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LUXFLY indoor skydive image
LUXFLY indoor skydive
Skydiving center
👍👍 Review: Incredible experience!! We booked the SpaceX🚀 package for a Teambuilding. After arriving at the location, I noticed that they were offering 5x Tesla Charging Stations🚘 to their customers, which was really convenient. The inside of the building just looks really stunning and the whole atmos...
4.90 (484 reviews)
L'Escale image
Rock climbing gym
👍👍 I personally started rock climbing courses here in 2022 and it is a great experience. The gym is big and has a lot of choices (difficulty) ranging from 3a to 8b+ and also boulders. You can also rent items for climbing if you don't have them (harness, shoes, ...etc). Would reccomend to anyone inter...
4.70 (323 reviews)
Friterie de Stockem image
Friterie de Stockem
4.60 (520 reviews)
Eglise Saint Martin image
Eglise Saint Martin
Catholic church
👍👍 NeArer to Absolute SpAce-Time Unity ! The Leibzig MonAde in Arlon ! The A and Alfa - The Origin of the World - EncApsulAted in its PAst - Its present - Its Future = The Ever-Present-Origin (JeAn Gebser)
4.60 (450 reviews)
Funny Mountain image
Funny Mountain
Rock climbing gym
4.70 (261 reviews)
L'Entrepôt image
Concert hall
4.60 (356 reviews)
Le Capucin image
Le Capucin
$ $$$
4.50 (700 reviews)
La Grappe d'Or image
La Grappe d'Or
Polished hotel in a rustic, stone-built farmhouse featuring a cozy restaurant & gardens.
4.60 (293 reviews)
Kalinka image
Russian restaurant
😠 Disrespectful. Not commercial at all.
$$ $$
4.50 (455 reviews)
La Régalade image
La Régalade
👍👍 Pour être concise : je me suis “RÉGALÉE“ ! Nous y avons passé une très belle soirée pour célébrer un mariage. Le cadre est somptueux et plein de charme, la salle que nous avions rien que pour nous était spacieuse, lumineuse et décorée avec soin. Le service est impeccable, discret et chaleureux à la...
$$$ $
4.60 (209 reviews)
Le Victor image
Le Victor
👍 Spent a lovely evening at Le Victor. Staff is extremely friendly. The food is sophisticated and delicious. Portions could be a bit bigger.
4.50 (304 reviews)
Athletic Center image
Athletic Center
Fitness center
😠 Malgré le nombre de personnes présentes, j’ai l’impression d’être h34 observer par toute la salle lorsque je pratique mon sport. Mais la moitié du staff ne dit pas bonjour et regarde mal
4.70 (154 reviews)
Le Fils de Paul image
Le Fils de Paul
👍👍 Très belle découverte. Le restaurant propose une belle carte et les plats dégustés étaient très très bons. Service très sympathique quoique un peu trop rapide au début (apéro - entrées). L’addition de 270eur pour 4 personnes est un poil élevé mais la belle qualité a un prix … on ressort de ce restau...
$$ $$
4.50 (278 reviews)
La Table de Marie image
La Table de Marie
👍👍 Discovery of this restaurant. Welcoming, family-friendly, warm and above all delicious. I went with my wife and 9 year old daughter and we had a great time. No false note. Competent and very friendly waiter The cook goes around the tables to get feedback (it's becoming so rare but I love it). Very...
$$ $$
4.50 (273 reviews)
Aqualux Concept - Aquarium Luxembourg image
Aqualux Concept - Aquarium Luxembourg
👍👍 Super service and kind
4.70 (146 reviews)
Da Franco's image
Da Franco's
👍👍 Un restaurant italien traditionnel. Ambiance italienne, mais feutrée. Les plats sont copieux et délicieux. Bien fréquenté. Préférable de réserver. La carte est variée. Café et digestif sont qualités. Super !
$$ $$
4.40 (391 reviews)
St. Donatus' Church, Arlon image
St. Donatus' Church, Arlon
Catholic church
👍👍 Materiality tranformed in Spirituality !
4.40 (367 reviews)
French fries in SPETZ image
French fries in SPETZ
😠 long queue, for simple french fries, they are in no way exceptional, the only exceptional thing is the one hour long waiting to get those casual french fries
4.50 (207 reviews)
Sushi takeaway
👍👍 Noticed a new place has opened near the station and couldn't resist to order take away here. You easily can dine in as the place has enough tables. The stuff is very nice and kind and speaks English. Ordered sushi, rolls, waffle and bubble teas. Everything was very good. Definitely will come back he...
4.70 (117 reviews)
Chez Geppetto image
Chez Geppetto
😠 Pizza was not tasty at all, and the price was too high for what you get.
$$ $$
4.30 (542 reviews)
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