restaurant & Lounge image
Riverside Dock Restaurant & Lounge
Jamaican restaurant
👍👍 Excellent place, excellent tour guide, awesome river and landscape
4.00 (100 reviews) (~0.17 km from centre)
S&B Sunset Gardens Bed breakfast Boutique homestaybeachfront airconditioned guesthouse image
S&B Sunset Gardens Bed breakfast Boutique homestaybeachfront airconditioned guesthouse
Bed & breakfast
😐 Things seemed good at first as they met us at the bus station and were able to make veggies for us instead of the usual menu. But it was way too expensive and hard to arrange, and I got sick from eating the last meal there. The beach was said to be so private that we could swim or sunbathe naked, b...
4.50 (36 reviews) (~6.82 km from centre)
Middle Quarters Square image
Middle Quarters Square
👍👍 Nice, awesome.
4.00 (71 reviews) (~8.89 km from centre)
Black River High School image
Black River High School
High school
👍👍 I love mah old school so much n ama shout out to y'all. Mr doctor n such Big up 8B aka Class of Comics 2013-2015 Sign by daniel dunkley
4.20 (47 reviews) (~1.53 km from centre)
Paradise Ocean View image
Paradise Ocean View
😠 Decided to stay here for an event would not recommend. The food here was horrible, did not taste good at all. The bathroom was very filthy and had mold, complained to owner he didn't do anything about it. I had to ask for bleach to be a little bit comfortable. Still uncomfortable with the filth, dec...
4.00 (69 reviews) (~3.38 km from centre)
South West TVET Institute - Black River image
South West TVET Institute - Black River
School center
👍👍 Good
4.40 (34 reviews) (~2.14 km from centre)
Parrotee Pond image
Parrotee Pond
👍👍 Great chill spot.
4.20 (42 reviews) (~5.21 km from centre)
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