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Heaffles image
👍👍 Decent waffle joint with gelato and coffee options. They also have a small selection of deserts. Plenty of seating inside and a small.patio outside. Prices are decent quality was good.
4.90 (419 reviews)
Masjid Usman(Pickering Islamic Centre) image
Masjid Usman(Pickering Islamic Centre)
👍👍 Beautiful Masjid with school for kids. Prayer areas for both men and women. Friday, Eid prayers, Funerals, Hifz program and lots more. Masjid admins arrange galas and other family events as well. Parking is sufficient but occasionally like in Ramadan or Eid, it gets a bit hard to find place to park...
4.80 (766 reviews)
Warrior Fight Store Inc. image
Warrior Fight Store Inc.
Martial arts supply store
👍👍 I ordered from them about a month ago and there was an issue with the item being in stock. They promptly communicated to me that was the case and asked if I would like a refund which I did and which was instant. Very good first impression. Just the other day I ordered a rival headgear, and it has a...
4.90 (362 reviews)
Waterfront Trail image
Waterfront Trail
Hiking area
👍 One of the best sunrise spot in Scarborough
4.70 (591 reviews)
Devi Mandir image
Devi Mandir
Hindu temple
👍👍 If you are looking for a peaceful place to meditate or even do an offering. During the day is the best time to go (to me). They have different services throughout the week. (COVID PENDING). The pundit (s) are really nice and helpful. If you are going there in the current times. Call ahead of time or...
4.70 (567 reviews)
Juicy Birds Nashville Hot Chicken ( Pickering ) image
Juicy Birds Nashville Hot Chicken ( Pickering )
Fried chicken takeaway
👍👍 I don't know about the bad reviews because I got the goat and the hot honey butter sandwiches both in nashville hot. I asked them to add coleslaw to the hot honey butter one and they did which was perfect!! Def ask for that in your sandwich if it doesnt already come with it, it adds that salad fresh...
4.70 (524 reviews)
Big M Drive In image
Big M Drive In
Hamburger restaurant
Time-tested fast-food fixture known for its burgers, steak sandwiches, shakes & onion rings.
$$ $$
4.60 (1.4K reviews)
Hibachi Grill image
Hibachi Grill
Asian fusion restaurant
Japanese grilled seafood & steak dishes, offered in a straightforward dining room or for takeout.
$ $$$
4.70 (497 reviews) Pickering Toys and Funko image
9 Pickering Toys and Funko
Toy store
👍👍 A misunderstanding occurred at the time of purchase, and I received a call from the owner wanting to make things right. Customer care ended being positive - I therefore strongly recommend this business to anyone looking for good prices on collectibles.
4.80 (297 reviews)
Dessert Lounge and Café image
Dessert Lounge and Café
👍👍 Just wow! Incredible local spot. This one is fantastic. Excellent service and food. I'm so impressed by how delicious the dessert is and how well-presented it is. Highly recommend this spot. It's beautiful, clean and the food is fantastic
4.80 (281 reviews)
Hy-Hope Farm image
Hy-Hope Farm
Farmers' market
👍👍 I had heard so many praises about Hy-Hope Farm in Ashburn from my coworkers, and I finally had the chance to visit on Thanksgiving morning. The place was bustling with activity, though finding parking was a bit challenging due to the crowd. Once inside, I was impressed by the variety of produce the...
4.60 (1K reviews)
Cielito Lindo image
Cielito Lindo
Mexican restaurant
Lively eatery serving traditional Mexican eats, from fajitas to chimichangas to pepper steak.
$ $$$
4.70 (427 reviews)
Mr Delicious by the Beach image
Mr Delicious by the Beach
👍👍 Visited this restaurant today and was pleasantly surprised! Cute little gem on Liverpool, nice music good vibes. Was pleasantly surprised by my meal. I ordered the vegan dinner which consisted of a rice and vegetable dish, wish plantain, corn bread and a salad of mango. All good was fresh and delici...
4.70 (405 reviews)
Orangetheory Fitness image
Orangetheory Fitness
😠 Poor customer service. Like many others said, I agree that they are only nice to you until you take the membership. The staff do not tell everything prior to take a membership. I joined and had to cancel my membership. From my experience only one coach was good (Megan) and the other one (Katherine)...
4.80 (261 reviews)
Big Bite Grill image
Big Bite Grill
Hamburger restaurant
👍👍 My 1st time here (I have searched for awesome burgers before&I finally have found it). I got the 8 ounce burger with regular poutine. (I think if I was going to critique anything, I would like more cheese in the poutine). The garlic mayo on the burger was super yum. Burger was big&juicey. Make sure...
$ $$$
4.70 (362 reviews)
Cineplex Cinemas Pickering and VIP image
Cineplex Cinemas Pickering and VIP
Movie theater
Modern multiplex cinema chain screening the latest Hollywood films, plus new independent releases.
4.50 (2.4K reviews)
Beachfront Park image
Beachfront Park
Park offering beach access & picnic tables, plus a playground, volleyball court & waterfront trails.
4.50 (2.1K reviews)
Farm Boy image
Farm Boy
Fresh food market
👍 I had an excellent experience here. Very fresh produce, loved the Ontario grown lettuce, interesting snacks/refreshments, and great customer service. I'm taking away a star because I think they need to carry more vegetarian/vegan/halal items.
$$ $$
4.50 (1.6K reviews)
Amici image
Italian restaurant
Relaxed joint for Italian fare such as pizzas, pasta, meats & seafood, plus an express lunch menu.
$$ $$
4.50 (1.6K reviews)
Chúuk | Bar and Restaurant image
Chúuk | Bar and Restaurant
Airy, stylish spot for modern Mexican fare from tacos to seafood dishes plus beer & craft cocktails.
$$ $$
4.50 (1.5K reviews)
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