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  • 2alen flame t. 2 weeks ago
    One million workers with no customer service, I ask this brown skin guy who walks around inside where do I get the price for the bananas, his response was; is the first you come here! Which I found to be very rude and disrespectful, .teach them how to interact with customers

  • 4s. 3 weeks ago
    Stocks most food and household cleaning items. Good central location. Parking is limited.

  • 4Norda R. 2 months ago
    Great customer service and quality goods.

  • 5Sophia m. 3 months ago
    Great prices....

  • 4Rom A. 8 months ago
    Beautiful place good costomer services their

  • 5Pam A. 8 months ago
    Nice shopping for good there

  • 5Drift K. 8 months ago
    Good variety and location near town capital

  • 5Sonia W. 9 months ago
    Great supermarket get all you need there better to buy all you need in bulk

  • 2Kalonji R. 10 months ago
    The cashiers don't give not one fvck they're slow as hell, and they don't enforce the express line rules.

  • 4Ardine B. 11 months ago
    Shopping experience is always great. Limited parking is an issue

  • 3Paulette C. 11 months ago
    Spacious, clean ,friendly atmosphere and the availability of almost every grocery item you would have wanted.

  • 2Patrick M. 1 year ago
    Service and product quality, especially vegetables could improve.

  • 3Grantley M. 1 year ago
    Had to wait 15 minutes to cash one item and I saw and Express cash area but not in operation beside that I realized freshness and clean environment but again I have to show receipt so annoying

  • 3Angella K. 1 year ago
    Most days parking is a issue. The cash out lines are usually long. Hardly have express cash out

  • 2stacey ann w. 1 year ago
    They've got the goods but not the service, been dissatisfied more than once......smh ☹️.

  • 3eve an jo bless b. 1 year ago
    Very good not too expensive .and its my first time my son tell me about it

  • 5Florentina A. 1 year ago
    Great wholesale to shop get all u need there customer service good n friendly staffs.

  • 5juline c. 1 year ago
    Perfect my favorite shopping real great staff in every category love them a really comfortable shopping there keep it up you'll.

  • 4Patricia J. 2 years ago
    whatever I need and go there I got it and there act very professional good customer services

  • 3Tamara C. 2 years ago
    Love the prices and the variety, I can get everything I need in one place......BUT!!! Truth be told, the cashier's and bag packers are so unpleasant. Makes me not want to go back there sometimes.

  • 4Shericea M. 2 years ago
    It was ok cool and refreshing to see the items you need.

  • 5Joan B. 2 years ago
    I did some shopping there and left my bags to run other errands. I later got a cab to go home and forgot to pick up my bags that were left there. The cold items that were purchased were removed from the bags and stored overnight. I really appreciate this gesture and I want to say to the entire staff... Thnx u very much... My day could not have been better when I received the groceries. Big up unnuh self MASTER MAC

  • 3Ethanie S. 2 years ago
    Ok I specially like Atmosphere ,spaceious .attractive display ,packing of food in the Section with Frozen Foods etc .They r always Fresh Add Only My Personal Photo Please. Thank You

  • 5shantell s. 2 years ago
    The service was awesome except for the crowd which i couldn't say was a problem to me cause everyone was busy trying to get their groceries.

  • 4Damion M. 2 years ago
    Great prices for groceries and toiletries.

  • 1Yanique N. 3 years ago
    Cashiers moving real slow hand held scanner been used by cashier not effective... price tag on selves doesn't match price in system...sanitizer spray very sticky and burns hands... experience wasnt lovely... hope they improve tho

  • 5Dermot Mojitos M. 5 years ago
    Great ambiance.. Great food..excellent and exotic and cozy just don't want to leave

  • 5�. 5 years ago
    It's good. And price also cheaper than other place. I recommend here.

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