paragliding gravity lebanon image
paragliding gravity lebanon
Sports club
👍👍 A great experience for adventures lovers. I was doing the flight with pilot Dory, who was very experienced, professional and attentive. He took me all the way to Harissa which was really great and breath taking. I really recommend everyone to come and do this experience at Gravity Advisors.
5.00 (516 reviews)
NoGarlicNoOnions image
Food and beverage consultant
👍👍 Best blogger on earth!! I've never seen someone with such passion and love for his country. Anthony brings to us the better side of our beloved Lebanon and never fails to amaze us with the mouthwatering food. Keep it up 💪
5.00 (458 reviews)
Monastery Saint Maroun image
Monastery Saint Maroun
👍👍 The One And Only place in the world were you can feel peace, love, kindness, harmony, and God’s presence. This monastery is a wonderful place to pray and to give away all the troubles anyone is feeling and living. St Charbel is known for listening and always helping. We are very lucky to have Saint...
4.90 (839 reviews)
Fit District image
Fit District
👍👍 Professional amd freindly team Gym vibes are so positive and provides very motivating energy to take care of your health and fitness I feel so comfortable while training that it became my happy place to go and train. I got the best personal training experience with their personal trainers who are we...
5.00 (417 reviews)
Our Lady of Lebanon بازيليك سيدة لبنان image
Our Lady of Lebanon بازيليك سيدة لبنان
Catholic church
Marian shrine & pilgrimage site for Christians & Muslims in a tranquil setting with scenic views.
4.80 (5.7K reviews)
Baalbek Roman Ruins image
Baalbek Roman Ruins
Historical landmark
👍👍 I was lucky enough to see a snowy Baalbek a few weeks ago, and it was as incredible as so many here have described. Not crowded at all due to current awful crisis, let’s hope that changes asap. Do hire a guide at the gate and be sure to tip generously.
4.80 (4.6K reviews)
Bamboo Asian Cuisine image
Bamboo Asian Cuisine
👍👍 Absolutely amazing experience. The generosity, the customer service, and the food all were just perfect. Managers are extremely nice, conversated well with us and even served us a free plate. Dessert comes free and extremely delicious. 10/10 experience would recommend for everyone.
4.90 (720 reviews)
Cedars of God Bsharri image
Cedars of God Bsharri
Nature preserve
A UNESCO World Heritage site, this area is one of the last forests of rare Lebanon cedar trees.
4.80 (3.5K reviews)
Ceviche image
Seafood restaurant
4.90 (452 reviews)
Shouf Biosphere Reserve Barouk Cedar Forest image
Shouf Biosphere Reserve Barouk Cedar Forest
National forest
👍👍 Magical views! The air smells so nice and clean. The quiet is just amazing, you don’t hear anything but the birds calling, it’s so so quiet. The place is colder than Beirut (if you’re coming from Beirut during Summer in the morning or afternoon then it’s 10°c colder but still very nice). People said...
4.80 (844 reviews)
Lady Of Zahle image
Lady Of Zahle
👍👍 Lady of Zahle church offers a breathtaking combination of architectural beauty and an awe-inspiring view of the city. The intricately designed church is a testament to craftsmanship, while the panoramic vista of Zahle below is simply stunning. A place where spirituality meets natural splendor, makin...
4.80 (792 reviews)
Our Lady of Noorieh Monastery image
Our Lady of Noorieh Monastery
Greek Orthodox church
👍👍 Its a very amazing and great place, praying there is the best with its atmosphere being fantastic and even in hot time you will be cold up there, if I had the chance to go there everyday I will
4.80 (789 reviews)
دير مار أنطونيوس الكبير قزحيا - الرهبانية اللبنانية المارونية image
دير مار أنطونيوس الكبير قزحيا - الرهبانية اللبنانية المارونية
Centuries-old Christian pilgrimage site with a mountainside cave shrine & sweeping valley views.
4.80 (776 reviews)
Jeita Grotto image
Jeita Grotto
Tourist attraction
Limestone grotto with 2 caves, one of the world's largest stalactites, gift shops & a restaurant.
4.70 (6.3K reviews)
Byblos Citadel image
Byblos Citadel
Landmark 12th-century castle built by Crusaders from limestone & the ruins of Roman structures.
4.70 (3.5K reviews)
Kempinski Summerland Hotel & Resort image
Kempinski Summerland Hotel & Resort
Upscale seaside resort with 3 restaurants & 6 bars, plus an outdoor pool, a spa & a private beach.
4.70 (3.5K reviews)
InterContinental Phoenicia Beirut, an IHG Hotel image
InterContinental Phoenicia Beirut, an IHG Hotel
Upmarket hotel offering dining, bars & a spa, plus sea views, free breakfast & an airport shuttle.
4.70 (2.7K reviews)
Mohammad Al Amin Mosque image
Mohammad Al Amin Mosque
Opened in 2008, this Ottoman-influenced Muslim mosque features a 48-m. blue dome.
4.70 (2.7K reviews)
محمية ارز الشوف غابة ارز الباروك image
محمية ارز الشوف غابة ارز الباروك
National reserve
👍👍 It was one of the top places we revisited in Lebanon. It is really fantastic although really difficult to get there on the top of the mountains. The kids really enjoyed playing in the snow aggregated at the top of the mountain. The weather was really fantastic. I would absolutely recommend it to my...
4.80 (625 reviews)
MIM Mineral Museum image
MIM Mineral Museum
Crystals & gemstones from around the world in a huge variety of geometric forms & striking colors.
4.80 (624 reviews)
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