Escape Room Barrio Norte image
Escape Room Barrio Norte
Escape room center
👍👍 Today, on my daughter's birthday, we went and it was a beautiful experience. She and her friends had a great time. They were able to escape from El Refugio and left happy.
5.00 (290 reviews)
Acupuntura Dr. Alejandro Mario Saab image
Acupuntura Dr. Alejandro Mario Saab
Acupuncture clinic
👍👍 Excellent therapy. It gave me great results. Trust, it is not a painful treatment, not at all, I would say tolerable. In this office, hygiene measures and the care involved in the use of needles are taken. (This is not minor). They are respectful of schedules and shifts. I suggest calling before goi...
5.00 (155 reviews)
Gymnastics center
👍👍 Excellent place to train crossfit. Very prepared coaches and also, the box is impeccable
5.00 (92 reviews)
Masoterapeuta Pablo Iriarte image
Masoterapeuta Pablo Iriarte
Massage therapist
👍👍 Excellent. Punctual, super respectful. The comfortable and clean place. I have nothing but gratitude, and I would recommend it a thousand times.
5.00 (86 reviews)
Relojes Chic Showroom image
Relojes Chic Showroom
Watch store
👍👍 Excellent service, the best products are there, highly recommended, the affordable prices and above all the quality and advice.
5.00 (67 reviews)
Juana accesorios de diseño image
Juana accesorios de diseño
Fashion accessories store
👍👍 Excellent attention and service. I love all your creations 😍💕
5.00 (53 reviews)
Tina, el Rumor de una Nación image
Tina, el Rumor de una Nación
Performing arts theater
👍👍 The hotel concierge recommended us and we went out of curiosity. Didn't love it!!! The music, the songs, the actors, the sets, the animations, the fact that the audience moves and you change scenes!! (like in Disney). Highly recommended for the whole family!!!!
5.00 (48 reviews)
eme Dental Studio (odontólogo) image
eme Dental Studio (odontólogo)
👍👍 They are the best, very attentive. A very clean and orderly place where everyone's professionalism is evident. Melina and Martita super friendly 🙈 Secretary Mili is the most ❤️
5.00 (47 reviews)
Tu Mundo Bebe image
Tu Mundo Bebe
Toy store
👍👍 Think about a place where you can find everything for your baby, your child, nephew, grandson, godson and more... Yes, that place has its own name and it is "YOUR BABY WORLD" 🥰🤩 don't think about it anymore, go ahead look for what you think you will surely find it here 😍 with the best service, qu...
5.00 (46 reviews)
CEPYM image
Medical Center
👍👍 Excellent care, thank you doctor Victor Monti for your dedication and patience 🤗🤗
5.00 (44 reviews)
Kinetta Gym image
Kinetta Gym
Gymnastics center
👍👍 I came back after almost 1 year and it is still a great gym. They have new machines, more plates and dumbbells. The teachers continue to be excellent and are constantly training.
5.00 (41 reviews)
Trainingboxgym image
Gymnastics center
👍👍 The teachers provide an excellent service, indicating each exercise, accompanying and advising each student in the process and training them to incorporate new and better training techniques. Highly recommended!
5.00 (35 reviews)
Kolla MT - Escopeta MuayThai; sede Tucumán, Argentina image
Kolla MT - Escopeta MuayThai; sede Tucumán, Argentina
Muay Thai boxing gym
👍👍 Excellent team, full training!!
5.00 (34 reviews)
Cavlac Yoga image
Cavlac Yoga
Education center
5.00 (33 reviews)
Melifalcimakeup image
Health and beauty shop
👍👍 Excellent service, the makeup artist is super patient and divine ❤❤
5.00 (32 reviews)
Odontologo Luciano Romero image
Odontologo Luciano Romero
👍👍 Excellent attention!!! Punctual. Super detailed and very dedicated. Totally recommended.
5.00 (32 reviews)
Consultorio Dental Dr. Gustavo Pieroni image
Consultorio Dental Dr. Gustavo Pieroni
Cosmetic dentist
👍👍 Excellent professional, a very empathetic person with a vocation for service. The security, tranquility and comfort that it transmits to you is priceless, as is the knowledge that it shares with you. I learned a lot and solved my dental emergency. Happy
5.00 (31 reviews)
Adrián Serrano Peluquería image
Adrián Serrano Peluquería
4.90 (637 reviews)
Casa de Arte CiTá, bed and breakfasts image
Casa de Arte CiTá, bed and breakfasts
Bed & breakfast
👍👍 Es la segunda vez que me alojó en este hostal. Llegamos y hacia 43° no necesitamos salir, por qué el lugar tiene todo para pasarla bien, es tranquilo, tiene espacio de lectura con una biblioteca enorme, mucha obras de arte para disfrutar. Por las noches tocan musicos o se realizan obras de teatro, e...
4.90 (319 reviews)
Alta Intensidad GYM image
Alta Intensidad GYM
👍👍 Do you know what makes this place excellent? The attention!!! I have visited many gyms in the last 2 years, well-known gyms and the truth is I never had the attention I had in this one. In my usual schedule there are 4 coaches and each one as they arrive greets you with a smile and if you need help...
4.90 (198 reviews)
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