Ain Wazein Medical Village - Hospital in Sidon, Lebanon

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MJJ6+873, Ain w Zain, Lebanon



+961 5 509 001

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4.10 (56 reviews)

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  • Thursday: Open 24 hours
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Frequently mentioned in reviews: medical (6) hospital (7)

  • 5Mohamad H. 4 years ago
    perfection,organization and humanity are found there

  • 5Joumana A. 3 years ago
    This medical facility far exceeded my expectations. I consulted with specialists (a cardiologist, Dr AbdelBaki) and found them totally professional with excellent bedside manners. The nurses were very caring and the hospital seems equipped with all the required equipment and medical tools to deliver excellent service.

  • 5Soltan Hassanieh, C. 3 years ago
    One of the best hospitals in Shouf area with great doctors also the nursing staff here are very professional, and alot of parking spaces around the hospital. They have doctors for all specialties and they are equipped with the newest technologies to cure diseases.

  • 5Maya K. 4 years ago
    It’s growing remarkably to become an advanced medical center

  • 5Monzer H. 3 years ago
    One of the best medical centers.

  • 5Khaldoun B. 5 months ago
    Good hospital

  • 3alaa abou z. 9 months ago
    It is one of best facilities in lebanon but unfortunately lately many doctors and many nurses have quit working there due to the currency drop

  • 3hosam w. 3 years ago
    Very well known medical center that serves the mountains area. Has a wide range of medical specialities. Attention is not good. Prices are not accessible for everybody although it's supposed to be a non profits organization. Blood laboratory is very expensive.

  • 1Bilal A. 8 months ago
    Not answering the phone

  • 1Rimah H. 1 year ago
    Best place to die in...

  • 1Majd Al z. 3 months ago
    The worst hospital you could ever go to , staff is all messed up , no one knows his work , no proper management , they made me wait 6 hours just to get done with papers , their excuse was the system was down , as if it's my fault to wait for that , a patient comes here and leaves more ill ,literal chaos.

  • 1Haytham Bou H. 2 months ago
    I am talking because I am physician and not as patient however many of my relatives were admitted there … I cannnot say it is one of worst hospitals in Lebanon Because Most of them are not good .Instead Hospital with this Large infrastructure should serve the community in a way much better than the current situation.None of my relatives were there and got out from the hospital alive ! Look for the course of those infected elderly people : They will be admitted with simple infection-then they will be kept attended because as You know elderly people didnt take the attention of many -Almost always they get new nosocomial infections with high resistent bacterias-Then they are checking vital signs without reporting to doctors especially in Covid section-At same time drs there are rounding once per day so they afe not aware of patient details-patient start to have worsening Lung infection or sepsis -Then hypotension and septic shock then death !!! This is the routine path for most of patients currently in hospital -It is the worst hospital in infection control and no one is reviewing this storm or trying to decrease it !!!!! Mortality is high and Drs profile is getting worse with time in the current situation

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