Lakefront beach with a picnic area Parc Plage - Beach in Quebec, Canada

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Chem. de la Chapelle, Mont-Tremblant, QC J8E 1E1, Canada



+1 819-681-3000 ext. 56665

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4.00 (182 reviews)


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  • 5benjamin d. 2 years ago
    Wonderful place. There was a young man with a blue shirt and glasses this afternoon that was extremely helpful to me and my family. I would definitely recommend this beach!

  • 4Arlene B. 1 year ago
    My family and I came here when the pools at our hotel in the village were overly crowded. Entrance is free when you show your hotel key card. They give you a wristband for the day. There are washrooms and picnic tables. The beachfront area is minimal for those who prefer sunbathing but the water itself is pretty shallow and clean. Great views of the mountains.

  • 4Abhi P. 2 years ago
    Nice sunset point view. You can see mountain from there and bungalows are pretty good. There’s less beach area tho and lots of bugs.

  • 3Grant T. 4 years ago
    Small but nice. Free when staying in village hotels. Paid parking nearby. Fairly clean beach once you are in about fifteen feet.

  • 2Kosta V. 2 years ago
    Not great. Lots of rocks. Can't really swim. Many rules that take the fun out of a beach day.

  • 1Aida P. 6 months ago
    I went to the beach with my SUP board and spent 15 minutes inflating it on the beach in front of the lifeguard, and everyone else on the beach. As I was about to enter the water I was told I’m not allowed to use the SUP board on lake Tremblant. (While I could see 2 SUP boards passing by the beach) After a back and forth I took my board and started walking to my hotel. While walking to my hotel, a security ran at me at full speed and started yelling into my face. The man working at the beach joined the security and they both were shouting at me (me = 5’2 tiny girl). I was scared to death and tried to explain to the security that I was on my way to the hotel and I wasn’t aware that I couldn’t use my board at the beach and no one had told me while I was at the beach inflating my board. I was yelled at to “stop talking”. I just stayed quiet and listened and when I tried to ask him a question he told me “why are you still talking”. Rude and disrespectful!! I asked him for his name he mocked me and told me to look at his badge, the badge was blank. I asked him again for his name and he continuously yelled look at my badge ( the badge was blank). He was well aware the badge was blank and refused to give his name. I will never be back to Mont Tremblant after this experience. Being attacked by two men on the public road while walking to my hotel when I didn’t even break any laws is more than anyone should have to deal with on their vacation. I was hoping for a fun vacation, but instead I am traumatized for life.

  • 1Sean W. 8 months ago
    The attendant working the hut today at noon was standing at the entry gate blowing cigarette smoke in peoples faces. He was also incredibly rude to the group ahead of us because they were english only and struggling. Also super disappointed with the beach, crowded, overpriced, and tiny. Apparently the attendants name was Neil. Nothing encourages tourism like bullying people for the language they speak.

  • 1Val S. 6 months ago
    Just making a business from everything. If you want to take a picture near the water, you have to $8. They are making money from air.

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